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January 23/00 8:26 am - Illawarra CC Race Results 23/01/00

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Luckily the early overcast windy weather cleared to a clear sky with only slight winds for the Feature race.

What could have been a rather leisurely 37.5km scratch race was turned into a hell for leather series of extreme efforts by the inclusion of five intermediate sprints and four king of the mountain (KOM) sprints.

Chris Brown was the know sprinter in A grade but to overcome that Brendan Cato kept breaking away before the sprint lines to take out maximum points. Brown triumphed in the KOM and Yallah sprints but Cato took the honours at Huntley. The two didn't have it all their own way with Frank Tortorici getting in amongst the points as well. The final result was Brown, Cato and Tortorici.

B grade was a very tight affair with two riders being on the same points for second place and three being tied for forth place. Paul Bradburn won the KOM points from Paul Blackwood who just edged out Raf Moriana but Moriana reversed the order at the Huntley sprints. Dave Gray won the Yallah sprints from Aaron Reading and Anthony DeBoer. Overall it was Moriana, Blackburn, Bradburn, Gray, DeBoer and Terry Wall.

Dylan Forbes showed his form in C grade by taking maximum points at Huntley for both sprints, enabling him to be a clear winner. Joe Pereira was second on both occasions. Phil Cuifo showed his climbing prowess on the KOM sprints by winning three of the four. The Yallah sprints were very evenly spread around between the riders with no one rider dominating. The point's winners were Forbes from Cuifo and Pereira.

Josh Wall and Darren Baxter had a close tussle in the D grade race. Wall took the honours in the KOM competition but Baxter had his measure in the sprints. While the two were fighting each other up front Max Baker was quietly collecting the minor placings. Baxter took the overall win from Wall with Baker third.

Next Sunday's race is a criterium at Warilla.


PlaceA GradePoints
1Chris Brown47
2Brendan Cato39
3Frank Tortorici18
4Tony Pulo6
5Hans Batteard5
6Roland Backhouse3
7Lou Palermo2
8Austin Pitman1
Tim DevlinDNF
Brian JoyceDNF
Graham CreedDNF
Barry NeallDNF
PlaceB GradePoints
1Raf Moriana29
2Paul Blackwood21
3Paul Bradburn21
4Terry Wall12
5Anthony Deboer12
6Dave Gray12
7Aaron Reading10
8Lionel Covington4
Gordon AllenDNF
PlaceC GradePoints
1Dylan Forbes35
2Phil Cuifo24
3Joe Pereira16
4Dave Morris11
5Phil Jones10
6Dennis Fitzgerald8
7Alan Onions7
8Mark Owen4
Bethany McCarthyDNF
PlaceD GradePoints
1Darren Baxter44
Josh Wall33
Max Baker19
Steven Ruskin10
Rebecca Borgo7
Ian Cooper4


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