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November 2/10 18:11 pm - FQSC Promotoes Josée Robitaille

Posted by Editoress on 11/2/10

The Quebec Cycling Federation (FQSC) is proud to announce the promotion of Josée Robitaille to Road and Track Technical Director.

"During the last year, Josée was able to share her vast experience of 25 years as team director with the members of the road and track sector," explained Executive Director Louis Barbeau. "After one year at the FQSC, she now understands very well the inner working of the organization and she is ready to 'attack' new projects to help move forward all the aspects of the sport link to road and track."

"I am very pleased by this vote of confidence from the FQSC board and management," said Robitaille. "The first year was certainly a challenge and, I won't lie, it was a daily learning experience. Everyone I work with contributed greatly to assist me with the various aspects related to my job. Their support was greatly appreciated and mostly vital. I take this opportunity to thank them all."

Previously working as the Road and Track Coordinator, Robitaille is enthusiastic and optimistic about the upcoming year.  Although she acknowledges that the task will be challenging; she approaches it as an achievement opportunity.

"The challenge is as great for 2011. One of my priorities will be to continue to put in place, in collaboration with various clubs, a structure that maximizes the development of Quebec's talents," said Robitaille.


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