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July 1/11 19:48 pm - Road National Championships: Junior Criterium report and full results

Posted by Editoress on 07/1/11

Junior Crit Titles Awarded 
On a sunny Canada Day, the best Junior and Master riders in the country took to the streets at Exhibition Park of Toronto for the Criterium race at the 2011 Immunity-FX Canadian Road Championships powered by Cannacord Wealth Management. 
Team Manitoba's Chris Prendergast took his first ever Canadian jersey, winning the men's Junior criterium in a sprint to the finish line against Justin Zottl of Team Planet Energy powered by SpiderTech, who finished second and Charles Matte of Team Nippour-Devinci. 
In the women's race, sprinter Allison Beveridge of Team Alberta took the victory, beating to the line the 2011 Time Trial Junior champion Annie Ewart of Cycling BC and Audrey Bernard of Team Planet Energy powered by SpiderTech. The three girls rode solo for the majority of the race, riding together until the second last lap, where the battle started and lasted all the way to the finish line. 
The Junior men rode 50 minutes of the 1.4-kilometre circuit before receiving the 2-lap notice, while the Junior women rode 40 minutes before the two-lap notice. 
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Junior Women, 29.4 km (AS 38.8 kmph)
1 Allison Beveridge (Team Alberta) 0:45:27
2 Annie Ewart (Cycling BC)
3 Audrey Bernard (Spidertech p/b Powerwatts) both s.t.
4 Audrey Labrie (Piste.Ca) 00:12
5 Tennessee Mayer (Equipe Du Quebec)
6 Amelie Bruneau (Espoirs Quilicots p/p Specialized)
7 Alizee Brien (Equipe Du Quebec)
8 Laurence Paquette (Piste.Ca)
9 Justine Dallaire (Spidertech Propulsée Par Powerwatts)
10 Roxanne Pepin (Atrium CC2R)
11 Josiane Boily (Atrium CC2R)
12 Laurie Dumas (Spidertech Propulsée Par Power) all s.t.
DNF Helene Pilote-Fortin (Dedacciai/Hype Ski Vélo)
DNF Nina Nesdoly (Team Ontario)
DNF Gabrielle Pilote-Fortin (Equipe du Quebec)
DNF Erin Middleton (Team Alberta)
DNF Saskia Kowalchuk (Team Chch)
DNF Allyson Gillard (Atrium-CC2R)
DNF Kinley Gibson (Team Alberta)
DNF Erin Dowswell (Team Ontario)
DNF Élise Brouillette (Espoirs Quilicots p/p Specialized)
DNF Janie Rioux-Coulombe (Equipe Du Quebec)
Junior Men, 39.2 km (AS 42.9 kmph)
1 Christopher Prendergast (Team Manitoba) 0:54:48
2 Justin Zottl (Planet Energy p/b Spidertech)
3 Charles Matte (Nippour-Devinci)
4 Felix Cote-Bouvette (Equipe Du Quebec)
5 Benjamin Chartrand (Espoirs Quilicots p/p Specialized)
6 Adam De Vos (Cycling BC)
7 Brandon Etzl (Planet Energy Powered By Spidertech)
8 Olivier Delaney (Espoirs Quilicots p/p Specialized)
9 Olivier Hokmi (Atrium-CC2R)
10 David Onsow (Equipe Du Quebec)
11 Joseph-emile Lupien (Rocky Mountain Desjardins Vale)
12 Blaise Limoges (Independent)
13 Benoit Lantagne (Rocky Mountain Desjardins Vale)
14 Jess Neufeld (Team Manitoba/Woodcock Cycle)
15 Geordie Morrison (Cycling BC)
16 Yohan Patry (Equipe Du Quebec)
17 Simon-pierre Gauthier (Equipe Du Quebec)
18 Samuel Beaudoin (Team Alberta)
19 François Vaillancourt (Espoirs Quilicots p/p Specialized)
20 Lambert Gatineau (Spiderthec Powered By Powerwatts)
21 Henri De Boever (Cycling BC)
22 Kristofer Ovsenek (Invita-Fcv)
23 Frederic Cossette (Spidertech p/p Powerwatts)
24 Neil Symington (Atlantic Cycling Center)
25 Eric Johnstone (Team Alberta)
26 Marc Evers (Atlantic Cycling Centre)
27 Karl Hoppner (Team Ontario)
28 Jordan Duncan (Cycling BC)
29 Simon-pierre Maltais (Nippour-Devinci)
30 Kyle Buckosky (Cycling BC)
31 Benjamin Perry (Team Ontario)
32 Eric Reinert (Planet Energy Powered By Spidertech)
33 Jeremie Lavoie-Doyon (Nippour-Devinci)
34 Ty Andrews (Team Alberta) all s.t.
35 Samuel Gagnon (Atrium CC2R) 00:08
36 William Simonds (Team Ontario)
37 Shane Mccormick (Hamilton Cycling Club)
38 Alexandre Pinard (Spidertech p/p Powerwatts) all s.t.
39 Elliott Doyle (Equipe Du Quebec) 00:19
40 Travis Samuel (Planet Energy p/b Spidertech) 00:24
41 Emile Jean (Equipe Du Quebec) 00:37
DNF Etienne Cyr (Nippour-Devinci)
DNF Julien Chartrand (Espoirs Laval)
DNF Aidan Caves (Cycling BC)
DNF Simon Trivett (Atlantic Cycling Centre)
DNF Marc-antoine Labelle (Atrium CC2R Junior)
DNF Garrett Tingley (Altantic Cycling Centre)
DNF Vincent Bouchard (Espoirs Laval)
DNF Kevin Stafford (Team Alberta)
DNF Julien Roussel (Atlantic National Centre)
DNF Kyle Rupay (Team Ontario)
DNF Jeffrey Doyle (Cycling BC)
DNF Matthew Hopkins (Planet Energy Powered By Spideertech)
DNF Adrian George (Invita - FCV)
DNF Samuel Gauthier (Atrium CC2R)
DNF Max Gabaldo (Team Chch)
DNF David Fugère (Atrium-CC2R)
DNF Brandon Lindow (Chch National Cycling Center)
DNF Nigel Ellsay (Cycling BC)
DNF Morgan Macphee (Novofit Cycling Solutions)
DNF Justin Mallet (Atlantic Cycling Centre)
DNF Woody Marrouch (Wheels Of Bloor)
DNF Nicolas Masbourian (Espoirs Quilicots p/p Specialized)
DNF Jason Massicotte (Planet Energy p/b Spidertech)
DNF Joakim Albert (Spidertech p/b Powerwatts)
DNF Vincent Joinette (Ottawa Bicycle Club)
DNF Patrick Mcginley (Team Ontario)
DNF Alexander Getler (Nacsworld.Com)
DNS Samuel Levin (Southern California Velo)



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