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November 5/10 23:11 pm - Erinne Willock to Mentor PCC Athletes

Posted by Editoress on 11/5/10

One of Canada's top female cyclists, Erinne Willock, will be mentoring female athletes at the Pacific Cycling Centre in Victoria, BC.

Willock, an Olympian and a ten-year veteran of the Canadian National Team, was a prodigy of the Pacific Cycling Centre. Head Coach Houshang Amiri has worked with Willock for many years. "Erinne's experience will be a great asset to us, and the female cyclists at PCC will benefit from her knowledge," says Amiri.

Willock, who was recently named to Team TIBCO for the 2011 UCI Pro Circuit, is looking forward to her role. "There is some very promising talent at the Centre at the moment and I'm very excited about my transition into a mentorship role. Ten years ago, when I was just starting, there were many national team athletes and mentors for me to follow. Now I'm being given the chance to help a new group of women, and [am] excited about the amount of talent and dedication I'm seeing. With Houshang's program I'm sure we'll see some of these women making a mark on the international scene in the coming years."

The Pacific Cycling Centre is a private, independent company in Western Canada committed to developing the sport of cycling and building champions. During the past 12 years PCC has proved its ability to produce and develop World Champions, and as a leading training centre, produces long term results.


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