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June 13/11 15:35 pm - Riverview Criterium: Samplonius wins

Posted by Editoress on 06/13/11

Results from the Tulsa Tough - Riverview Criterium in Tulsa, OK on Sunday june 12th



1/2 Women
1 Anne Samplonius (NOW MS-Society) 1:00:45
2 Jennifer Purcell (Danbury Audi) 1:00:51
3 Erica Allar (RideClean p/b 1:00:51
4 Christina Smith (NOW MS-Society) 1:00:51
5 Laura Van Gilder (Mellow Mushroom) 1:00:52
6 Kori Seehafer (Team Type 1) 1:00:52
7 Emily Collins (Vanderkitten-Focus) 1:00:52
8 Debbie Milne (Absolute Racing/ MSMOC) 1:00:52
9 Kate Chilcott (FCS Cycling Team) 1:00:52
10 Carrie Cash-Wootten (Pedal the Cause) 1:00:53
11 Amity Elliot (Team Kenda p/b Geargrinder) 1:00:53
12 Jackie Crowell (Ind) 1:00:53
13 Kristen Lasasso (Mellow Mushroom) 1:00:53
14 Candice Ramsey (Bicycle of Tulsa) 1:00:53
15 Elizabeth Morse Hill (Primal Rose Bandits) 1:00:53
16 Courteney Lowe (FCS Cycling Team) 1:00:54
17 Tiffany Pezzulo (Primal/MapMyRide Women's Racing) 1:00:54
18 Devon Gorry (NOW MS-Society) 1:00:54
19 Julia Lafranchise (NOW MS-Society) 1:00:55
20 Robin Farina (NOW MS-Society) 1:00:56
21 Lauren Robertson (FCS Cycling Team) 1:00:56
22 Kasey Clark (Primal/MapMyRide Women's Racing) 1:00:57
23 Emily Kachorek (Primal/MapMyRide Women's Racing) 1:01:09
24 Tayler Wiles (Peanut Butter & Co TWENTY12) 1:02:26
25 Liza Rachetto (Primal/MapMyRide Women's Racing) 1:02:26
26 Kayla Sterling (Rouse Bicycles) 1:02:26
27 Nicole Evans (Primal/MapMyRide Women's Racing) 1:02:26
28 Gwen Inglis (Primal/MapMyRide Women's Racing) 1:02:29
29 Mary Maroon (Rouse Bicycles) 1:02:29
30 Lauren Liscinski (NOW-MS Society) 1:02:29
31 Whitney Schultz (CheckMark p/b Veloforma) 1:02:30
32 Laura Parsons (Primal Rose Bandits) 1:02:30
DNF Jen Mcrae (787 Racing)
DNF Sheri Rothe (Austin Flyers Women's Cycling)
DNF Kat Carr (Bell Lap Coaching)
DNF Megan Baab (FCS Cycling Team)
DNF Rachel Byus (FCS Cycling Team)
DNF K.c. Fee (FCS Cycling Team)
DNF Addy Albershardt (NOW MS-Society)
DNF Erika Graves (NOW MS-Society)
DNF Jenna Kowalski (NOW-MS Society)
DNF Cari Higgins (Peanut Butter & Co TWENTY12)
DNF Olivia Dillon (Peanut Butter & Co TWENTY12)
DNF Valeria Galeano (Primal Rose Bandits)
DNF Nicky Wangsgard (Primal/MapMyRide Women's Racing)
DNF Natalie Klemko (Rouse Bicycles)
DNF Jill Kislia (Team Kenda p/b Geargrinder)
DNF Jacqueline Kurth (Team Kenda p/b Geargrinder)
DNF Elizabeth Lauer (Team Kenda p/b Geargrinder)
DNF Mary Pat Rodriguez (Team Kenda p/b Geargrinder)
DNF Catherine Walberg (Team Kenda p/b Geargrinder)
DNF Betty Hodges (Team Wooly Mammoth)
DNF Elis Bradshaw (Touchstone Climbing)
DNF Carol Irving (Touchstone Climbing)
DNF Marissa Axell (Touchstone Climbing)
DNF Aubree Dock (Tulsa Tough Racing)
DNF Vanessa Drigo (Vanderkitten-Focus)
DNF Jazzy Hurikino (Vanderkitten-Focus)
DNF Jennifer Reither (Vanderkitten-Focus)
DNF Starla Teddergreen (Vanderkitten-Focus)
DNF Emily Matheu (Red Racing)
DNF Martina Patella (Red Racing)
Pro/1/2 Men
1 Alejandro Borrajo (Jamis Sutter Home) 1:19:22
2 Juan Pablo Dotti (Aerocat Cycling Team) 1:19:23
3 Kenneth Hanson (Jelly Belly p/b KENDA) 1:19:28
4 Jonny Cantwell (V Australia) 1:19:28
5 Stevie Cullinan (Strada Racing) 1:19:29
6 Ben Chaddock (Team Exergy) 1:19:29
7 Daniel Holt (Team Type 1-Development) 1:19:29
8 G Lawson Craddock (Trek-Livestrong U23 Development) 1:19:29
9 Lee Muse (CashCall Mortgage) 1:19:29
10 Jason Waddell (Tulsa Tough Racing) 1:19:29
11 Danny Heeley (ind) 1:19:29
12 Andrew Dahlheim (BISSELL Pro Cycling) 1:19:30
13 Rahsaan Bahati (SKLZ p/b Pista Palace) 1:19:30
14 Luis-alejandro Zamudio (Herbalife LaGrange) 1:19:30
15 Stephen Leece (NOW MS-Society) 1:19:30
16 Phil Wikoff (Super Squadra) 1:19:30
17 Ian Dille (Super Squadra) 1:19:30
18 Steve Reaney (California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized) 1:19:30
19 Heath Blackgrove (ELBOWZ RACING) 1:19:31
20 Brandon Gritters (Herbalife LaGrange) 1:19:31
21 Chris Stastny (California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized) 1:19:31
22 Eamon Lucas (California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized) 1:19:31
23 Chad Cagle (Tulsa Tough Racing) 1:19:32
24 Shane Braley (Team ChemStar) 1:19:32
25 Kayle Leogrande (Monster Media/SC Velo) 1:19:32
26 Colt Peterson (ind) 1:19:33
27 Kyle Gritters (Herbalife LaGrange) 1:19:33
28 Colton Jarisch (Mercy Elite Cycling Team) 1:19:33
29 David Santos (CashCall Mortgage) 1:19:33
30 Michael Midlarsky ( p/b Biemme) 1:19:33
31 Issac Howe (Kenda/ 5hr Energy p/b Geargrinder) 1:19:33
32 Stephen Tilford (TradeWind Energy/The Trek Store) 1:19:35
33 Brant Speed (787 Racing) 1:19:35
34 Tyler Jewell (ELBOWZ RACING) 1:19:35
35 Spencer Smithman (Hagens Berman Cycling Team) 1:19:42
36 Rudolph Napolitano (Monster Media/SC Velo) 1:19:43
37 Christian Helmig (ELBOWZ RACING) 1:19:43
38 Geoff Geodsy (Kenda/ 5hr Energy p/b Geargrinder) 1:19:44
39 Logan Loader (RideClean p/b 1:19:51
40 Ty Magner (Team Type 1-Development) 1:19:51
41 Tim Srenaski (Sonic Boom Racing p/b Lucky Pi) 1:19:57
42 Brian Jensen (TradeWind Energy/The Trek Store) 1:19:57
43 Shane Haga (Super Squadra) 1:19:57
44 Tyler Wren (Jamis Sutter Home) 1:19:58
45 Luis Romero Amaran (Jamis Sutter Home) 1:19:59
46 Guido Palma (Jamis Sutter Home) 1:20:25
47 Kevin Mullervy (Team Exergy) 1:20:29
48 Lucas Binder (SKLZ p/b Pista Palace) 1:20:34
49 Pat Lemieux (Kenda/ 5hr Energy p/b Geargrinder) 1:20:35
50 Tyler Brandt (California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized) 1:20:40
51 Nicholas Coil (Mercy Elite Cycling Team) 1:20:46
52 Brad Cole (Mercy Elite Cycling Team) 1:20:46
53 Charles Huff (Jelly Belly p/b KENDA) 1:20:51
54 Anibal Borrajo (Jamis Sutter Home) 1:20:51
55 Sean Mazich (Jelly Belly p/b KENDA) 1:20:52
56 Devan Dunn (CashCall Mortgage) 1:21:04
57 Serghei Tvetcov (Aerocat Cycling Team) 1:21:09
58 Zack Allison (SonicBoomRacing p/b Lucky Pie) 1:21:14
59 Scott Law (V Australia) 1:21:14
60 Chris Winn (V Australia) 1:21:20
61 Eric Marcotte (SKLZ p/b Pista Palace) 1:21:40
62 Mat Stephens (ELBOWZ RACING) 1:21:49
63 David Guttenplan! (Chemstar p/b United Healthcare) 1:22:07
64 Conor Mullervy (Team Exergy) 1:22:28
65 Chris Demarchi (SKLZ p/b Pista Palace) 1:22:29
66 Benny Swedberg (California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized) 1:22:29
67 Christopher Hall (Mercy Elite Cycling Team) 1:22:29
68 Brian Cornelius (Athlete Octane) 1:22:29
69 Ian Crane (Hagens Berman Cycling Team) 1:22:29
70 Mark Shimahara (Team Clif Bar) 1:22:29
71 Cory Greenberg (ind) 1:22:29
72 Mat Ankney (Tulsa Tough Racing) 1:22:29
73 William Gault (Tulsa Tough Racing) 1:22:29
74 Bryan Fawley (ORBEA USA) 1:22:29
75 Michael Jacques (Team Clif Bar) 1:22:29
76 Blake Anton (Team Clif Bar) 1:22:29
DNS Stradford Helms (Team Type 1-Development)
DNF William Dickeson (Jelly Belly p/b KENDA)
DNF Stephan Hirsch (787 Racing)
DNF Diego Garavito (Aerocat Cycling Team)
DNF Emile Abraham (Aerocat Cycling Team)
DNF Joshua Carter (Aerocat Cycling Team)
DNF Andrew Crater (Aerocat Cycling Team)
DNF Brandon Trafton (California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized)
DNF Anthony Canevari (CashCall Mortgage)
DNF Brian Mcculloch (CashCall Mortgage)
DNF Brian Hilll (Chemstar p/b United Healthcare)
DNF Noah Singer (Competitive Cyclist)
DNF Andrew Gonzales (ELBOWZ RACING)
DNF Joseph Schmalz (ELBOWZ RACING)
DNF Austin Stewart (ELBOWZ RACING)
DNF Kennett Peterson (Hagens Berman Cycling Team)
DNF Michael Herdman (Herbalife LaGrange)
DNF Alex Welch (Horizon / Panache)
DNF Demis Aleman (Jamis Sutter Home)
DNF Fernando Antogna (Jamis Sutter Home)
DNF Jonny Sundt (Kenda/ 5hr Energy p/b Geargrinder)
DNF Rob White (Kenda/ 5hr Energy p/b Geargrinder)
DNF Luca Damiani (Kenda/ 5hr Energy p/b Geargrinder)
DNF Sterling Magnell (McGuire Cycling Team)
DNF Adam Mills (Mercy Elite Cycling Team)
DNF Aaron Pool (Mercy Elite Cycling Team)
DNF Jason Bausch (Monster Media/SC Velo)
DNF Joshua Webster (Monster Media/SC Velo)
DNF Justin Williams (Monster Media/SC Velo)
DNF Daniel Katz (NOW-MS Society)
DNF Phillip Snodgrass (Plano Athletic Cycling Club/PA)
DNF Clay Murfet (RideClean p/b
DNF Jame Carney (RideClean p/b
DNF John Abate (SKLZ p/b Pista Palace)
DNF Stevie Cullinan (Waste Management/Hammer Nutrition)
DNF Thomas Hubbard (NOW MS-Society)
DNF Carlos Vargas (Super star auto parts)
DNF JD Bergmann (Team Clif Bar)
DNF Quinn Keogh (Team Exergy)
DNF Remi Mcmanus (Team Exergy)
DNF Kyle Knott (Team Globalbike p/b Catoma)
DNF Logan Hutchings (Team Hotel San Jose)
DNF Michael Dalterio (Team Type 1-Development)
DNF Tanner Putt (Team Type 1-Development)
DNF Bill Stolte (TradeWind Energy/The Trek Store)
DNF Stefan Rothe (Tulsa Tough Racing)
DNF Victor Riquelme (Wonderful Pistachios Pro Cycling)
DNF Sean Sullivan (V Australia)
DNF Ben Kersten (V Australia)
DNF Zachary Spinhirne-Martin (Competitive Cyclist)
DNF Danny Kam (Herbalife LaGrange)
DNF Jacob Lasley (Soundpony)


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