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November 14/10 10:03 am - Kissing Bridge Cyclocross results

Posted by Editoress on 11/14/10

Results from the Kissing Bridge Cyclocross in Glenwood, NY on November 13th


1 Lesley Chown (Can) Team CF
2 Aly Armstrong (Can)
3 Casey Kelly (USA) Ind
4 Melissa Hendrickson (USA) Ellicottville Bike Shop
5 Mari Evans (Can) True North Cycles
6 Nancy White (USA) Team Hollyloft
Open Men
1 Peter Mancini (Can)
2 Dan Staffo (USA) Handlebars cycling company
3 Lance Johnson (USA) Handlebars Cycle Company
4 Robert Schuler (USA) Mac5Bikes/GVCC
5 Nathan Chown (Can) handlebars CC
6 John Roden (USA) Handlebars
7 Corey Knowles (USA) Team ROG
8 Brett Mckay (USA) Competitive Gear / 53X11
9 Guy Vankrimpen (Can) St.Catharines Cycling Club
10 Brandon Stringham (USA) Managed Care Network/ Buffalo Bicycling Club
11 Thomas Emrich (USA) Trailblazers / Kona
12 Robin Watt (Can) St. Catharines Cycling Club
13 John Crumlish (USA) wnymba
14 Danny Zotter (USA) Team ROG
15 Michael Powers (USA) Mac5Bikes
16 Alex Davies (USA) Campus WheelWorks
17 Garick Tischler (USA) Ind
18 David Valvo (USA) Mac 5 Bikes
19 Benjamin Willis (USA) Pearl Street Cycling Team
20 Gary Schwenck (USA) MAC5 Bikes
21 Jason Cavall (USA) Ind
22 Todd Fiore (USA) Ind
23 Ryan Malinchak (USA) Team ROG
24 Jonathan Finn (USA) Ind
25 Anthony Castiglia (USA) Rochester Institute of Technology
26 George Gilham (USA) Ind
27 Moscato Michael (USA) WNYMBA
28 Ian Byrd (USA) Minerva Design Cycling
29 Benjamin Perry (Can) St.Catharines Cycling Club
DNF Brenden Conway (USA) Death Row Velo/Team TSM
DNF Richard Leyland (USA) Cycling For Cancer / GVCC
DNF Graham Marsh (USA) University of Rochester
DNF Jeff Moote (Can) The Hub Race Team
DNF Rob Hillyard (USA) Pearl Street Cycling Team
1 Jeremiah Bonning (USA) Ind
2 Justin Mckee (USA) Ind
3 Ferraro Derrick (USA) Ind
Master 35+
1 Garnett Abbey (Can) Ind
2 Robert Dietrick (USA) Minerva Design Cycling Team/GVCC
3 Peter Pelychaty (USA) Stan's Notubes
4 Michael O'brien (USA) Ingram Micro / BBC
5 James Graley (USA) Team Hollyloft
6 James Hughey (USA) Ingram Micro/Tom's Pro Bike
7 Stephen Cheung (Can) St. Catharines CC
8 Heath McCombs (USA) Olean Cycling Club
9 Jeff Baase (USA) Ingram Micro / Tom's pro Bike
10 Greg Bittman (Can) ST. CATHARINES CC
11 Jamie Hallett (USA) Ingram Micro / Tom's Pro Bike
12 Kurt Rubeck (USA) toulonoconnor racing
13 Tom Kaptorowski (USA) Ind
14 Steve Deboer (Can) St.Catharines CC
15 Keith Pellerin (USA) Pearl Street Grill & Brewery
16 Michael Schwenkbeck (USA) Bike Boy Racing
17 David Burnside (USA) Team Pedallers/GVCC
19 Joe Laino (USA) Ind
DNF Chris Cioccio (USA) Indiana Regional Medical Center
DNS Kenneth Bennett (USA) Ind
Master 45+ Men
1 Christopher Fuller (USA) Pearl Street Cycling
2 Justin Gabreski (USA) Team Ingram Micro/Tom's Pro Bike
3 Scott Farrell (USA) Ingram Micro/Tom's Pro Bikes
4 Brad Carbaugh (USA) Ingram Micro/Tom's Pro Bike
5 David Hawkes (USA) Ingram Micro/Tom's Pro Bike
6 Brian Borowiec (USA) Pearl Street Cycling
7 Joseph Brennan (USA) Big Pants Racing
8 Steve Toorongian (USA) Pearl Street / Buffalo Bicycling Club
9 Jay Capers (USA) Ind
10 Jeron Drew (USA) Ind
11 Andy Helffrich (USA) Full Spectrum Sports
12 Chris Munson (USA) Ind
13 John Poland (USA) Full Moon Vista/GVCC
14 John Farmelo (USA) Managed Care Network
15 Ron Grucela (USA) Ind
DNF David Beer (Can) True North Cycles
DNS Bob Bergman (Can) Canadian Cycling Magazine
DNS James Cook (Can) Canadian Cycling Magazine


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