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May 5/11 9:06 am - Silver for Canada at Para-cycling World Cup #1 - Day 1 Report & Results

Posted by Editoress on 05/5/11

Robert Labbé of Québec City and Mark Ledo of Maple, Ontario won silver medals for Canada as the 2011 UCI Para-Cycling World Cup season kicked off in Sydney, Australia on Wednesday.

In hand cycling, Robert Labbé (H1 category) completed the course on the Eastern Creek race track in Sydney with a time of 1:26.45, trailing the winner, World Champion Mark Rohan of Ireland, by just ten seconds. Labbe was forced out of the course and lost some valuable time in regaining access to the track. Without the misfortune, Labbé would have been a contender for the first place in the final sprint to the line.

In the H3 category, Mark Ledo took the second place in a dramatic finish. Ledo broke away from the peloton right from the start, and the break held on until the very end. In the final sprint, winner Joel Jeannot narrowly edged Ledo by just half a wheel in a photo finish.

"Overall, we had good performances on this opening day. Everyone collected the precious UCI points that are needed for Paralympic selection, which is our primary objective here in Sydney," said Sebastien Travers, development coach for the Canadian Para-Cyling Team.

Rico Morneau of Sainte-Martine, Québec and Mark Beggs of Montréal, both racing in the H2 category, finished fifth and ninth respectively.

In the cycle category, Eric Bourgeault of Orford, Québec fell and was relegated to tenth place, trailing the winner by a lap.

Arnold Boldt of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, did not take part in the race. Boldt crashed hard during training and suffered a broken arm, which required surgery. Boldt received immediate medical attention in Autralia and has now started the healing and rehabilitation process.

The 2011 UCI Para-Cycling World Cup in Sydney, Australia, continues today with the second wave of road races.


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H1 Men
1 Mark Rohan (Ireland) 1:26:35
2 Robert Labbe (Canada) at 0:10
3 Wolfgang Schattauer (Austria) 2:50
4 Ratislav Turecek (Slovakia) 12:55
5 Tobias Fankhauser (Switzerland) 16:06
6 Craig Parsons (Australia) 24:07
7 Rowan Bowles (Australia) lapped
H3 Men
1 Joël Jeannot (France) 1:37:01
2 Mark Ledo (Canada) at s.t.
3 Nigel Barley (Australia) 0:27
4 Naohiko Okumura (Japan) 5:08
5 Klaus Dolleschal (Austria) 5:12
6 Zbigniew Wandachowicz (Poland) 5:12
7 Anders Themsen (Denmark) 5:14
8 Athos Libanore (Switzerland) 5:14
9 Arkadiusz Skrzypinski (Poland) 7:32
10 George Kambouris (Australia) lapped
H2 Men
1 Lukas Weber (Switzerland) 1:21:20
2 Paolo Cecchetto (Italy) at 0:21
3 Vittorio Podesta (Italy) 1:06
4 Matthew Updike (United States) 2:31
5 Rico Morneau (Canada) 2:32
6 Manfred Putz (Austria) 3:09
7 Stuart McCreadie (South Africa) 3:36
8 Mischa Hielkema (Netherlands) 5:19
9 Mark Beggs (Canada) 9:44
10 Michael Taylor (Australia) 10:36
11 Jarrod Moncur (Australia)
DNF Ron Gibson (Australia)


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