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October 26/10 13:25 pm - Portland Cross Crusade #4 : Sheppard wins

Posted by Editoress on 10/26/10

Cross Crusade #4 at the Portland International Raceway in Portland, OR on October 24th

Cat A Men
1 Chris Sheppard (Rocky Mountain Bicycles p/b Shimano)
2 Shannon Skerritt (Corsa Concepts)
3 Spencer Paxson (Team S+M)
4 Aaron Tuckerman (Corsa Concepts)
5 Erik Tonkin (Team S+M)
6 Ben Thompson (Rocky Mountain Bicycles P/B Shimano)
7 Michael Gallagher ( p/t Blue)
8 Eric Sheagley (Rocky Mountain)
9 Donald Reeb (Rocky Mountain Bicycle p/b Shimano)
10 Patrick Jackson (Buy Local Cycling)
11 Doug Wilmes (Portland Bicycle Studio)
12 Scott Bradway (Team S&M/Sellwood Cycle Repair)
13 Damian Schmitt (Sunnyside Sports)
14 Ian Leitheiser (Cyclepath Racing)
15 Patrick Means (Team S+M)
16 Kolben Preble (Clif Bar Development Cyclocross Team)
17 Joshua Liberles (Corsa Concepts)
18 Brett Luelling (Buy Local Cycling)
19 Ryan Weaver (River City Bicycles)
20 Brad Winn (Primal-First Bank)
21 Steven Hunter (Embrocation Cycling Journal)
22 Alex Wentz (Team Oregon p/b Laurelwood Brewing)
23 Tony Kic (Gentle Lovers)
24 Joel Madrone (Courage Cycles)
25 Cary Miller (Team S+M)
26 Tim Joslin (Cyclepath Racing)
27 Andrew Bennett (Team Redline)
28 Seth Patla (River City Bicycles)
29 Alex Criss (River City Bicycles)
30 Clint Culpepper (Team Beer)
31 Kelly Ryan (Portland Bicycle Studio)
32 Connor Mccutcheon (Bear Valley Bikes)
33 Paul Lacava (Giant Bicycles)
34 Ross Bowden (Ind)
35 James Ceccorulli (Team Dirt/Mudslinger Events)
36 Chip Sloan (Gründelbrüisers/Stewie Bicycles)
37 Brent Mattison (Team Lazy Tarantulas)
38 Brian Schultz (Gründelbrüisers/Stewie Bicycles)
39 Joe Reynolds (
40 Jonathan Myers (Team S+M)
41 Mathew Hall (IRA Ryan Cycles)
42 Will Ross (Kaladi Bros)
43 Jeremy Dunn (Embrocation Cycling Journal)
44 Ira Ryan (IRA Ryan Cycles)

Women A
1 Alice Pennington (Team S+M)
2 Wendy Williams (River City Bicycles)
3 Serena Bishop (Sunnyside Sports)
4 Anna Christensen (Ironclad Performance Wear)
5 Heather Clark (Bend Memorial Clinic - Total Care Racing Team)
6 Julie Browning (Cyclepath Racing)
7 Anne Davis Usher (Bridgetown Velo)
8 Laura Winberry (Elite Endurance)
9 Anona Whitley (Ironclad Performance Wear)
10 Tina Brubaker (The Vanilla Workshop/Speedwagen Racing)
11 Nissy Cobb (River City Bicycles)
12 Renee Scott (Sunnyside Sports)
13 Kim Rueter (Sorella Forte)
14 Megan Chinburg (Veloforma)
15 Abby Watson (Embrocation Cycling Journal)
16 Karen Oppenheimer (Bend Memorial Clinic - Total Care Racing Team)
17 Taylor Shekell (Team Beer)
DNF  Lindsay Jones (Ind)

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