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June 19/11 10:54 am - Tour de Beauce: Stage 6 UPDATES

Posted by Editoress on 06/19/11

Stage 6:  St-George Circuit, 125 km


The Final stage of the 2011 Tour de Beauce will take place on the St-Georges town course.  The course is moderatly changed from perevious years with a few morre switchbacks added which may make it somewhat easier for an established break to stay away from teh larger peloton.


The remainder of the peloton is now just 86 riders from the original 113 who set out on Tuesday morning.


The day started cool, overcast and windy.  THere will be a strong headwind on the finishing straight


10 laps of the 12.5 km circuit


11 am

François Parisien (Spidertech) jumps away off the front the first time up the climb, and is shortly afterward joined by 9 riders who have a small gap.


11:18 am

The break was reduced to 7, then caught before the end of the lap.  The peloton is at very high speed.



11:25 am

Lap 2.  Spidertech at the front hammering away at high speed.  Riders are being shed off the back steadily.


11:43 am

Sprint for PTs  at end of lap 2:  Ilesic Ino (Team Type 1), Alex Howes (Chipotle), Benjamin King (Team Type 1)


11:45 am

A group of 4 has gone off the front just after the sprint.  Svein Tuft (Spidertech), Bernard Sulzberger (V Australia), Philipp Mamos (Amore & Vita), Alex Howes (Chipotle)


11:51 am

Late in lap 3 they have a gap os 15 seconds


11:54 am

Gap increasing slowly, now 37 seconds


11:55 am

End of Lap 3.  STech has given over to at the front of the peloton


12:01 pm

Lap 4 on the climb

Break is at almost 1 minute ahead of the pelton. seems to be struggling


12:05 pm

The break hits the first KOM:  Tuft, Howes, Sulzberger

Gap is 1:10

Howes is not he virtual leader on the road


12:12 pm

As they head to the end of lap 4 the gap is 1:30


12:20 pm

Lap 5 on the climb

Gap is 1:40.  Mancebo has lost all but 1 of his teammates.  Colex has now come up to help in the chase



12:36 pm

Lap 6.  Gap is holding at 1:40


12:42 pm

Gap is inching upward again and is now  1:45.  Mancebo is not getting much help form his teammates, who are coming up on the flats but flagging on the climb.  Amore Vita is adding some assistance, but not much/  Parisien and McCarty are glued to mancebo's wheel, so if he makes a move he is well covered.


Howes is taking most of the Sprints so accumulating more time bonuses.


12:50 pm

Gap 1:50

4 Laps to go


12:58 pm

At the top of the climb on lap 7.  The gap to the pelton is 1:47.  

Amore & Vita's Vladislav Borisov is at the front of the peloton with Mancebo and 1 teamate on his wheel, then it is all Spidertech


1:05 pm

Starting Lap 8, 3 laps to go

Break rider Philipp Mamos (Amore & Vita) has stopped doing any work, letting Tuft and Howes are doing all the work.

Gap 1:12




Gap 52 seconds as they head up the climb


1:14 pm

Mancebo attacked on the climb and at the top the gap is 15 seconds


Mancebo has only one teamate left to help, Dutch rider Thomas Rabou


1:18 pm

Up over the top of the climb there is now a new lead bunch of 9 with Phil Gaimon ( Kenda), Svein Tuft, Pat McCarty (Spidertech), Christopher Jones ( UnitedHealthcare), Bernard Sulzberger (V Australia), Philipp Mamos, Bernardo Colex (Amore & Vita), Francisco Mancebo Perez (, Alex Howes (Chipotle).  Mancebo driving.


at 15 seconds is a chase group of 17


Then another group of ~ 20 at 40 seconds


1:28 pm

Starting Lap 9


1:32 pm

On the climb

The 2nd group has caught the leaders

Joris Boillat (Champion System) has attacked and McCarty has gone with, tehy have 10 seconds


1:36 pm

Last KOM and Scott Lyttle (Pure Black Racing) will win the overall


1:40 pm

Through the feedzone, gap 10 seconds


1:46 pm

One to go

As they started the final lap the gap was 12 seconds

As they started the climb they were caught


1:52 pm

Colex is at the front setting the pace on the climb - a hard pace, dropping a lot of riders.  Mancebo is on his wheel, followed by Howes. A UHC rider is 4th and Pinfold (UHC) sitting 5th.  Looks like UHC setting it up for a sprint



5 km to go.  It is a bunch of 35 heading to the finish


2:02 pm

Tuft has attacked, has 18 sec





1 Svein Tuft (Can) Spidertech powered by C10

2 Andrew Pinfold (Can) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team

3 Brett Tivers (NZl) Garneau-Club Chaussures- Norton Rose



Stage Profile (map below)





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