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January 16/00 8:17 am - World Cup Cross #6, Luperini Suspended, EPO Testing

Posted by Editor on 01/16/00

Cyclo-Cross World Cup #6 - GP France

1Daniele PontoniITA1:00:33
2Richard GroenendaalNEDat 0:30
3Mario de ClercqBEL0:52
4Wim de VosNED1:17
5Adrie van der PoelNED1:41
6Sven NijsBEL2:14
7Erwin VerveckenBEL2:50
8Petr DlaskCZE3:04
9Ben BerdenBEL3:24
10Beat WabelSUI3:28
11Massimo SargentiITA3:28
12Christophe MorelFRA3:39
13Gerben DeKnechtNED3:51
14Marc JanssensBEL4:27
15Dominique ArnaudFRA4:37
16Peter van SantvlietBEL4:58
17Rolan SchattiSUI5:06
18Kamil AusbuherCZE5:19
19Steffen WeigoldGER5:19
20Igor TavellaITA5:59

Final World Cup Standings

1. Sven Nijs (Bel) 300 points
2. Richard Groenendaal (Ned) 268
3. Mario de Clercq (Bel) 245

Luperini Suspended

The Disciplinary Committee of the Italian Cycling Federation handed down an eight month suspension to Fabiana Luperini for the positive test for nandrolone in October 1999. No other details were released, nor when she would officially begin her sentence.

EPO Research

The IOC has allocated 3 million dollars (US) to a study, conducted by the Australian Institute of Sports, in an attempt to discover enough about the usage of EPO to detect its usage.

120 amateur athletes, ranging in age from 18 to 35, will be used as "human lab rats" in this closely monitored study whose main objective is the discovery of a fail safe method for the detection of EPO usage. Apparently, the UCI hopes to test athletes from around the world (ie, different ethnic backgrounds) so that they can develop definitive standards. No word on where Canadian guinea pigs can apply...


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