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April 25/11 17:18 pm - Tour DoonHame: Stage 3 and Final GC

Posted by Editoress on 04/25/11

Results from the 3rd and final stage of the Tour DoonHame in Scotland.  Lone Canadian Jamie Sparling riding for Team Raleigh finished 58th on the stage and 42nd overall.


Dempster Wins Race by One Second

With just two seconds separating first and second places, and only 20 seconds covering the top eight riders on general classification, the third and final stage of The Tour DoonHame looked set to be a cliff-hanger where every second would count, and so it turned out to be.

110 riders left Dumfries for the final time with the Scottish Power Renewables yellow jersey worn by Matt Cronshaw of Team Raleigh. In second place was man of the season so far, Zak Dempster of Rapha Condor Sharp. Following a string of victories - the most recent at Rutland-Melton just a week earlier - there was no question that the tall Australian was in top form, and Cronshaw’s slender two second advantage was going to be tough to defend. With Jack Bauer (Endura Racing) at twelve seconds and Ian Bibby (Motorpoint) at 13, both of whom had tasted success at the 2010 edition of the race, it was clear that the time
bonuses available along the route at the hot spot sprints and also on the finish line would be the key to victory.

The peloton was active right from the moment the neutralised flag was pulled in and Dempster was ominously one of the members of an early breakaway that eased out a small advantage with 3 miles covered. Though it was quickly brought back, continued attacks up to the first intermediate sprint at Haugh of Urr featured Rapha men and was an early indication of the teams intent. This tactic bore fruit, although the peloton were all back together by the sprint line, Dempster crossed it first earning the 3 second time bonus and leapfrogging Cronshaw to become yellow jersey on the road.

Passing through the outskirts of Castle Douglas, which would be the scene of the race finish later in the day, it was Bibby’s turn to collect a time bonus at the sprint line, but shortly afterward an attack by four riders: Wouter Sybrandy (Sigmasport Specialized), Kevin Dawson (Sportscover), Peter Murdoch (Second Helpings) and Tom Barras (Cyclepremier- Metaltek) was quickly joined by Magnus Backstedt (Team UK Youth) and Peter Williams (Motorpoint). With Dutchman Sybrandy the best placed on GC at 25th place, 1:10 behind the intial lead of Cronshaw, the move seemed opportunistic at best. However the gap grew to in excess of 1 minute as the race reached Mossdale with 31 miles gone, and shortly afterward it was the Sigmasport rider who became the virtual yellow jersey as the advantage exceeded his time deficit on GC. The group continued to work well and stretched the lead to a maximum of 2 minutes 22 seconds at Moniaive.

Although King of the Mountains leader Bauer was not in the lead group, the others were not in contention for the climbers prize so as the last climb - a third category ascent of Wether Hill – was completed, Bauer was confirmed as the outright winner of the J & B Print polka dot jersey he had held since the first stage. With Backstedt in the break he guaranteed his win in the Endura sprints competition with a first place at St Johns Town of Dalry.

As the race entered its final 30 miles the gap to the leaders was rapidly reducing as Rapha and Endura in particular were setting the pace at the head of the peloton. The 6 leaders were briefly reduced to 5 as Williams overshot a corner, but quickly regained the group. However the relentless pace behind saw their advantage stand at just 24 seconds with 20 miles to go. Further misfortune hit the breakaway as Barras punctured and Murdoch blew.

Race Report by Carl J Lawrenson

Stage 3: Dumfries to Castle Douglas, 148 km
1 Johnny McEvoy (Motorpoint) 3:29:43
2 Chris Opie (Pendragon - LeCol)
3 Marcin Bialoblocki (Motorpoint)
4 Zak Dempster (Rapha - Condor)
5 Yanto Barker (Pendragon - LeCol)
6 Marcel Six (Twenty3c - Orbea)
7 Rafa Rodriguez (Twenty3c - Orbea)
8 Steve Lampier (Sigma Specialized)
9 Ian Bibby (Motorpoint)
10 Will Bjergfelt (Motorpoint)
11 Robert Hassan (Endura Pedal Power)
12 Simon Gaywood (Corley Cycles)
13 Matt Cronshaw (Team Raleigh)
14 David McLean (Pasta Montegrappa)
15 John Tanner (Sportscover)
16 Ashley Brown (Sportscover)
17 Jack Adams (Forme Sanlamere)
18 Dale Appleby (
19 Tom Last (Sigma Specialized)
20 David McGowan (Team UK Youth)
21 Jon Mozeley (Pendragon - LeCol)
22 Duncan Moralee (Sportscover)
23 Graham Briggs (Rapha - Condor)
24 Richard Hepworth (
25 James Sampson (Motorpoint)
26 Matt Higgins (Corley Cycles)
27 Paul Londors (Anglo Scottish)
28 Simon Richardson (Sigma Specialized)
29 Dexter Gardias (Forme Sanlamere)
30 Chris McNamara (Corley Cycles)
31 Alex Coutts (Giant Kenda Felt)
32 Liam Holohan (Team Raleigh)
33 Alex Wetterhall (Endura Racing)
34 Wouter Sybrandy (Sigma Specialized)
35 Ashley Cox (Corley Cycles)
36 Evan Oliphant (Endura Racing)
37 Gael LeBellec (Team Raleigh)
38 Pete Williams (Motorpoint)
39 Andrew Griffiths (Twenty3c - Orbea)
40 Jake Tanner (Sportscover)
41 Maarten de Jonge (Endura Racing)
42 Jack Bauer (Endura Racing)
43 Matt Jones (Team Raleigh)
44 Robin Wilkins (Velo Ecosse)
45 Richard Handley (Team Raleigh)
46 Robert Smail (
47 James Gullen (Teamwallis CHH) all s.t.
48 Kit Gilham (Sigma Specialized) 0:16
49 Tobyn Horton (Motorpoint) 0:19
50 Wojciech Szlachta (Pasta Montegrappa) 0:22
51 Alistair Rutherford (Anglo Scottish) 0:53
52 Richard Mardle (Giant Kenda Felt) s.t.
53 J. Lowsley-Williams (Team UK Youth) 0:55
54 Calum Wilkinson (Endura Racing) 0:58
55 Jack Cousins (Teamwallis CHH) s.t.
56 James Stewart (Team UK Youth) 0:59
57 Collin Humphrey (Sportscover) 1:07
58 Jamie Sparling (Team Raleigh) 1:10
59 Simon Wilson ( 1:12
60 Matt Kipling (Team Raleigh) 1:20
61 James Williamson (Sigma Specialized)
62 Jack Anderson (Endura Racing)
63 Dean Downing (Rapha - Condor)
64 James McCallum (Rapha - Condor)
65 Tom Barras (
66 Magnus Backstedt (Team UK Youth)
67 Tom Murray (Sigma Specialized)
68 Kevin Dawson (Sportscover) all s.t.
69 Jake Hales (Corley Cycles) 2:47
70 Peter Murdoch (Second Helpings) 4:23
71 Mike Cuming (Twenty3c - Orbea) 4:55
72 Scott McCrossan (Endura Pedal Power) 8:28
73 Jacob Tipper (Teamwallis CHH)
74 Dave Henderson (Giant Kenda Felt)
75 Will Fox (Forme Sanlamere)
76 Eddie Addis (Velo Ecosse)
77 Alan Thomson (Glasgow Couriers)
78 Gruff Lewis (Team UK Youth)
79 Rob Orr (Forme Sanlamere)
80 Kristian Downs (Twenty3c - Orbea)
81 James McLaughlin (Pendragon - LeCol)
82 Richard Meadows (Pendragon - LeCol)
83 Andy Lyons (Twenty3c - Orbea)
84 Steve Adams (Sigma Specialized)
85 Ben Greenwood (Rapha - Condor) all s.t.
86 Liam Cowie (Endura Pedal Power) 16:20
87 Michael Smith (Corley Cycles) 20:06
88 Felix English (Anglo Scottish) 20:09
89 Alexander Ray (Pasta Montegrappa) 21:58
90 Jamie Kennedy (Glasgow Couriers) 34:54
91 Craig Adams (Second Helpings)
92 Tim Lawson (Anglo Scottish)
93 Jordan Stokes (Endura Pedal Power) all s.t.
Final GC
1 Zak Dempster (Rapha - Condor) 9:58:52
2 Matt Cronshaw (Team Raleigh) at 0:01
3 Jack Bauer (Endura Racing) 0:12
4 Ian Bibby (Motorpoint) 0:13
5 Yanto Barker (Pendragon - LeCol) 0:16
6 Steve Lampier (Sigma Specialized)
7 Matt Higgins (Corley Cycles) both s.t.
8 Simon Richardson (Sigma Specialized) 0:21
9 Marcin Bialoblocki (Motorpoint) 1:06
10 Alex Wetterhall (Endura Racing) 1:08
11 Johnny McEvoy (Motorpoint) 1:09
12 Liam Holohan (Team Raleigh)
13 Wouter Sybrandy (Sigma Specialized) both s.t.
14 Maarten de Jonge (Endura Racing) 1:10
15 Marcel Six (Twenty3c - Orbea) 1:11
16 Simon Gaywood (Corley Cycles)
17 David McLean (Pasta Montegrappa)
18 Will Bjergfelt (Motorpoint)
19 Robert Hassan (Endura Pedal Power)
20 Ashley Cox (Corley Cycles)
21 Alex Coutts (Giant Kenda Felt)
22 Gael LeBellec (Team Raleigh)
23 Matt Jones (Team Raleigh) all s.t.
24 Pete Williams (Motorpoint) 1:26
25 Evan Oliphant (Endura Racing) 1:27
26 Rafa Rodriguez (Twenty3c - Orbea) 1:29
27 Graham Briggs (Rapha - Condor)
28 Jack Adams (Forme Sanlamere)
29 Jon Mozeley (Pendragon - LeCol)
30 Dale Appleby (
31 Richard Hepworth (
32 James Sampson (Motorpoint)
33 Dexter Gardias (Forme Sanlamere)
34 Andrew Griffiths (Twenty3c - Orbea)
35 Richard Handley (Team Raleigh) all s.t.
36 Tom Last (Sigma Specialized) 1:57
37 J. Lowsley-Williams (Team UK Youth) 2:24
38 Dean Downing (Rapha - Condor) 2:30
39 James Williamson (Sigma Specialized) 2:31
40 Magnus Backstedt (Team UK Youth) 2:36
41 Collin Humphrey (Sportscover) s.t.
42 Jamie Sparling (Team Raleigh) 2:39
43 Simon Wilson ( 2:41
44 Tom Barras ( 2:46
45 Matt Kipling (Team Raleigh) 2:49
46 James McCallum (Rapha - Condor) s.t.
47 Tom Murray (Sigma Specialized) 5
48 Richard Mardle (Giant Kenda Felt) 7:06
49 Chris Opie (Pendragon - LeCol) 7:37
50 Paul Londors (Anglo Scottish) 7:38
51 Duncan Moralee (Sportscover) 7:40
52 Chris McNamara (Corley Cycles) 7:43
53 Kit Gilham (Sigma Specialized) 7:59
54 Wojciech Szlachta (Pasta Montegrappa) 8:05
55 Robin Wilkins (Velo Ecosse) 8:23
56 Calum Wilkinson (Endura Racing) 8:38
57 James Gullen (Teamwallis CHH) 8:50
58 Jack Anderson (Endura Racing) 9
59 Kevin Dawson (Sportscover) 9:03
60 James Stewart (Team UK Youth) 9:27
61 Gruff Lewis (Team UK Youth) 9:55
62 Scott McCrossan (Endura Pedal Power) 9:57
63 James McLaughlin (Pendragon - LeCol)
64 Andy Lyons (Twenty3c - Orbea) both s.t.
65 David McGowan (Team UK Youth) 11:05
66 Alistair Rutherford (Anglo Scottish) 11:58
67 Peter Murdoch (Second Helpings) 12:06
68 Ben Greenwood (Rapha - Condor) 12:16
69 Dave Henderson (Giant Kenda Felt) 14:38
70 Tobyn Horton (Motorpoint) 15:06
71 Steve Adams (Sigma Specialized) 16:11
72 Alan Thomson (Glasgow Couriers)
73 Will Fox (Forme Sanlamere) both s.t.
74 Jake Hales (Corley Cycles) 17:30
75 Ashley Brown (Sportscover) 18:32
76 Kristian Downs (Twenty3c - Orbea) 23:11
77 Robert Smail ( 24:13
78 Michael Smith (Corley Cycles) 27:49
79 Richard Meadows (Pendragon - LeCol) 28:31
80 Alexander Ray (Pasta Montegrappa) 29:33
81 John Tanner (Sportscover) 32:21
82 Jake Tanner (Sportscover) s.t.
83 Jack Cousins (Teamwallis CHH) 33:19
84 Eddie Addis (Velo Ecosse) 40:49
85 Jacob Tipper (Teamwallis CHH) 40:58
86 Craig Adams (Second Helpings) 42:37
87 Mike Cuming (Twenty3c - Orbea) 43:59
88 Rob Orr (Forme Sanlamere) 45:27
89 Jamie Kennedy (Glasgow Couriers) 45:52
90 Felix English (Anglo Scottish) 46:13
91 Liam Cowie (Endura Pedal Power) 53:08
92 Jordan Stokes (Endura Pedal Power) 1:11:24
93 Tim Lawson (Anglo Scottish) 1:32:08



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