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March 10/11 17:51 pm - OCA & Hamilton CC Sued for $20 Million

Posted by Editoress on 03/10/11

The Hamilton Spectator is reporting that the Ontario Cycling Association (OCA) and the Hamilton Cycling Club (HCC) are being sued for $20 million for injuries a rider suffered in a crash at the 2010 Good Friday Road Race.

Christopher Uy was involved in a crash during one of the Masters races; it was his first race.  At a point on the first lap when the field suddenly slowed and bunched up, Uy went over his handlebars.  He suffered head injuries and his bike snapped in two.  He required hospitalization for over three months and has suffered a possible permanent brain injury.

The 32 year old was the head chef at the Windsor Arms Hotel in Toronto at the time, but has not worked since, as he still undergoes therapy.

The lawsuit alleges:

•  the OCA and HCC permitted an unreasonable amount of participants in the race such that the race course posed a danger to due to congestion;

•  failed to properly plan and organize the race course when they knew or ought to have known that the race course posed a risk of injury or harm to participants;

•  failed to implement and adhere to international standards for the organization and operation of the race;

•  failed to warn or adequately warn Christopher Uy of the potential danger of participating in the race;

The 2011 Good Friday Road Race is scheduled to take place on a slightly modified course on April 22nd.

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