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April 15/11 21:33 pm - Sea Otter Classic: Short Track results

Posted by Editoress on 04/15/11

Results from today's Short Track. Georgia Gould (Luna Pro Team) won the women's race with teammate Katerina Nash 2nd. Emily Batty (Subaru-Trek) took 3rd and Catharine Pendrel (Luna Pro Tream) 4th.

In the Men's race Max Plaxton (Specialized Racing) took the win over Sid Taberlay (Kenda / H2o Overdrive)


Pro Women
1 Georgia Gould (USA) Luna Pro Team
2 Katerina Nash (USA) Luna Pro Team
3 Emily Batty (Can) Subaru-Trek
4 Catharine Pendrel (Can) Luna Pro Tream
5 Katherine Compton (USA) Rabobank-Giant Off Road Team
6 Lea Davison (USA) Specialized
7 Heather Irmiger (USA) Subaru-Trek
8 Chloe Forsman (USA) BMC Mountainbike Development Team - 1 Lap
9 Kelli Emmett (USA) Giant Factory Off-Road Team - 1 Lap
10 Mical Dyck (Can) Pro City Racing - 1 Lap
11 Judy Freeman (USA) Kenda / Felt - 1 Lap
12 Zephanie Blasi (USA) Notubes Elite - 1 Lap
13 Kathy Sherwin (USA) Notubes Elite - 1 Lap
14 Amy Dombroski (USA) Crankbrothers Race Club - 1 Lap
15 Brandi Hesiterman (USA) Ind pulled
16 Amanda Carey (USA) Kenda/Felt pulled
17 Sarah Kaufmann (USA) Elete Electrolytes pulled
18 Pua Mata (USA) Ind pulled
19 Erica Zaveta (USA) BMC Mountainbike Development Team pulled
20 Kelsy Bingham (USA) Team Jamis pulled
21 Krista Park (USA) Notubes Elite pulled
22 Shannon Gibson (USA) Notubes Elite pulled
23 Sarah Maile (USA) Ventana Mountain Bikes pulled
24 Nina Baum (USA) Notubes Elite pulled
25 Carolyn Popovic (USA) Team Cf pulled
26 Kaila Hart (USA) Ind pulled
27 Cayley Brooks (Can) Trek Canada pulled
28 Laura Winberry (USA) Ind pulled
DNF Lydia Tanner (USA) Tokyo Joe's
Pro Men
1 Max Plaxton (Can) Specialized Racing
2 Sid Taberlay (Aus) Kenda / H2o Overdrive
3 Todd Wells (USA) Specialized Factory Racing
4 Adam Craig (USA) Gian Factory Off-Road Team
5 Jeremy Horgan-Kobel (USA) Subaru-Trek
6 Sam Schultz (USA) Subaru-Trek
7 Stephen Ettinger (USA) BMC Mountainbike Development Team
8 Jeremiah Bishop (USA) Cannondale Factory Racing
9 Kerry Werner (USA) BMC Mountainbike Development Team
10 Spencer Paxson (USA) Kona Factory
11 Adam Morka (Can) Trek Canada
12 Barry Wicks (USA) Ind
13 Ryan Woodall (USA) Brick City Bicycles / -1 Lap
14 Thomas Turner (USA) Jamis Factory Team -1 Lap
15 Lachlan Norris (USA) Ind -1 Lap
17 Alex Grant (USA) Cannondale -1 Lap
18 Rotem Ishay (Isr) Team Jamis -1 Lap
19 Justin Lindine (USA) / Joe's Garage / Scott -1 Lap
20 Troy Wells (USA) Team Clif Bar -1 Lap
21 Benjamin Sonntag (Ger) Team Jamis -1 Lap
22 Jack Hinkens (USA) BMC Mountainbike Development Team pulled
23 Peter Glassford (Can) Trek Canada pulled
24 Robert Marion (USA) American Classic/Kenda/Tomac pulled
25 Joshua Carlson (USA) Rockstar Racing/ Giant Bicycles pulled
26 Brian Lopes (USA) Ind pulled
27 Mitch Hoke (USA) Tokyo Joes pulled
28 Russell Finsterwald (USA) Subaru-Trek pulled
29 Brady Kappius (USA) Team Clif Bar pulled
30 Jason Sager (USA) Team Jamis pulled
31 Kalan Beisel (USA) Yeti-SRAM pulled
32 Kevin Smallman (USA) Incycle/Cannondale pulled
33 Adam Snyder (USA) Team Jamis pulled
34 Bradford Perley (USA) Champion System/Cannondale pulled
35 Jason Moeschler (USA) WTB/Cannondale/Shimano pulled
36 Bryson Perry (USA) Ind pulled
37 Jon Stierwalt (USA) Ind pulled
38 Kevin Bradford-Paris (USA) Emdesports/ Specialized pulled
39 Nathan Guerra (USA) Wheel & Sprocket/Vision pulled
40 Colin Cares (USA) Kenda/Felt pulled
41 Keisuke Goda (USA) Team Specialized pulled
42 Michael Hosey (USA) Ind pulled
43 Cody Kaiser (USA) Cal Giant/Specialized MTB Team
44 Garrett Gibson (USA) Ind pulled
45 Christopher Michael (USA) American Classic/Kenda/Tomac pulled
46 Seamus Powell (USA) Giant-Mid Atlantic Pro Mtb Team pulled
47 Tristan Uhl (USA) Ind pulled
48 Hansueli Stauffer (Sui) Ixs-Swiss Wheeler Team pulled
49 Scott Tietzel (USA) Specialzied Bicycles pulled
50 Jim Thijs (USA) Team Barracuda pulled
51 Christopher Hurst (USA) Stan's Notubes/Axa/Crca pulled
52 Jim Hewett (USA) Summit Bicycles pulled
53 Nicholas Weighall (USA) Cal Giant/Specialized MTB Team
54 Blake Harlan (USA) Team Jamis pulled
55 Jason Young (USA) Feedback Sports Racing pulled
57 Will Curtis (USA) Ind pulled
58 Nate Byrom (USA) Northstar-At-Tahoe/Giant pulled
59 Aaron Elwell (USA) Highgear/Trek pulled
60 Peter Odonnell (USA) GT Bicycles pulled
61 Kris Sneddon (Can) Kona pulled
62 Skyler Trujillo (USA) Niner/Stans/Ergon pulled
63 Mitchell Bailey (Can) Trek Canada Mountain Bike Team pulled
64 Matthew Paziuk (Can) Trek Store Toronto pulled
65 Ken Onodera (Jpn) Team Specialized pulled
66 Nick Truitt (USA) Ind pulled
67 Riley Predum (USA) Whole Athlete Specialized pulled
68 Andy Schultz (USA) Kenda-Felt pulled
69 Mitchell Peterson (USA) Ind pulled
70 Brent Steinberg (USA) pulled
71 Carl Decker (USA) Giant Factory Off-Road Team pulled
72 Dean Poshard (USA) Rock Lobster pulled


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