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January 6/00 2:57 am - Illawarra CC Track Results 5/1/00

Posted by on 01/6/00

Nutra-Life Illawarra Cycle Club
Track Racing 5/1/00

1st Chris Brown1stJohn Kejda1st Jaclyn Kejda1st Chris Brown1st Vaughn Paterson6. B Grade Sprint Heats2nd Alan Wilson2nd Jaclyn Kejda2nd Chris Brown2nd Martyn Wyles3rd Vaughn Paterson2nd Mark Jewell2nd Aron Wyles3rd Rebecca Borgo12. A Grade Sprint Finals3rd Mark Jewell* Chris Brown* Martyn Wyles* Jaclyn Kejda* Katie Patterson14. 10 Lap Scratch Race
1. 20 Lap Scratch Race- All In. First 10 Laps Neutral
2nd Mick Lockeyar3rd Mark Jewell
2. Junior 3 lap Scratch Race
2nd Aron Wyles3rd Katie Paterson
3. B Grade 10 Lap Motor Pace
2nd Rebecca Borgo3rd Lesley Hewitt
4. A Grade 8 Lap Keiren
2nd Mark Jewell3rd Martyn Wyles
5. Junior 2 Lap Handicap
2nd Katie Paterson3rd Aron Wyles
Heat 1. 1st Rebecca Borgo
Heat 2. 1st Lesley Hewitt3rd Bethany Macarthy
7. A Grade Sprint Heats
Heat 1. 1st Mick Lockyear
Heat 2. 1st Mark Jewell3rd Dave Roulstone
8. Junior 2 Lap Handicap
1st Katie Paterson2nd Aron Wyles
9. A & B Grade Combined Miss N Out
1st Chris Brown3rd David Roulstone
10. Junior 4 Lap Scratch Race
1st John Kejda3rd Katie Paterson
11. B Grade Sprint Finals
1st Alan Wilson2nd Les Hewitt
4th Jaclyn Kejda5th Bethany Macarthy
1st Chris Brown2nd Mick Lockyear
13. Italian Pursuit
1st Front Straight2nd Back Straight
* Mick Lockyear
* Dave Roulstone* Mark Jewell
* Alan Wilson
* Bethany Macarthy* Lesley Hewitt
* Rebecca Borgo
* John Kejda* Aron Wyles
* Vaughn Paterson
1st Chris Brown 2nd Mick Lockyear3rd Dave Roulstone


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