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August 30/97 23:56 pm - Jackson Destroys Killington Field, Track Worlds, Bikes on Trains, Euro News

Posted by Editor on 08/30/97

HAMILTON, JACKSON HAMMER FIELD AT KILLINGTON STAGE RACE For Immediate Release, Aug. 30, 1997 Contact: Frank Stanley, USCF Communications Manager, (719) 578-4581 or (802) 422-3731 KILLINGTON, Vt. -- Tyler Hamilton (United States Postal Service) and Linda Jackson (Saeco-Timex) put on dominating displays to win the Brandon Gap Road Race at the Killington Stage Race. Despite some intriguing late-season team tactics, Hamilton conquered the men‚s field, covering the 106.1 miles in XX. Hamilton, a New England native who now lives in Nederland, Colo., was so strong on the major climb of the race that his teammate Marty Jemison, Salt Lake City, Utah, had to tell him to ease up. „I felt really good on Brandon Gap,‰ Hamilton said of the almost 2,000 foot climb. „Marty told me to back off.‰ The two USPS riders, who both recently finished the Tour de France, were the power in a five-rider break-away with Saturn‚s Chann McRae, Plano, Texas, and Bart Bowen, Albuquerque, N.M., plus two-time Killington champion Mike Engleman (Navigators), Hesperus, Colo. More was at stake than just the race on the road. The Killington Stage Race is the final event of the nine-race USPRO Tour, led by Saturn‚s Frank McCormack, Leicester, Mass., and is the final major event of the season-long National Racing Calendar standings, led by Jonathan Vaughters (Comptel-Colorado Cyclist), Englewood, Colo. Also, Canadian Mat Anand (Espoires Laval) held the race leader‚s jersey at the start of the day, with 20 riders within a minute of the lead. „There are so many classifications going on,‰ Bowen said. Anand was one of the riders who initiated the break at the base of Brandon Gap, after a three-rider break -- Jonathan Page (GS Mengoni), Lakeville, Conn., John Lieswyn (Shaklee), Asheville, N.C., and Mark Siega (Century Road Club) of New York -- led for the race‚s first 48 miles. Once the USPS pair spurred the five-rider break, the Saturn riders were instructed not to help speed along the fivesome since Jemison -- fifth in the USPRO Tour standings -- was a threat to McCormack‚s Tour lead. „The big thing was to keep Frankie first in the points,‰ McRae said. „For Saturn, it‚s a factor in our sponsorship.‰ Once the Saturn riders literally explained the situation to their USPS counterparts, Jemison decided to sacrifice himself to help Hamilton win the stage. The pair had pulled the break up Brandon Gap. „On the descent we found out what was going on,‰ Jemison said. „I told Tyler, ŒI‚m going to do 80 percent of the work and help get you to these final climbs.‚‰ McRae made things simpler by attacking, but Hamilton and Engleman stayed with him. Ninety-six miles into the race, Hamilton had the strength to pull away from the other two riders up West Hill Road. „I figured it was the only steep section,‰ Hamilton said. „It was big ring the rest of the way.‰ He beat McRae by 33 seconds to take the overall leader‚s jersey heading into tomorrow‚s VISA Rutland Criterium. In the women‚s race, Jackson, of Napean, Ont., Canada, took a lead of over a minute into the stage and all but ended matters, blitzing the field and winning the 73.8-mile race by a whopping 9:50. „My legs actually felt terrible today,‰ she said. „On the last hill, I felt like I had been weightlifting.‰ Teammate Kendra Wenzel, McKenzie Bridge, Ore., won the field sprint for second. Pam Schuster (Klein), Northridge, Calif., was third. With Jackson in possession of an overwhelming lead, her Saeco-Timex team now shifts to a different goal -- protecting the current NRC standings, which have Susy Pryde of New Zealand and Wenzel in first and second, respectively. Brandon Gap Road Race, Aug. 30 Men, 106.1 miles 1. TYLER HAMILTON (UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE), Nederland, Colo., 3:59:16 2. Chann McRae (Saturn), Plano, Texas, @:33 3. Mike Engleman (Navigators), Hesperus, Colo., @:37 4. Vitali Verevko (Mrs. T‚s-Lexus), Ukraine, @4:12 5. Frank McCormack (Saturn), Leicester, Mass., @4:14. GC 1. TYLER HAMILTON (USPS), Nederland, Colo.; 8 hrs, 15 mins, 35 secs 2. Engleman, @:33 3. McRae, s.t. 4. F. McCormack, @4:06 5. Mat Anand (Espoires Laval), Calgary, Alb., Canada, @4:24 6. Jonathan Vaughters (Comptel-Colorado Cyclist), Englewood, Colo., @4:26 7. Sylvain Beauchamp (Everfresh), Quebec, Canada, @4:35 8. Bart Bowen (Saturn), Albuquerque, N.M., @4:42 9. Mark McCormack (Saturn), North Easton, Mass., @4:48 10. Nate Reiss (USPS), Fort Collins, Colo., @4:50. Women, 73.8 miles 1. LINDA JACKSON (SAECO-TIMEX), Nepean, Ont., Canada, 3:35:10 2. Kendra Wenzel (Saeco-Timex), McKenzie Bridge, Ore., @9:50 3. Pam Schuster (Klein), Northridge, Calif., s.t. 4. Susy Pryde (Saeco-Timex), Auckland, New Zealand, s.t. 5. Lynne Bessette (Canadian National), Canada, s.t. GC 1. LINDA JACKSON (SAECO-TIMEX), Nepean, Ont., Canada, 6:09:41 2. Sue Palmer (Saturn), Hamilton, Ont., Canada, @11:14 3. Pryde, @11:45 4. Julie Hudetz (Saturn), Boulder, Colo., @11:53 5. Cybil Diguistini (Canadian National), Canada, @11:53 6. Wenzel, @11:58; 7. Schuster, @12:02 8. Giana Roberge (Saeco-Timex), Saratoga Springs, N.Y., @12:06 9. Christina Redden (Canadian National), Canada, @12:09 10. Elizabeth Bucy (Ibis), n.a., @12:12. We now have results for the top-14 in the women‚s 500m time trial at the Track World‚s. Canadian Tanya Dubnicoff finished 6th. Women's 500m final 1. Felicia Ballanger (Fra) 34.681 seconds (50.393 km/h) 2. Michelle Ferris (Aus) 35.719 3. Magali Humbert-Faure (Fra) 35.898 4. Jiang Cuihu(Chi) 35.930 5. Galina Enukhina (Rus) 36.083 6. Tanya Dubnicoff (Can) 36.088 7. Olga Grishina (Rus) 36.123 8. Kathrin Freitag (Ger) 36.423 9. Nancy Contreras (Mex) 36.500 10. Fiona Ramage (Nzl) 36.761 11. Daniela Larreal (Ven) 36.762 12. Irina Yanovych (Ukr) 36.873 13. Szilvia Szabolsci (Hun) 37.022 14. Wendy Everson (Gbr) 37.291 15. Nicole Reinhart (U.S.A.) 37.320 Bikes on Trains (Source: The Globe and Mail, Saturday, August 30, 1997) There was an interesting article in today‚s Globe and Mail travel section on a gradual change in the policy of Via Rail (Canada‚s passenger rail service), regarding their attitude towards bicycles. While Via has always accepted bikes, they used to make it somewhat difficult for cyclists - the bikes had to be boxed. That is no longer the case, according to the article by John Henry. You can now shipped your bike unboxed in any baggage car, including the main Toronto-Vancouver, Toronto-Montreal and Montreal-Halifax routes. The cost to ship a bike is $15, regardless of distance or stopovers. Via has also apparently been working with cycling groups to offer group discounts. Bravo Via! Tour of the Netherlands Stage 6, Venray - Landgraf, 235.8 kms 1. LOMBARDI, Giovanni ITA TEL 6:01:16 2. DE BENI, Federico ITA BRE 3. EKIMOV, Vjatceslav RUS USP 4. DEKKER, Erik NED RAB 5. AERTS, Mario BEL VLA 6. VAN PETEGEM, Peter BEL TVM 7. ULLRICH, Jan GER TEL 8. MUSEEUW, Johan BEL MAP 9. SIRONI, Gianluco ITA AKI 10. BOMANS, Carlo BEL MAP Final GC 1. DEKKER, Erik NED RAB 22:14:52 2. MEINERT-NIELSEN Peter DEN USP at 0:15 3. ULLRICH, Jan GER TEL 0:23 4. EKIMOV, Vjatceslav RUS USP 0:24 5. BREUKINK, Erik NED RAB 0:36 6. MUSEEUW, Johan BEL MAP 0:40 7. GARCIA ACOSTA, José Vicente ESP BAN 0:46 8. KNAVEN, Servais NED TVM 0:49 9. VAN PETEGEM, Peter BEL TVM 0:55 10. VOSKAMP, Bart NED TVM 1:01 13. HINCAPIE, George USA USP 1:03


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