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March 16/11 12:28 pm - Local Store Enters Team Into Paris 2 Ancaster

Posted by Editoress on 03/16/11

This April 17th, PM Cycle & Multisport will have a group of riders lining the start on Green Lane to take on the Paris 2 Ancaster bicycle race. The team will consist of several cyclists who have participated in the P2A independently for a number of years and recently committed to riding as a group in the event.

It wasn't until last June, when PM Cycle & Mulltisport opened it's doors at the Northville Plaza in Paris, Ontario, that these riders found each other. Shortly after opening their doors, the bicycle, triathlon shop began plugging weekly group cycling rides. Two days a week, riders of varying ability levels would meet at the shop and head out to either the rail trail, or on the road. As their camaraderie grew, participants started talking about putting together a team. This will be the group's first event together.

Those who have already competed in the P2A have worked independently to improve their times in the event over the years. With times often somewhat dependent on varying weather conditions, P2A is a great event that encourages riders to develop both their speed, and their technical abilities. Cyclists ride rail trail, the road, and many single track sections with both flats and hills. The best to watch of course is the mud shoot in Ancaster! Many veteran riders started riding in the event on mountain bikes years ago, and some have recently switched to cross bikes. Cross bikes give riders the best of both worlds; a bike with tires tough enough to navigate the trails, yet a frame geometry that encourages speed on the road.

To support cyclists registered in the Paris to Ancaster race this year, PM Cycle & Multisport will be offering a 10% discount on all parts, accessories and clothing items. Bring your bike into the shop for a tune up prior to the race and take advantage of the pre race brake and gear tune up during the month of April.

The shop is located at 300 Grand River Street North in Paris. Check out their website at


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