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November 2/99 11:00 am - Vote!, Birthday

Posted by Editor on 11/2/99


Some of you have already noticed that there is a new poll going on (see the Vote! button in the upper left corner of your browser). This one is concerning Downhill funding.

Our last one was about whether or not the Canadian Cycling Association (CCA) should award national championship sanctions based on sponsor needs (ie, near major urban centres, such as Toronto, Vancouver, etc.), or stick to their stated program of moving championships to various regions of the country (meaning that the 2000 MTB Nationals would be in the Atlantic region).

Once we had cleared out some blatant attempts at stuffing the ballot box (including one person in B.C. who voted 40 times in a 15 minute period...), the results were approximately 55% in favour of meeting sponsor needs, 45% for staying with the regional plan. Not an overwhelming endorsement of the CCA plans, but strong enough to suggest that cyclists are pragmatic and recognize the need to keep sponsors happy.

So far, the current poll shows a 2-1 split in favour of directing development towards Olympic sports, meaning NOT Downhill. However, it is early days yet...

Happy Birthday To...

Mountain Biker Adam Walker (yesterday).


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