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October 25/10 22:15 pm - Pumpkin `Cross

Posted by Editoress on 10/25/10

Pumpkin Cross Draws Record Numbers - McKirdy and Trace Win, Pendrel and Britton 2nd

October 24th in Maple Ridge, BC




Pumpkin Cross presented by Local Ride Bike Shop, the sixth race of the BC Cup Cyclo-cross Series, saw the biggest turnout in its four-year history yesterday at Maple Ridge Equi-Sport Centre with 140 racers, epic muddy conditions, and a whole slew of festively dressed folks.

“This year’s event was by far the best we’ve had,” said race organizer and Local Ride Bike Shop owner Barry Lyster, who, in true to the Halloween spirit, was costumed as Peewee Herman, complete with vintage bicycle. “Rain overnight made the course entertainingly slick, fantastic course designers constructed a labyrinth of pain, and everyone contributed to a great atmosphere.”

Costumes were abundant in every category with everything from bees, Scottish lassies, and clowns, to pirates, ninjas, butterflies, and other whimsical creatures. Maple Ridge’s Jean Ann McKirdy (Local Ride Racing) took the top spot in the women’s race, beating out multiple World Cup Mountain Bike Series Champion and Olympian Catharine Pendrel (Luna Pro Team) of Kamloops. Pendrel was dressed as a “Luna Chick Rocker.”

“I had such a good time out there in the mud,” said McKirdy. “It was great to see all those costumes and so many racers having fun right here in Maple Ridge.”

Berkenpas took home an extra cash prize for winning in costume - a pink-haired clown getup. Local Ride Racing’s Sandra Walter was also on the podium, placing fourth in the women’s race. Local Ride Racing’s Chelsea Bilsbarrow, dressed as a ninja turtle, daringly waded into the icy “Lambert Lagoon” to retrieve a prize from Lezyne Tools and Pumps courtesy of Cycles Lambert. She finished 13th in the race.

“Since I’m a turtle, I had no problem going into the lagoon, especially since it meant I’d snag a cool prize from Lezyne,” said Bilsbarrow.

“My favourite part of the course was the Giant Bicycles Spiral of Death. The first time I rode it, I actually started getting dizzy. I didn’t know how I was going to get out of it! It was disorienting as a rider and as a spectator,” said Walter.

By the time the Cat 1/2 and Master men’s start rolled around, the winds had picked up and showers, which had kept the course sloppy earlier, stopped. This translated to lots of deep mud that was only getting thicker and greasier. The huge number of flat grassy sections sucked speed, energy, and the odd rear derailleur. Tyler Trace (Trek Red Truck) of Victoria dominated the Cat 1/2 men’s race. His closest competitor, Kevin Noiles (La Bicicleta Pro Shop) snapped his seat rails while on Trace’s tail, and eventually abandoned the race after valiantly trying to ride without a saddle. “After a while, my legs really started to hurt,” he commented after the race.

One of Victoria’s resident pro roadies, Rob Britton (Bissel Pro Team), who has been seen ripping it up on the ‘cross circuit this season, finished second, while legendary freerider Dylan Tremblay (Oak Bay Bikes) put his insane technical skills to good use in the mud and tight corners to finish third.

Local Ride Racing’s Mike “Bobo” Berkenpas of Maple Ridge was the team’s top finisher in 12th. “The Lezyne Spooky Forest was cool, because there were people cheering for me in there each lap, giving me a boost. I’m not sure if they were real people or ghosts though. I may have been hallucinating,” said Berkenpas.

Kim Steed (Steed Cycles) cruised to victory in the Master men’s race aboard his 2011 Giant TCX Carbon, while Bob Welbourn (Glotman Simpson) snatched second spot, just 19 seconds back of the leader. James Birkenbuel finished third.

In the Cat 3 Men’s race, it was Erik Mulder (Steed Cycles), dressed as a Harley Davidson biker, who took the win, along with a bonus prize for doing so in costume. One of Local Ride Racing’s resident ninjas, Brett Wakefield placed second in his first Cat 3 race, having just moved up from Cat 4. Wakefield is in SFU varsity cross country running, which translates well to the barriers and run-ups that feature in every good cyclocross course. Geoff Agnew grabbed the third step of the podium.

Ross Greenwood, Lucas Gallagher, and Graeme Falkowski (Team Sparta) were the top three Cat 4 men.

Marie “Pirate Booty” Devantier finished second in the novice women’s race behind the lovely and talented Nica Novlesky (Giant Bicycles). “I stopped to raid the Kicking Horse Coffee Coffin, but I didn’t find any coffee or booty buried in there,” said Devantier. “I had a lot of fun.”

Alex Cojocaru (West Coast Racing) won the extremely close Novice men’s race. He snaked Brandon Thompson by merely two seconds, with third place, Michael Segelken, only another second back. Dean Wilkes finished 26th, but his true claim to fame was winning the coveted title for best costume. He went to great lengths to make his costume of “friendly local can collector” authentic, including bike modifications that featured an upside down drop bar and a rear-mounted milk crate.

“Braveheart” Maggie Coles-Lyster (Local Ride Racing) and “Jailbird” Pete Whalen (Local Ride Racing) won the U17 women’s and men’s races, respectively. Coles-Lyster also won the kid’s costume contest in her Scottish lass outfit.

The free kid’s race was well attended by a gaggle of happy children on bicycles, who all received participation prizes.

Thanks to Cycles Lambert for providing great prizes from Lezyne, Maxxis, Gore Ride-On Cables, Michelin and Finish Line, as well as on-site tech support. Many thanks also to Kicking Horse Coffee for providing caffeination in every race package as well as prizing, Giant Bicycles for the support, Maple Ridge Equi-Sport Centre for providing the best cyclocross venue imaginable, the Ranch Pub and Grill for fabulous post-race eats and drinks, Cycling BC, The City of Maple Ridge, and Local Ride Bike Shop for making it all possible.


Cat 1/2 Men
1. Tyler Trace (Trek Red Truck) 1:05:43
2. Rob Britton (Bissel) 0:53
3. Dylan Tremblay (Oak Bay Bikes) 2:21
4. Nick Berry (Mighty Cycling) 2:32
5. Kevin Calhoun (Rocky Mountain Different Bikes) 2:48

Open Women
1. Jean Ann McKirdy (Local Ride Racing)
2. Catharine Pendrel (Luna Pro Team)
3. Kelly Jones (Sugoi)
4. Sandra Walter (Local Ride Racing)
5. Stacey Hutton (Mighty Cycling)

Master Men
1. Kim Steed (Steed Cycles) 50:18
2. Bob Welbourn (Glotman Simpson) 0:19
3. James Birkenbuel 1:57
4. Graeme Martindale (TNA Shape) 2:30
5. Brad Collins 2:46

Cat 3 Men
1. Erik Mulder (Steed Cycles)
2. Brett Wakefield (Local Ride Racing)
3. Geoff Agnew
4. James Beieler (Team Fanatik)
5. David Neubeck

Cat 4 Men
1. Ross Greenwood
2. Lucas Gallagher
3. Graeme Falkowski (Team Sparta)
4. Keith Wilson (Team Forest Friends)
5. Mark Oldenburg (Evolve Cycling Club)

Novice Women
1. Nica Novelsky (Giant Bicycles) 35:48
2. Marie Devantier (Local Ride Racing) 42:01

Novice Men
1. Alex Cojocaru (West Coast Racing) 37:51
2. Brandon Thompson 0:02
3. Michael Segelken 0:03
4. Sam Lupton 0:14
5. Brian Willock 0:24

U17 Women
1. Maggie Coles-Lyster (Local Ride Racing) 39: 20

U17 Men
1. Pete Whalen (Local Ride Racing) 37:41

Local Ride Bike Shop


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