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October 18/99 9:53 am - Letter From Italy, Ontario 'Cross

Posted by Editor on 10/18/99

Letter From Italy

Hi everyone,

Our team just finished up the season with the 48th Coppa Del Rosso (UCI 1/12) in Montecatini Terme, won by Espoir World Championship runner-up Luca Paolini. Eliseo Dal Re, my SC Reda Baggioni teammate, finished second. The 185 kilometers were ridden at an average speed of 44 km/h, including four 4km climbs, and one killer 15km climb. Three laps of a lower circuit with the smaller climb saw the field of 150 gradually diminish to about fifty . On the long climb, I took to the front, setting pace for Eliseo and making sure the other top riders didn't escape. After 14km of climbing, only fifteen riders remained.

Paolini attacked over the crest of the hill, and only 10 riders could match pace (somewhat drained at this point, I was not among them). One last lap of the smaller climb and circuit saw further selection as a group of five took a 30 second advantage. In the final 200 meters, it was a tight match with each member of the five rider break capable of a fast finish. At 50 meters, it looked like Dal Re might take the win, but Paolini came around strong and edged Eliseo by a couple of inches.

All things considered, it has been a great season for my team and I, as we have once again shown that hard training, dedication, and true teamwork can help achieve excellent results. SC Reda does not have the huge budget and long roster that many of the Italian amateur teams boast, but we have proven to be more than competitive, with 11 wins this season. I would like to thank the sponsors who have contributed in faith to this excellent investment: Baggioni kitchens and furniture, Mulinari construction, IVAS paints, Pinarello bicycles, Vetriceramica industrial ceramics, Minardi Fiat, the Town of Reda, John Aitken, and Oakley Canada. Hopefully they will continue their support of amateur cycling in the years to come.

In closing, I am pleased to announce that Giuseppe Bracci has made the transition into the pro ranks, and next year will be riding for Kirka - Slovenia Telecom, another success for our small team. I still do not have a pro contract for next year, as one contact (Ballan) has apparently folded, and another, Cantina Tollo-Alexia Alluminio has lost their title sponsor (Alexia) and have had to cut riders. Mr. Drei, our Director Sportif is working hard to find placements for Eliseo and I in Italy, however, we are certainly available to possibilities within the US. If you would be interested in discussing a partnership for next year, please email me at this address ( ), or call 011 039 0546 20 50 8 from North America.

Grazie e arrivederci

Paul Kelly

Hay Creek Cyclo-cross, Ontario
(courtesy Peter McCaffery)

The first Hay Creek cyclo-cross was a text book example of good organization. Gary Choppick of the Brantford Cyclepath C.C. had everything covered. The course, in Hay Creek Conservation Area, was a classic European circuit except for a couple of single track sections, and the riders loved it. The media were there ˆ both print and radio, Numerous sponsors had donated lots of draw prizes. The local cadet corps provided crowd control. Top-placed riders in all categories got medals and the winners were presented with custom etched trophies. There was even a chip wagon there, doing a roaring trade. But oh, those outdoor toilets!!! Despite the continuous rain, the event was well supported, a total of 60 riders showing up.

The novice race had only four starters but they tackled the course with great enthusiasm and each lap was faster than the previous one. Eventual winner, Jim Montrose, went off course in the first lap and lost well over a minute but he showed his class by chasing hard and regaining the lead by the end of the third lap. Runner up, Mike Boswell came in over three minutes behind.

The Junior / Cadet race was a keenly-fought battle between Cadets Andrew Watson, Bradford Bike Depot and Ryan Roth, Woodstock C.C., with junior Peter Sanowar from Sudbury hanging on for the first couple of laps. The two cadets gradually pulled away and stayed together until the seventh lap, when Watson picked up the pace a notch. At the chequered flag Roth was almost a full minute down with Sanowar a further three and a half minutes back. The remainder of the field was well spread out, with cadets and juniors interspersed ( a good sign for the future).

Although the youngsters were somewhat speedier, the masters gave a good account of themselves. In the masters' B contest, the early running was taken up by Hamilton c.c.'s Rob Cheskey, out for the first time this season. Close behind was eternal rival, Randy Brown, with Martin Kohn and Gerry Hubers- ind., bringing up the rear.

Once onto the third lap, Randy stretched out his lead a tad but Rob was always within striking distance. During the closing laps, Cheskey slowed a little but managed to come back and he finally finished just twenty seconds behind his team mate. Third placed Martin Kohn was almost a lap down on the Hamilton pair by the finish.

In the Masters' C event, Hamilton's Frank Morrow led for the first half lap but was soon overtaken by Roy Gilbraith-Bicycleworks. Harold Osborne-Hamilton, stayed fairly close for the best part of the race and at the bell, the three were spread over just two minutes. During the final lap, Gilbraith pulled away slightly and finished half a minute ahead of Morrow, with Osborne a further two minutes down.

At 2.30pm the main event started, with 31 seniors and 6 women. At the end of lap one, a lead group of Christian Hansen-KHS, Andrew Croutch-TREK, Josh Hall-KHS/Jet Fuel' Dave Dermont-Ind., Jeff Weber-Gears Racing, Scott Buschlen-Schwinn, Jeff Hansen-Ital Pasta, Peter Morse and Steve Heck-TREK had established a 20 second lead. By the end of the second lap, Weber had moved to the front, ahead of Christian and the group was down to five, having lost Morse, Buschlen and Jeff Hansen who was looking very tired.

The next lap, the fastest of the race, saw Dave Dermont drop back as Weber picked up the tempo and one lap later, Weber was out on his own, with Christian 10 seconds back and the Hall-Croutch duo further 5 seconds behind. By the seventh lap, Weber was 30 seconds clear of Hansen Minor, and Josh Hall was right on his wheel, with a fading Croutch 20 seconds back.

In the final two laps, Jeff Weber consolidated his lead and Hall pulled away from Hansen. At the line, Weber was a full minute ahead of Hall, with Hansen a further 9 seconds behind. Croutch hung on to fourth place, finishing just under four minutes behind the winner. Only nine finished on the same lap as Weber, underlining the difficulty of the course.

The women's race was an easy romp for winner Lisa Holmgren, who led from the start and was never challenged. At the end of the starting loop, Helena Coney-KHS was in second place, with Lisa Hoskins-Ind. And Maogosha Pyjor-Up Your Bike dicing over third. One lap later, however, Pyjor had dropped back and Hoskins had caught Coney.

These two stayed together until the midway point of the race, when Hoskins managed to open a slight gap, but by lap six they were together again and stayed that way until the final tour, when Lisa Hoskins gained fifteen seconds on Helena to take second place.

Meanwhile, Sidney Gilbraith-Bicycleworks, caught and passed a slowing Pyjor to take fourth place, about six minutes down on Lisa Holmgren.

1Jeff WeberGears1:03:5112
2Josh HallKHS / Jet Fuelat 1:0011
3Christian HansenKHS1:0910
4Andrew CroutchTREK1:529
5Dave DermontInd.2:218
6Jeff HansenItal Pasta3:497
7Peter MorseTREKs.t.6
8Steve HeckTREK4:335
9Scott BuschlenSchwinn Canada5:564
10Matt PattersonInd.6:093
11Enrico TrainiTrail Blazers /Gearsat 1 lap2
12Lorne Anderson2
13Philip Miguel (JN)Giant2
14Jonathan Nutbrown (JN)Giant2
15Tomas BaumgartnerNeworld2
16Rodney MerchantInd.2
17Jim KuzKIRO2
18Kris TobiasSpeed River2
19Stuart GreenSt Catharines C.C.2
20Stephan LaTourWaterloo Flying Dogsat 2 laps2
21Nigel MoochoyInd.2
22Chris ReddenSchwinn Canada2
23Brian PriebeWaterloo Flying Dogs2
24Scott Doel2
25Sean Gander2
26Fred PepperHamilton C.C.2
Matt HansenJet FuelDNF1
William MartinenDNF1
Alex SanfranDNF1
Dean PeddleNARCDNF1
David TuttieDNS (mech)1
1Lisa HolmgrenInd.1:04:1012
2Lisa 5:1911
3Helena ConeyKHS5:3410
4Sydney GilbraithBicycleworksat 1 lap9
5Maogosha PyjorUp Your Bike8
6Barb Brzezickiat 2 laps7
1Andrew Watson CADBike Depot, Bradford56:3512
2Ryan Roth CADWoodstock 0:5911
3Peter Samowar JUNSudbury C.C.5:2612
4Steve Amos JUNWaterloo Flying Dogs6:0511
5Kyle Rothwell CADZiggy's7:1210
6Colin Campbell JUNInd.7:1310
7Todd Forrest 2 laps6
Brook McArthurInd.DNF1
1Randy Brown - BHamilton C.C.1:01:0712
2Rob Cheskey - BHamilton 0:5411
3Martin Kohn - BInd.6:0910
4Gerry Hubers - BInd.8:239
5Roy Gilbraith - CBicycleworks8:2912
6Frank Morrow - CHamilton C.C.9:0411
7Harold Osborn - CeHamilton C.C.10:5410
8Jeff Parker - 2 laps8
Stanley MacDonald - BInd.DNF (crash)1
1Jim Montrose 13-15Ind.39:2012
2Jarrod Foerrest 13-15Ind.42:3511
3Mike Boswell 13-15Ind.45:3010
4Chelsea Brown 10-12Ind.39:10 (5 laps)12


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