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February 26/11 22:12 pm - Calgary Cycling Centre Offers Penticton Training Camp

Posted by Editoress on 02/26/11

Dear Athletes, Cycling Clubs and Provincial Cycling Associations:

The National Cycling Centre-Canadian Sport Centre Calgary Spring Training Camp in Penticton is coming up next month from the 25th of March through the 2nd of April. We have a 47 Passenger bus booked from Calgary for both outbound and return trips, we will stay at the Sandman Inn and Suites, support vehicles will be rented from the local Budget agent in Penticton, riders will have breakfast and dinner provided for each day in Penticton, Parent Volunteers will attend the camp along with NCCP Certified Cycling Coaches with a guest coach from the ABA attending for portion of the camp.

With the Western Canada Games this August in Kamloops the focus will be on athletes currently in the selection pool (U20 Female, Junior Male), however, we will be accepting applications from cyclists as young as 12 years of age for the camp as well as Senior and Master Level athletes who are interested. Riders will be divided into groups of 8-12 riders based on cycling experience, current fitness and training readiness. Each group will be accompanied by a support vehicle (some days 1 vehicle may cover 2 groups) for the duration of the ride, a Parent Volunteer and Coach.

The camp will vary in focus based on participant's needs and goals this season; there are typically three groups (A-B-C), the novice riders comprise the C group and they generally ride 40-80 K/Day with 1 ride of 100-120K. This group is focused on group riding skills, long slow distance work and developing the Aerobic Engine. It is common for younger less experienced riders to spend some time in the van each day with the goal at the end of the week to complete the ride without support from the Van. This group will ride around 500 kilometres over the week of training.

The intermediate or Group B does longer more intense rides than C but some riders may float between these two groups. Rides are 50-120K Long with one day's ride 160 kilometres with the total for the week exceeding 600 kilometres. This group will do more challenging training with more advanced skills and tactics and a lot more hills than the C Group.

The A group is mostly experienced road racers with goals of participating on the Provincial Team (or Junior National Team) program this season. This group will ride around 100-180K/Day for the week and will ride around 900 kilometres over the duration of the camp. This is a challenging group that will set the bar for the camp with long rides, lots of climbing and fast time trialing (Solo and Team).

National Cycling Centre 2011 Penticton Training Camp Fees:

U23 and Para Cycle Athletes $1050 (5% increase over Penticton 2010 Camp)
• Includes Ground Transportation to and from Penticton from Calgary, Breakfast and Dinner Daily while in Penticton, Hotel Accommodation 2/room
• Please note that all lunches, meals while driving out and back as well as 1 Dinner off site will be the participants responsibility

U23 and Para Cycle Athletes Half Camp $550
• Includes 1 way Ground Transportation to or from Calgary, Breakfast and Dinner, Hotel Accommodation 2/room
• Participant is responsible for getting there or home on their own. We can pick up or drop off athletes at the Kelona Airport or local bus terminal.

• Adult Camp options:
• $750 No Meal Plan, Drive to Penticton on your own or with another camp participant
• $950 With Meal Plan and you Drive to Penticton on your own or with another participant
• $1100 With Meal Plan and Ground Transportation to and from Penticton
• Please note that this Option is Limited to the Capacity of the bus; U23 & Para athletes, Staff and Volunteers have Priority seating

Camp Volunteer Options (Ground Transportation to/from Penticton Provided)
• $650 Parent Volunteer without the Meal Plan
• $840 Parent Volunteer with Meal Plan
• Other options are available if you have local accommodation or would like to stay off site on your own. Please let me know your plans in advance.
• Volunteers can ride before or after training sessions each day, if we have more Volunteers than groups then we can rotate volunteers daily so you can get more riding in.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact:

Stephen Burke ChPC-BKin-NCCP III
Head Coach National Cycling Centre Calgary


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