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January 30/11 4:58 am - Cyclocross World Championships: Women UPDATES

Posted by Editoress on 01/30/11

Women's World Championships


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7 laps to go

Another gorgeous sunny day in St Wendel and that sun is warming up the surface of the course and making section very slick. On the first lap a crash on the run up took down Marianne Vos (Netherlands) and blocked a number of others allowing Hanka Kupfernagel (Germany) to get away.  The bunch chased hard to catch her forming an elite group off the front.  Katherine Compton ( United States of America) is not there but is moving up fast.


Now as they head to the out onto lap 2 there is a group of 8 away with 7 seconds on the field:  Vos, Kupfernagel, Compton, Nash, Van Paassen, Ferrier-Bruneau,


Elliot is well back


Lap 2 ends


Compton has now gone to the front with Vos Nash and Van Passen on her wheel.  Kupfernagel at 5 seconds.  Next rider is nowhere in sight.


Lap 3


Compton has kept up the pressure.  Vos falls again on the run up, so she is feeling the pressure.Kupfernagel is back on the front group but is struggling.


Eliot sitting 17th


A chase group of 5 is forming, but they have a lot of ground to make up.


Lap 4

Three to go

Compton is decimating the field.  Now 3 at the front Katherine Compton ( United States of America), Marianne Vos (Netherlands) and Katerina Nash (Czech Republic).  Sanne Van Paassen (Netherlands) at 13 sec and Kupfernagel at 16 sec.  Compton at the front doing all the work .  She HAS to get rid of Vos, she has a poor sprint compared to Vos.  Compton is ridin everthing well, the other 2 are bobbling in spots, so Compton is keeping the pressure on.

Ferrand Prevot 7th,  Ferrier-Bruneau 8th,  Spitz is 9th. Cant is 10th.

Elliot has dropped back into the low 20's


Lap 5

2 to go


The 3 are still at the front and the gap to Kupfernagel in 4th is now 20 sec, Jasmin Achermann (Switzerland) at 36 sec


Natasha Elliott (Canada) 18th


Nash has now taken over the lead, Vos in 2nd and Compton 3rd as they head to 1 lap to go.


Last Lap

Nash still leading, Vos 2nd and Compton 3rd. Kupfernagel in 4th is  still 20 sec.


Vos now takes over the lead and is picking up the pace.


Vos now has a gap of 8 sec


Vos is still away and her gap is growing.  Compton and Nash are too busy watching each other?


Compton has dropped Nash and Kupfernagel is moving up on Nash


500 m to go and Vos is clear





1 Marianne Vos (Netherlands), 40:31
2 Katherine Compton ( United States of America), at 0:18
3 Katerina Nash (Czech Republic), 0:20
4 Hanka Kupfernagel (Germany), 1:10

5 Jasmin Achermann (Switzerland), 1:15

12 Helen Wyman (Great Britain)

26 Amy Dombroski ( United States of America)

27 Meredith Miller ( United States of America)

30 Kaitlin Antonneau ( United States of America)

31 Natasha Elliott (Canada)









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