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October 21/99 11:10 am - Track Worlds, Sun Tour, Trivia, Bikers Banquet

Posted by Editor on 10/21/99

Track Worlds - Day 2

Team Pursuit Qualifying

1. France (Bos, Ermenault, F. Moreau, Neuville) 4:05.655
2. Germany (Becke, Fulst, Lademann, Pollack) 4:06.564
3. Ukraine (Chernyavski, Fedenko, Klimenko, Pidgornyy) 4:07.483
4. Russia (Borisov, Gritsoun, Markov, Smyslov) 4:07.755
5. Australia (Aitken, Brown, Grigg, Lancaster) 4:08.664
6. Great Britain (Clay, Illingworth, Steel, Wiggins) 4:10.437
7. New Zealand (Anderson, Cameron, Carswell, Henderson) 4:10.712
8. Spain (Galvez, Gonzalez Capilla, Jarque, Torrent) 4:10.845

USA 4:10.910
Italy 4:11.069
Denmark 4:14.770
Netherlands 4:15.040
Argentina 4:19.194
Czechoslovakia 4:19.599
Chile 4:20.619

Top 8 move on to next round.

Women's 3000M Pursuit Qualifying

Marion Clignet (Fra) 3:32.953 (50,175 km/h)
Judith Arndt (Ger) 3:36.584
Olga Slioussareva (Rus) 3:36.796
Rasa Mazeikyte (Lit) 3:36.959
Elena Tchalykh (Rus) 3:36.995
Sarah Ulmer (NZL) 3:37.321
Lucy Tyler-Sharman (Aus) 3:37.799
Erin Veenstra (USA) 3:39.830
Antonella Bellutti (Ita) 3:40.001
Alayna Burns (Aus) 3:40.340
Megan Troxel (USA) 3:40.402
Leontien Zijlaard-van Moorsel (Ned) 3:40.497
Yvonne McGregor (Gbr) 3:41.386
Maria Luisa Calle (Col) 3:41.503
Rawea Greenwood (GBR) 3:44.441
Anke Wichmann (Ger) 3:45.964
Lada Kozlikova (Cze) 3:46.592
Gitana Gruodyte (Lit) 3:51.417

Top 4 move on to the Semi Finals.

Olympic Sprint Qualifying

1. France (Gane, Rousseau, Tournant) 44.683
2. Australia (Day, Hill, Kelly) 45.445
3. Germany (Lausberg, Nimke, Pokorny) 45.750
4. Great Britain (Hoy, McLean, Queally) 45.812
5. Greece (Georgalis, Himoneatos, Vassilopoulos) 45.873
6. Poland (Krejner, Mientki, Saczuk) 45.969
7. Japan (Fushimi, Inamura, Juponji) 45.986
8. Czechoslovakia (Buran, Polak, Vrba) 46.027

Spain 46.344
Slovakia 46.370
USA 46.565
Latvia 46.656
Italy 46.660
Canada (Doug Baron, James Fisher, Lars Madsen) 46.796
New Zealand 47.004
Ukraine 47.339

Top 8 move on to the next round.

Herald Sun Tour, Australia

Stage 11 - Nagambie to Lake Mountain 174 km

1 Tomas Konecny (Cze) Tyrepower 4:30:09
2 Michael Blaudzun (Den) Home Jack & Jones s.t.
3 Jamie Drew (Aus) Jayco - V.I.S at 1:04
4 Jan Hruska (Cze) Tyrepower 1:05
5 Nicolai Bo Larsen (Den) Home Jack & Jones s.t.
6 Corey Sweet (Aus) Echuca - Moama 1:07
7 Peter Rogers (Aus) Southern Grampians - Hamilton
8 Ciaran Power (Ire) Latrobe - Moe both s.t.
9 Alessandro Pozzi (Ita) Caravello 1:10
10 Antonio Cruz (USA) Australia Post 3:30

17 Eric Wohlberg (Can) Australia Post 3:50


1 Michael Blaudzun (Den) Home Jack & Jones 25:28:35
2 Tomas Konecny (Cze) Tyrepower at 0:21
3 Ciaran Power (Ire) Latrobe - Moe 1:46
4 Nicolai Bo Larsen (Den) Home Jack & Jones 1:48
5 Jan Hruska (Cze) Tyrepower 2:32
6 Corey Sweet (Aus) Echuca - Moama 3:25
7 Peter Rogers (Aus) Southern Grampians - Hamilton 3:31
8 Jamie Drew (Aus) Jayco - V.I.S 3:44
9 Eric Wohlberg (Can) Australia Post 4:57
10 Christian Heule (Sui) Malaysia Airlines 6:19

Trivia Question

No, there is not a prize for answering this one! We put up a news item yesterday that Lance Armstrong was going on the Wheaties cereal box, and that he was the first cyclist to do so. Scott Venn (who identifies himself as "pro cycling geek") says that this isn't true - Wheaties sponsored a team in the 80s and put a member of the team on the Wheaties box (Scott thinks the guy's name was Doug Smith). This faintly rings a bell in the dark, damp recesses of our editorial brain. Can anyone else confirm or deny this factoid? By the way, even if Lance is the first cyclist on the Wheaties box, our own Alison Sydor beat him to the cereal box cover, since she appeared on the Frosted Flakes box in 1996.

Bikers Banquet Tickets

Just a reminder that tickets are or will be available at the following locations:

Camp Fortune
Mac Fitness (Spinning Club Extrordinaire) Bank and Glebe.
Kunstadt Sports - Kanata
Pecco's Hull
Pecco's Ottawa
Fresh Air Experience
Full Tilt Cycle
Greg Christie's in Chelsea
Banquets 'R' Us
Master Ticket
Party Central
Ticket Depot
Debbie's Discount Ticket Emporium
and other leading outlets

Live Band, Pierre Harvey as guest speaker, awards for leading volunteers, very short speechs, Fantastic buffet dinner (veggies please request veggie dinners), door prizes (at least 1 screen door), cyclists all dressed up...


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