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June 19/11 17:32 pm - Preston Street Criterium full results and photos UPDATED

Posted by Editoress on 06/19/11

Results from the Preston Street Bicycle Races, on June 19th in Ottawa, Ontario

Presented by Bike Race Ottawa


Photos by Jon Safka,

Part one Elite Men

Part two Women


Elite 3/4 and Junior Men - 45 minutes + 5 laps
1 Yohan Patry (Rocky Mountain-Desjardins) RMJ 0:51:48
2 Robert Cooper (Prud'homme - Iga) RMJ at 0:05
3 Felix Bouvette (Prud'homme/Iga) RMJ at 0:38
4 Czeslaw Lukaszewicz (Prud'homme/Iga) RME.3
5 Maxime Levasseur (Ind) RME.3
6 Vincent De Haitre (Ottawa Bicylce Club) RMJ
7 David Onsow (Rocky Mountain Desjardins) RMJ
8 Evan Muller-Cheng ( RME.3
9 Matt Polson (Kunstadt Sports Cycling Club) RME.4
10 Dante D'urbano (Formedica) RME.3
11 Carl Wilkins (Euro-Sports/ Foodery/Dal-Cin) RME.3
12 Mathieu Lafontaine (Ind) RME.3
13 Steve Bouvette (Prud'homme/Iga) RME.3
14 Rodrigo Diaz (Eurosports/Foodery) RME.3 all s.t.
DNF Jasmin Houle (Prud'homme-Iga) RMJ
DNF Jeremie Lacasse (OBC) RMU17
DNF Gordon Smith (Eurosports/Foodery) RME.4
DNF Nicholas Vipond (The Cyclery) RME.3
DNF Simon Hanington (Cyclelogik Racing) RME.4
DNF Steward Rich (Independent) RME.4
DNF Aaron Kyle (Ind) RME.4
DNF Mathieu Chateauvert (Cuisses Or Outaouais) RMU17
DNF Adam Freed (Nine2fivepro) RME.3
DNF Vincent Joinette (OBC) RMJ
DNF David Brassard (Sepp's Home Cardio) RME.4
DNF Adam Eikenberry (Euro-Sports/ Foodery/Dal-Cin) RME.3
DNF Robert Imrie (Ind) RME.4
DNF James Hanington (Cyclelogik Racing) RME.4
DNF Tristan Barr (Independent) RME.4
DNF Ryan Beck (Ottawa Bicycle Club) RMJ
Master 2/3 Men - 45 minutes + 5 laps
1 Greg Shore (Greg Shore) RMM.2 0:51:22
2 Chris Kirk (Independent) RMM.2
3 Brent Atkins (West Of Quebec Wheelers) RMM.2
4 Robert Orange (Ride With Rendall) RMM.2
5 Jake Cleofas ( Cycling Team) RMM.2
6 Carl Kiffner (The Cyclery) RMM.3
7 Bruce Camacho (D'ornellas Racing Team) RMM.2
8 Martin Charron (Les Rouleurs De L'outaouais) RMM.2
9 Werner Visser (West Of Quebec Wheelers) RMM.2
10 Scott Wood (Peterborough Cycling Club) RMM.2
11 Patrick Pelda (West Of Quebec Wheelers) RMM.2
12 Jeff Ker (Kurzawinski Coach/ Six S Erp Consulting) RMM.2
13 Peter Metuzals (Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery) RMM.2
14 Steven Thomas (Euro-Sports / Foodery) RMM.3
15 Marco Salvati (Kurzawinski Coach/ Six S Erp Consulting) RMM.2
16 David Bilenkey (Eurosports/Foodery) RMM.2
17 Phillip Hodgkinson (Kurzawinski Coach/Six S Erp Consulting) RMM.3
18 Christian Voyer (Dmd Velocity) RMM.3
19 Francis Tremblay (Kunstadt) RMM.3
20 David Charles (Kunstadt Sports Cycling Club) RMM.3
21 Anthony West (The Cyclery) RMM.2
22 Jay Heins (The Cyclery) RMM.2
23 Daniel Diotte (Dmd Velocity) RMM.3
24 Richard Grieve (Kunstadt Sports Cycling Club) RMM.3
25 Doug Hinan (Peterborough Cycling Club) RMM.2
26 David Sugden (Eurosports/Foodery) RMM.2
27 Yariv Wolfe (Euro-Sports/ Foodery/Dal-Cin) RMM.2
28 Michael Reeves (Ind) RMM.3
29 Peter Schuck (Ride With Rendall) RMM.2
30 Martin Davis (Kurzawinski Coach) RMM.3
31 Eric Brisebois (Euro-Sports/Foodery/Dal-Cin) RMM.3
32 Bryan Gormley (The Cyclery) RMM.2
33 Chris Charlton (OBC) RMM.3
34 Jean-Pierre Lefebvre (Les Rouleurs De L'outaouais) RMM.3
35 Jim Laird (First Capital Cycling Kingston) RMM.2
36 Kieran Andrews (Peterborough Cc) RMM.2
37 Glen Budgell (Independent) RMM.3 all s.t.
38 Guy Lacroix ( RMM.2 0:15
39 Peter Conn (Ride With Rendall) RMM.2 0:30
DNF Rick Bourgeault (West Of Quebec Wheelers) RMM.2
DNF Alain Brunette (Rouleurs D'outaouais) RMM.2
DNF Richard Janecky ( Cycling Team) RMM.3
DNF Andre Sincennes (The Cyclery) RMM.3
DNF Joe Accardi (Kurzawinski Coach/ Six S Erp Consulting) RMM.2
DNF Daniel Thompson (Ottawa Bicycle Club) RMM.3
DNF Russell Mcdonnell (Independent) RMM.3
DNF Detlef Hess (OBC) RMM.3
DNF Eric Larson (Ride With Rendall) RMM.3
DNF Doug Hoover (Eurosports/Foodery) RMM.3
DNF Trevor Doyle (Kurzawinski Coach) RMM.2
Elite, Master & Junior Women - 45 minutes + 5 laps
1 Florence Laplante-Lamarche (Stevens p/b The Cyclery) RWE.2 0:53:30
2 Courtnay Darville (Re:Form/Cyclepower) RWE.2
3 Michelle Gauthier (Re:Form/Cyclepower) RWE.2
4 Veronique Fortin (P-K Express) RWE.1
5 Melanie Provencher (Les Rouleurs De L'outaouais) RWMA
6 Audrey Bernard (Spidertech p/b Powerwatts) RWJ
7 Carol Deavy (Les Rouleurs De L'outaouais) RWMB
8 Julie Lafreniere (Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery) RWE.1
9 Melissa Bunn (Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery) RWE.1 all s.t.
10 Stephanie Sothcott (Euro-Sports/ Foodery/Dal-Cin) RWE.2 at 0:30
11 Lisa Meyer (Ottawa Bicycle Club) RWMB -1 lap
12 Bailin Xie (Ottawa Bicycle Club) RWU17 -1 lap
13 Marianne Portelance (OBC) RWJ -2 laps
14 Anjelica Hodgson (Kunstadt Sports Cycling Club) RWE.3 -2 laps
DNF Alison Lampi (Re:Form/Cyclepower) RWE.1
DNF Veronique Bourgon (Eurosports/Foodery) RWE.2
DNF Natalie Cormier (Cyclefitchicks) RWE.3
DNF Sylvie Daoust (Cyclefitchicks) RWMB
DNF Sophie Matte (Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery) RWE.1
DNS Kendall Saravanamutto (Dianne Galus) RWU17
Elite 1/2 and Master 1 Men - 75 minutes + 5 laps
1 Matteo Dal-Cin (Jet Fuel/ La Bicicletta) RME.1 1:20:56
2 Eric Lyman (Team Spirit 6th Cannondale) RME.1 at 0:03
3 Ed Veal (Jet Fuel Coffee/La Bicicletta) RME.1
4 Douglas Van Den Ham ( Cycling Team) RME.2
5 Osmond Bakker (Jetfuel/La Bicicletta) RME.1
6 Stanislav Blazek (Kurzawinski Coach) RMM.1
7 Brandon Spencer (Kallisto/Wheels Of Bloor) RME.1
8 Derrick St. John (Ride With Rendall) RME.1
9 Marc Lapointe ( Cycling Team) RME.1
10 Cuylar Conly (Fresh Air Experience/Obc) RME.2
11 Derek Harnden (Fresh Air Experience/Obc) RME.2
12 Tom Stevens (Cyclelogik Racing) RMM.1
13 Matt Deluco ( / Foodery) RME.2
14 Andy D`Angelo (Kurzawinski Coach/ Six S Erp) RMM.1
15 Ian Dalling (The Cyclery) RMM.1
16 Glen Rendall (Ride With Rendall) RME.1
17 Laszlo Alberti (Independent) RMM.1
18 Mason Hanrahan (Ride With Rendall) RME.1
19 Imad El-Ghazal (Kunstadt Sports Cycling Club) RME.2
20 Marc Boudreau (Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery) RME.2
21 Kiernan Orange (Ride With Rendall) RME.1
22 Neil Schiemann (Kunstadt Cycling Club) RME.2
23 Evan Mcneely (Emd Serono - Specialized) RME.2
24 Sean Kelly (Jet Fuel Coffee/La Bicicletta) RME.2
25 Marc Booth (Kurzawinski Coach) RMM.1
26 Bill Hurley (The Cyclery) RMM.1
27 Martin Zollinger (Ride With Rendall) RME.1
28 Duncan Beard ( Cycling Team) RME.2
29 Kianoush Missaghi (Team Spirit 6th Cannondale) RME.2
30 Pierre-Etienne Boivin (Team Spirit 6th Cannondale) RME.1
31 John Large (West Of Quebec Wheelers) RME.2
32 Kenneth Ng (Independent) RME.2
33 Jim Tsilemos (Ride With Rendall) RME.1
34 Casey Roth (Ride With Rendall) RME.1 all s.t.
35 Stephen Meyer (Jet Fuel Coffee/La Bicicletta) RME.1 0:15
36 Julien Langlois (Team Spirit 6th Cannondale) RME.1 0:20
37 Dave Byer (Jet Fuel Coffee/La Bicicletta) RME.1 0:25
38 Laurent Dallaire (Rocky Mountain) RME.1 0:30
39 Steve Proulx (Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery) RMM.1 0:35
40 Christopher Bernard (Ride With Rendall) RME.1 0:40
41 Warren Macdonald ( Cycling Team) RME.1 0:50
DNF Maxime Vives (Power Watts - Fittime) RME.2
DNF Erik Box (Nativo/Devinci) RME.1
DNF Alex Cataford (Spidertech p/b Powerwatts) RME.2
DNF Sean Wakefield (Ride With Rendall) RME.2
DNF Conor O'brien (Steven's Racing) RME.2
DNF Logan Cornel (Euro-Sports/ Foodery/Dal-Cin) RME.2
DNF Jason Cheney (Ride With Rendall) RME.2
DNF Ouellet-Lacroix Frederick (Team Spirit 6th Cannondale) RME.1
DNF Hans Loeffelholz ( Cycling Team) RMM.1
DNF Brian Trafford (Fresh Air Experience/Obc) RME.2
DNF Stephen Keeping (Steven's Racing) RME.1
DNF Peter Tregunno (Tea And Coffee Racing) RME.2
DNF John-Christopher Reid (Ride With Rendall) RMM.1
DNF Philippe Bergeron (Fresh Air Experience/Obc) RME.2
DNF Jason Abbott (West Of Quebec Wheelers) RME.2
DNF Alexandre Simard (Ride With Rendall) RMM.1
DNF Shawn Clarke (Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery) RME.2
DNF Greg Boileau (Euro -Sports/Foodery) RME.2
DNF Ryan Phelps ( RME.2


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