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January 29/11 4:57 am - Cyclocross World Championships: Junior Men UPDATES

Posted by Editoress on 01/29/11


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The Junior Men are the first to hit the track for the 2011 Cyclocross World Championships in St-Wendel Germany.  A large field of 66 lined up to challenge for the title, with large contingents from the Czech Republic, Netherlands, Belgium France, Germany.  Canada has 3 riders: Benjamin Perry (National Champion), Karl Hoppner and Yohan Patry.

It is a beautiful sunny day and the temp is -2.  Now that the sun has been well up for a whilt the top layer is beginning to melt and the track is becoming very slippery in spots.

They will do 6 7 laps


Lap 1

A crash at the first barrier splits the field.


Lap 2

Leaders as they head out onto their 2nd lap: Clément Venturini (France), Vojtech Nipl (Czech Republic), Fabian Lienhard (Switzerland) and Laurens Sweeck (Belgium).  Karl Hoppner (Canada) sitting ~ 27th and Benjamin Perry (Canada) is well back near the tail end of the pack.


Lap 3

Clément Venturini (France) and Diether Sweeck (Belgium) are away with a gap on the pack.  Karl Hoppner (Canada) has moved into the top 20

There is an off camber just after the barriers that has become so slick that it is unrideable..  Riders are slding backward down the hill.


Lap 4

Clément Venturini (France) is away alone at the front with a chase group of 8 at 13 sec.   Hoppner and Perry Yohan Patry (Canada) are now together at 20 sec back. Benjamin Perry (Canada) has dropped out.


Last Lap

As they head out for the final lap, Venturini is well clear, but is being chased by his countrymen Fabien and Loic Doubey (France) at 24 sec


Partway round and bad luck for Venturini as he skids out and tangles in a fence.

Gap to chasers now 10 sec


And the French take top 3





1 Clément Venturini (France)  0:44:31

2 Loic Doubey (France)  at 0:16

3 Fabien Doubey (France)  s.t.

4 Jakub Skala (Czech Republic)  0:36

5 Laurens Sweeck (Belgium)  0:37

6 Michael Vanthourenhout (Belgium)  0:45
7 Dominic Zumstein (Switzerland)
8 Silvio Herklotz (Germany)
9 Vojtech Nipl (Czech Republic)
10 Stan Godrie (Netherlands)

21 Andrew Dillman (USA)
25 Jeffrey Bahnson (USA)

37 Yohan Patry (Canada)





course map


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