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May 24/97 20:15 pm - Canadian in Europe, Giro, Announcements

Posted by Editor on 05/24/97

A Canadian in Europe (thanks to Val Davidge for this info)

Riding in the Ronde de Luingne, near Roubaix, today, Canadian Piers Davidge finished 7th in the 110km event. The race was held over 15 laps of a pretty gruelling circuit that consisted of 3 stiff climbs and several sections of cobbles. In the first lap, one of Piers' team mates from KSV Deerlijk (based in Kortrijck - near Wevelgem) broke away and Piers was left controlling the 70 up bunch with the rest of the team. Eventually 12 riders managed to get away and reach the lone rider. Piers bridged the gap alone a short time later and reached the break. At about the 2/3rds point, the race got serious and the hammer went down until there were only 7 riders left in the break. Piers‚ team mate (no name available) clipped off on his own (again) on the last lap, leaving Piers on team duty (again). The agreement was that if 'he' made it alone, then Piers would work for him and do his best to keep the break from catching them; if not, 'he' would give Piers a lead out in the sprint. 'He' won by a good margin leaving Piers, yet again, too exhausted to contest the sprint, but nevertheless happy with his placing.

Giro d'Italia, Italy

Stage 8, Mondragone-Cava dei Tirreni, 212 km:

1. Mario Manzoni (Italy) Roslotto 5:20:09
2. Stefano Giraldi (Italy) Kross at 0:23
3. Maurizio Molinari (Italy) Asics 0:25
4. Gianpaolo Mondini (Italy) Amore & Vita s.t.
5. Mariano Piccoli (Italy) Brescialat 0:35
6. Denis Zanette (Italy) AKI
7. Nicola Loda (Italy) Maglificio MG
8. Andrea Vatteroni (Italy) Scrigno
9. Andrea Paluan (Italy) Cantina Tollo
10. Andrea Brognara (Italy) Batik all s.t.


1. Pavel Tonkov 34:32:52
2. Luc Leblanc (France) Polti at 0:41
3. Ivan Gotti (Italy) Saeco 1:07
4. Roberto Petito (Italy) Saeco 1:13
5. Paluan 1:39
6. Andrea Noe (Italy) Asics 1:43
7. Michele Coppolillo (Italy) Maglificio MG 1:49
8. Paolo Savoldelli (Italy) Roslotto 2:40
9. Leonardo Piepoli (Italy) Ceramiche Refin 2:49
10. Alexandre Shefer (Kazakhstan) Asics 3:05

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