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April 10/11 15:10 pm - Tour of Bronte: morning results

Posted by Editoress on 04/10/11

Results from the morning race at the Tour of Bronte


Master 3 / Elite 3 Men, 64 km (Average Speed 40.4 km/h)
1 Rob Bruce (Kallisto/Wheels Of Bloor) RME.3 1:34:57
2 Geoff Power (Team London) RME.3 at 1:48
3 Simon Wagler (Two Wheel Express) RMU23.3
4 Jeff Kehler (Coachchris.Ca/Multisport-Zone) RMMA.3
5 Stephen Chester (Darkhorse Flyers) RMMB.3
6 Bob Bergman (Canadian Cycling Magazine) RMMB.3
7 Christopher Barcus (Lapdogs Cycling Club) RMMB.3
8 Ian Chambers (Racer Sportif/Mattamy Homes CC) RMMB.3
9 David Grose (Bikesports-Pfaff) RME.3
10 Jeff Moote (The Hub Race Team) RME.3
11 Charles Dumas (Coachchris.Ca/Multisport-Zone) RME.3
12 Alexander Gibson ( RMU23.3
13 Brian Dalton (Team London) RME.3
14 Scott Enns (Lapdogs Cycling Club) RMMB.3
15 Matt Thomas (Soigneur Race Services Race Te) RME.3
16 Michael Aston (Adrenalineracer/Towheels) RME.3
17 Graham Jones (Sweet Pete's) RMMB.3
18 Dan Dakin (Canadian Cycling Magazine) RME.3
19 Brendan Cubello ( RMU23.3
20 Kevin Tearle (Team CHCH) RMMA.3 all s.t.
21 Mitch Bauer (Independent) RMMB.3 1:54
22 Emanuel Martins (London Centennial Wheelers) RMMB.3 2:01
23 Jim Schaefer ( RME.3 5:10
24 Simon Szymczak (D'Ornellas Cycling Club) RME.3 6:03
25 Evan Muller-Cheng ( Cc P/B Real Deal) RME.3
26 Chris White ( RMMB.3
27 Jeff Murphy (Team Bike-Fit) RMMB.3
28 Scott Reynolds (Independent) RMMB.3
29 Massimo Pascazi (Independent) RMMB.3
30 Corey Hakkers (Two Wheel Express) RMU23.3
31 Charlie Philbrook (Soigneur Race Services Race Te) RME.3
32 Thomas Hughes (Lapdogs Cycling Club) RMMA.3
33 Ian Gartley (Independent) RME.3 all s.t.
34 Rob Macewen (Lapdogs Cycling Club) RMMA.3 10:36
35 Trevor Jordan (Independent) RMMA.3 s.t.
36 Killian Cummings (Independent) RMMA.3 10:53
37 Edmond Mellina (Lapdogs Cycling Club) RMMB.3 11:35
38 Rick Bulmann (Independent) RMMB.3 13:29
39 John Woodley (Independent) RMMA.3 14:36
40 Jaret Gracey (Midweek Cycling Club) RMMA.3 18:44
41 Mark Hyland (Independent) RMMB.3 s.t.
42 Gary Wright (Racer Sportif/Mattamy Homes CC) RMMB.3 20:27
43 Paul Eekhoff ( Cc P/B Real Deal) RMMB.3 20:34
DNF Shea Gilroy (Bikezone Racing) RMMA.3
DNF Johann Tritthardt (Lapdogs Cycling Club) RME.3
DNF Campbell Macmillan (Racer Sportif/Mattamy Homes CC) RMMA.3
DNF Don Gilroy (Beaches Cycling Club) RMMC.3
DNF Scott Milligan (Lapdogs Cycling Club) RME.3
DNF Tom Hopkins (Independent) RMMD.3
DNF Michael Seppa (Independent) RME.3
DNF Joel Rose (The Hub Race Team) RMMB.3
DNF David Butler (Independent) RME.3
DNF Fulvio Mark Cubello ( RME.3
DNF Chris Lepik (Canadian Cycling Magazine) RMMB.3
DNF Rob Faulkner (Hamilton Cycling Club) RMMA.3
DNF Christopher Hull (Independent) RMMA.3
DNF Martin Davis (Kurzawinski Coach/ Six S Erp C) RMMB.3
DNF Brian Truman (Independent) RMMA.3
DNF Gary Murphy (Independent) RMMB.3
DNF Ron Beyeler (Independent) RMMC.3
DNF Chris Kirkpatrick (Independent) RMMA.3
DNF Mark Buckaway (Independent) RMMB.3
DNS Scott Finch (Team TVC/Team Village Cycle) RMMA.3
DNS Scott Matthews (Cycles London Racing Team) RMMC.3
DNS Aditya Murthy (Beaches Cycling Club (Bcc)) RME.3
DNS Colin Mcdarmont (Independent) RMMA.3
DNS Martin Grosskopf (Independent) RMMB.3
DNS Charles Meehan (Independent) RMMC.3
NP Peter Cahill (Beaches Cycling Club (Bcc)) RMMC.3
NP Raffaele Curitti (Independent) RMMB.3
NP Emmanuel Denou (Hamilton Cycling Club) RME.4
NP James Peters (Independent) RMMB.3
NP Brian Kempen (Independent) RMMB.3
NP Marco Neri (Independent) RMMB.3
NP Martin Pitts (Racer Sportif/Mattamy Homes CC) RMMB.3
NP Scott Nault (Team Bike-Fit) RMMA.3
NP Mark Sexsmith (Rockland MD Presente Par Mediq) RMMA.3


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