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January 9/00 9:39 am - National Development Camp, Kelso Date Change

Posted by Editor on 01/9/00

CCA Cycling Development Camp at Hardwood Hills
(courtesy Glenn Meeuwisse)

May 27 to June 2, 2000

Open to all athletes ages 15 to 19 yrs, as these riders are the 2001 Canada Games eligible ages. Open to athletes from any province or territory. Guest Speakers/Riders including National Team Coaches and National Team and Olympic Athletes. All athletes will take part in four cycling disciplines: mountain bike, road racing, time trial, and criterium.

To develop athletes between the ages of 15 ˆ 19 yrs who will be eligible for the Canada Summer Games in 2001. Each athlete will take part in four disciplines; Road, Time Trial, Mountain Bike and Criterium.

Accommodation will be at Georgian Green Summer Hostel in Barrie, ON. Each athlete will be placed in 6 bedroom suites with a common living area with full kitchen facilities and bathrooms. Other amenities are volleyball courts, basketball hoops, bicycle storage, laundry facilities and recreational courtyard. Coaches will be placed through the hostel as chaperones. The hostel is directly off Hwy 400, which allows easy travel to Hardwood Hills and other attractions within the Barrie/Orillia area. Situated in the east end of Barrie with easy access to other attractions such as movies, grocery stores, waterfront, restaurants, etc.

Transportation will be provided by bus to and from Hardwood Hills to the Hostel in Barrie. Bikes will be securely stored at Hardwood Hills overnight.

Lunches are provided Monday through Thursday. Dinners are provided Saturday through Thursday. Where lunch is not provide athletes will have to buy or bring something. Breakfast will be the athletes choice. Accommodation provides a full kitchen to cook and store food. Time will be allowed if athletes need to purchase food.

Bikes will be stored in a secure place while athletes are away from Hardwood Hills. An athlete will only need one bike to participate. Slick tires can be used on a mountain bike for road activities; a mountain bike can be rented for those having only a road bike. Prices will be provided and payment will be the responsibility of the athlete.

All Coaches are Level 2 and Level 3 NCCP certified Road and Mountain Bike Coaches, with First Aid training, including past National Team/Olympic Team Rider and present CCA Development coach Jacques Landry. Athletes will be divided into groups based on a combination of age/experience/gender. Male and female coaches will be attending, as well French speaking coaches from Quebec. Coach/Athlete will be as maximum of 1:8 ratio. National Team Coaches and National Team/Olympic Athletes will be guest speakers and riders in the camp.

School Week:
As this camp does run through the week, it is recognized that riders will be required to be exempted from school for the week. Any rider needing confirmation of registration in the camp for school officials can contact Hardwood Hills. "Never let school get in the way of your education" unknown

Camp Fee: $285.00 + GST
Camp Fee includes: Accommodation, Meals, Testing, Speakers, T-shirt, Trail Fees,

For more info see the website

Kelso Ontario Cup Date Change
(courtesy the organizer)

Due to the pending change of date for the National MTB Championships from July 29/30 to July 22/23 we would like to advise the Ontario MTB racing community that the date for the Kelso OCUP will change so as not to conflict with the Nationals. It is our educated guess that it is a "done deal" and in fact the Nationals will change date. Based on that assumption Kelso will be July 29/30. If the Nationals change doesn't happen, Kelso will remain on July 22/23. (Editor's Note: The Nationals date has officially changed)

Dates aren't the only things that are changing for the Kelso race. The chairlift will be open for the downhill, and a new route is planned as well. The cross country is going to be very different from anything done there in the past. Portions of the new "Extreme Trail" will be incorporated into the cross country, making a more difficult and longer course. To make use of this great new trail, the XC start/finish will be at the top of the hill, at the Steeles Ave parking area instead of at the chalet. It will be quite the change but we are confident that the racers will really like it.

This race is a joint effort of Conservation Halton and W.O.W. Ltd. Mountain Bike Events, with the goal of raising funds that can be used to maintain the trails at Kelso, and at the other Conservation Halton properties that are open for mountain biking. Government cutbacks have had a severe impact on funds for trails on public lands. We hope that the Kelso OCUP and the Hilton Falls All Weather Challenge Time Trial (April 2nd) will help to raise some badly needed revenues for Conservation Halton. If you have any questions, or you would like to volunteer to help at these events, please contact W.O.W. at


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