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October 29/99 12:33 pm - Birthday, BC Trials Results

Posted by Editoress on 10/29/99

Happy Birthday to......DH rider and National Team member Lorraine Blancher

Results from the last Canadian Pacific Trials Association biketrials event of 1999, held October 24.
This was not part of the CPTA series.
courtesy Ken Gauthier

When we first talked about holding the "Winternationals", our first thought was of a cold, wet, muddy, slippery competition, after all it was the end of October in Vancouver. The week leading up to the comp was unseasonably dry and warm, but we (okay me) got our wish on the Saturday night, rain and wind!!..Only to be disappointed the next morning awakening to bright sunny skies..

With the rumours of cash and bikes as prizes, 25 riders turned out to brave the sunshine. Each category had five slimy, greasy sections to get through in 2 rounds, 3 rounds for the beginners. We even threw in some negative lines for everyone "just for fun" after all this was supposed to be "just a fun comp".

The beginner class had a surprise winner, 11 year old Ian Moult finishing first in his first competition, beating out Lee Fraser and Greg Epp. Beginner modified was once again dominated by 8 year old Stevie Baia, in a class all by himself. Sport results were predictable, Jason Baia winning easily with 0 points, while Andrew Clough and Dennis Goj took second and third, respectively. Jason was one of the few riders to attempt and clean all of the Sport negative lines. Smooth and conservative rider Kamil Melczarek took Sport Mod.

This seems to have been the year of the kids in the expert class, not necessarily winning each event, but steadily improving throughout the year, Starting with 15 year old Joe McMahen, who finished first this day, followed closely by 15 year old Dylan Korba, Not to be outdone by the kids "old guy" Greg Forrest took third.

Next up was a bunyhop contest, after weeding out the crowd to about four riders, first of the final four was Aaron Smeeth, attempting approx. 30.5", clears it!, but as Aaron lands he's a little too far forward and his stem snaps in half!. Saving Aaron was the wad of cash he won as a draw prize earlier.. Next up was Greg Forrest, after an unsuccessful first attempt at 31.5", he clears it on the second, no wait!, it seems his rear tire just knicks the bar and it falls!...Sorry Greg, Take a seat. Now it's up to Dylan Korba and Joe McMahen, yeah those two kids again, both clear 31.5", so we move it to 32.5", Joe makes it, sorry Dylan, take a seat!. All that's left is to see high how can Joe go?, Joe max's out at 35.5". Thanks for the use of the bar, Robin! The biggest prize of the day was taken home by beginner rider, Georgia Korba, Georgia is the proud owner of a brand new('98) Norco Team Trials frame!!.To say Georgia was thrilled would be a huge understatement. From the moment she won it, right up until end of the day, she was holding that frame like a baby..NO-ONE was gonna pry that frame from her hands! Thanks to all that helped and supported the CPTA events this year, there's just too many to list, and a huge thanks to Norco for their involvement today.

Rider    pts    cleans

Beginner Mod    max=75
1. Steve Baia    20    9

Beginner Stock max=75
1. Ian Moult    8    10
2. Lee Fraser    10    10
3. Greg Epp    14    7
4. Marc Bower    23    3
5. Sean Baia    27    9
6. Matt Malamas    30    8
7. Tomer Zaskis    30    3
8. Riley Graham    35    1
9. Georgia Korba    39    4
10. Jordy Stace-Smith 43    0

Sport Mod. max 50 pts
1. Kamil Melczarek    24    0

Sport Stock max 50 pts.
1. Jason Baia    0    7
2. Andrew Clough    22    3
3. Dennis Goj    26    4
4. Lucas ?    34    0
5. Keith Howlitt    37    0
6. Rocky ?    38    0
7. Peter ?    42    0
8. Dov Zaskis    44    0

Expert Stock max 50 pts,
1. Joe McMahen    28    1
2. Dylan Korba    34    1
3. Greg Forrrest    37    1
4. Aaron Smeeth    39    1
5. Kevin Mclaughlin    42    0


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