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October 27/10 13:04 pm - Canadian Road Worlds 2015 Bid - CCA CEO Interview

Posted by Editoress on 10/27/10

Yesterday, the Canadian Cycling Association (CCA) announced that it would be accepting proposals for organizers of a 2015 Road World Championships bid (see Daily News - CCA Begins Bid Process for 2015 Road Worlds). We spoke with CCA CEO Greg Mathieu after that announcement about the bid.

Canadian Cyclist: What prompted the CCA to decide to submit a bid for the 2015 Road Worlds?

Greg Mathieu: There was an outpouring of interest during the ProTour races, and we found out at the Management Committee meeting in Melbourne [during the UCI Congress at this year's Road Worlds] that a decision was made to take the Worlds outside of Europe in 2015. They also decided to award the 2015 Worlds at the same time as the 2014 Worlds; next year [at the Congress during the 2011 Road Worlds].

CC: Based on the requirements, there are not too many organizers that have the capability to pull this off. Gestev [organizers of the 2010 Mountain Bike Worlds at Mont Ste Anne] and GP Cycliste ProTour [organizers of the Quebec and Montreal ProTour races last Fall] are the obvious candidates; have you spoken with them about this?

GM: Yes, we have two highly respected organizers, and both have indicated their interest in the past, as you know. Since this is such a short time period, we have had to make it a very transparent, streamlined process. Both have received the documentation, and we expect to receive [formal] expressions of interest by November 7th.

CC: Canada has had the Road Worlds twice [1974 and 2003] in the seven times that the Road Worlds have been held outside of Europe - do you think this could hurt or help our candidature?

GM: The UCI has more faith in non-Eurpean organizers than in the past, so I am sure that they will give our candidature fair consideration. They also know we [Canada] has a good history of holding events, so I am sure that they will look at us as a low risk option.

CC: Has any consideration been given to a joint bid from Gestev and GP Cycliste ProTour?

GM: I know that they have discussed this [possibility] among themselves, and they each bring strengths to the table. But whether or not they could work on a collaborative basis has yet to be determined. Their differing abilities could potentially make it a better bid.

CC: So what is the timeline now?

GM: We will receive expressions of interest by November 7th. If there is only one [proposal], then we will announce it after November 7th. The domestic documentation for proposal(s) will be received by the CCA on December 7th, and if it is a competition [between multiple organizers], then the CCA will make a decision by December 15th. The bid from the CCA must be received by the UCI by December 31st.


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