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August 29/97 10:57 am - Canadians Dominate at Killington, Track Worlds, Euro News, Canada Cup

Posted by Editor on 08/29/97

CANADIANS RULE PROLOGUE AT KILLINGTON STAGE RACE For Immediate Release, Aug. 28, 1997 Contact: Frank Stanley, USCF Communications Manager, (719) 578-4581 or (802) 422-3731 KILLINGTON, Vt. -- It was a Canadian day at the prologue of the Killington Stage Race, the final major U.S. stage race. Linda Jackson (Saeco-Timex) of Ontario and Matt Anand (Espoires Laval) of Alberta won the 3.4-mile (5.4km) uphill Mountain Times prologue in record time to take the leader‚s jersey into tomorrow‚s stage one Sunrise Road Race. „This is the highlight of my career,‰ Anand said. A week ago, Anand, a Canadian National Team member from Calgary, was the first across the line at the Bob Cook Memorial Mt. Evans Hill Climb in Colorado, but was relegated to second place for hooking Jonathan Vaughters (Comptel-Colorado Cyclist) in the final sprint. At Killington, Anand covered the course in nine minutes, 36 seconds, breaking the record of 9:45 set a year ago by Frank McCormack (Saturn), Leicester, Mass. Anand finished one second ahead of Levi Leipheimer (Comptel-Colorado Cyclist), Windsor, Calif. Vaughters, the National Racing Calendar leader, was third in 9:44. Eight riders broke the 10-minute mark as the winds remained calm on the climb which took riders past the main base of Killington Resort, one of the premier ski areas in the Eastern United States. „I‚ve won my provincial hill climb seven times and have a couple of hill climb records, so this was made for me.‰ Jackson, fresh from a third-place finish at the Tour Cycliste Feminin, the women‚s version of the Tour de France, smoked the field in 11 minutes, 12 seconds, 1:13 ahead of fellow Canadian Sue Palmer (Saturn). Ward Griffiths (QualMed), Seattle, Wash., was third at 12:46, while Jackson‚s teammate, defending champion Susy Pryde of New Zealand was fourth, 1:44 back. „I‚m just on auto pilot,‰ Jackson said. After completing the Tour Feminin Sunday, Jackson -- originally from Nepean, Ont. -- flew to her home in San Francisco Monday, and then turned around and traveled to Killington Wednesday. She said her main motivation for coming to Killington -- a race she won in 1995 -- was to race one last time this year with her Saeco-Timex teammates. The team last raced together in June at the Hewlett-Packard International Women‚s Challenge. „It‚s been a lot of fun racing with these guys,‰ Jackson said. Tomorrow‚s stage one Sunrise Road Race covers 108 miles for the pro/1/2 men and 54 miles for the women. NOTES: The Killington Stage Race is the final event on the nine-event USPRO Tour. Killington is also one of the final events in the National Racing Calendar standings ... Vaughters leads the men with 508 points, followed by Norm Alvis (Saturn), Colorado Springs, Colo., with 459 points ... Pryde leads the women with 656 points, followed by her teammate Kendra Wenzel, McKenzie Bridge, Ore., with 575 points. Jackson‚s win moved her into eighth place with 314 points. KILLINGTON STAGE RACE, Aug. 28-Sept. 1, Killington, Vt. Stage One, Mountain Times Prologue, Aug. 28, 3.4 miles Men 1. MATT ANAND (ESPOIRES LAVAL), Calgary, Alb., Canada, 9:36 (course record); 2. Levi Leipheimer (Comptel-Colorado Cyclist), Windsor, Calif., 9:37; 3. Jonathan Vaughters (Comptel-Colorado Cyclist), Englewood, Colo., 9:44; 4. Marty Jemison (United States Postal Service), Salt Lake City, Utah, 9:45; 5. Mike Engleman (Navigators), Hesperus, Colo., 9:48; 6. Frank McCormack (Saturn), Leicester, Mass., 9:50; 7. Chann McRae (Saturn), Plano, Texas, 9:54; 8. Tyler Hamilton (USPS), Nederland, Colo., 9:58; 9. Bart Bowen (Saturn), Albuquerque, N.M., 10:00; 10. Nate Reiss (USPS), Fort Collins, Colo., 10:08. From Pierre Hutsebault at the CCA we have heard that Eric Wohlberg was 15th Women 1. LINDA JACKSON (SAECO-TIMEX), Napean, Ont., Canada, 11:12 secs; 2. Sue Palmer (Saturn), Hamilton, Ont., Canada, 12:26; 3. Susy Pryde (Saeco-Timex), Auckland, New Zealand, 12:57; 4. Julie Hudetz (Saturn), Boulder, Colo., 13:05; 5. Cybil Diguistini (Canadian National), Canada, 13:05; 6. Giana Roberge (Saeco-Timex), Saratoga Springs, N.Y., 13:17; 7. Pam Schuster (Klein), Northridge, Calif., 13:18; 8. Christina Redden (Canadian National), Canada, 13:21; 9. Kendra Wenzel (Saeco-Timex), McKenzie Bridge, Ore., 13:22 secs; 10. Elizabeth Bucy (Ibis), n.a. Track Worlds, Perth, Australia Day 2, Session 2 Olympic Sprint Final 1. France (Vincent Le Quellec, Florian Roussseau, Arnaud Tournant), 44.926 seconds 2. Germany (Soren Lausberg, Eyk Pokorny, Jan Van Eijden), 46.257 3. Australia (Danny Day, Sean Eadie, Shane Kelly), 46.268 4. Greece (Georgios Chimonetos, Dimitrios Georgalis, Lampros Vasilopoulos), 46.496 5. Spain (J Escuredo Raimondez, Salvac Melia Mangrinan, Jose Moreno Perinan), 46.785 6. Britain (Chris Hoy, Craig Maclean, Craig Percival), 47.329 7. Italy (Leonardo Branchi, Andrea Garavelli, Gabriele Gentile), 47.454 8. Poland (Grzegor Krejner, Marcin Mientki, Grzegorz Trebski), 47.510 It appears that neither Tanya Dubnicoff or Lori Ann Muenzer made it through the 1/4 finals of the Women‚s Sprint - in the Semi‚s it will be: Felicia Ballanger FRA vs Oksana Grichina RUS Magali Faure FRA vs Michelle Ferris AUS Tour of Netherlands Stage 4 - 23 km ITT 1. Erik Dekker (Netherlands) Rabobank 27:02 2. Peter Meinert-Nielsen (Denmark) US Postal at 0:06 3. Jan Ullrich (Germany) Telekom 0:14 4. Vjatceslav Ekimov (Russia) Rabobank 0:19 5. Erik Breukink (Netherlands) Rabobank 0:28 6. Johan Museeuw (Belgium) Mapei 0:31 7. Jose Vicente Garcia Acosta (Spain) Banesto 0:37 8. Servais Knaven (Netherlands) TVM 0:40 9. Peter van Petegem (Belgium) TVM 0:46 10. Jesper Skibby (Denmark) TVM 0:50 GC 1. Erik Dekker (Netherlands) Rabobank 11:30:35 2. Peter Meinert-Nielsen (Denmark) US Postal at 0:06 3. Jan Ullrich (Germany) Telekom 0:14 4. Vjatceslav Ekimov (Russia) Rabobank 0:19 5. Erik Breukink (Netherlands) Rabobank 0:28 6. Johan Museeuw (Belgium) Mapei 0:31 7. Jose Vicente Garcia Acosta (Spain) Banesto 0:37 8. Servais Knaven (Netherlands) TVM 0:40 9. Peter van Petegem (Belgium) TVM 0:46 10. Bart Voskamp (Netherlands) TVM 0:52 Note: The 1998 Canada Cup schedule we posted yesterday is TENTATIVE. This means that it is subject to change. The final schedule will not be set until later in the fall (early November probably). The CCA is aware of scheduling conflicts with Norba races, and is working with organizers to resolve them - so please don‚t call us (or them) complaining about the schedule just yet! On a more positive note: there will be 15 international sanction mountain bike races in Canada next season. This means that Canadian riders will have greater opportunities to rank up UCI ranking points (in the past there has generally been less than 5 internationally sanctioned events in Canada).


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