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July 9/11 14:26 pm - Windham World Cup: Elite Men's XC UPDATES

Posted by Editoress on 07/9/11

Lap 1


The men are off and it is hot and bright here in Windham.  It is a small field of just 83 riders roaring up the climb from the parking lot.  6 laps of the 5.2 km course


World Cup leader Jaroslav Kulhavy (Specialized Racing) did not get a great start and it is Florian Vogel (Scott - Swisspower MTB - Racing) at the front as they start up the climb.


Geoff Kabush (Team Maxxis - Rocky Mountain) sitting 15th


2:35 pm

Jaroslav Kulhavy (Specialized Racing) leading but Nino Schurter (Scott - Swisspower MTB - Racing) is glued to his wheel


2:37 pm

Still on the climb and the 2 leaders already have a 10 sec gap on the large pack of chasers.


2:42 pm

 Kulhavy has dropped Schurter by ~13 sec now on the descent


Big gaps starting to open now



Lap 2

Kulhavy goes through with a gap of 11 sec on Schurter.  Maxime Marotte (BH - Suntour - Peisey Vallandry) 3rd, Florian Vogel (Scott - Swisspower MTB - Racing) 4th,  both 22 sec, Marco Aurelio Fontana (Cannondale Factory Racing) 5th  23 se,


Kabush 18th at 53 sec


2:29 pm


Still Kulhavy and then Shurter

Chase group has formed: Maxime Marotte (BH - Suntour - Peisey Vallandry), Florian Vogel (Scott - Swisspower MTB - Racing), Marco Aurelio Fontana (Cannondale Factory Racing), Christoph Sauser (Specialized Racing), Manuel Fumic (Cannondale Factory Racing)



2:54 pm

Schurter has been joined by Marotte and they are ~ 16 seconds behind Kulhavy


2:59 pm

Vogel has now joined up with Schurter and Marotte


3:01 pm


Lap 3


Kulhavy goes though to start the 3rd lap.  Gap is 27 seconds to the 3 chasers: Marrotte, Schurter and Vogel.  Next bunch is at 31 sec.  Sauser, Fontana, Stander Fumic.


Kabush up to 15th at 1:19 back.  Derek Zandstra (3Rox Racing) 30th at 2:51, Adam Morka (Trek Canada)  54th, Matthew Hadley ( XPREZO-BORSAO) 55th, Andrew Watson (Norco Factory Team) 59th


Lots of flats today.  Pinch flats?  A lot of riders have opted to lighter and faster tires and may be paying the price


3:07 pm


The chase group is now 7 riders as Marotte and Schurter have been jooined by Sauser, Fontana, Stander Fumic.


3:10 pm

Chase group are ~1 min back now.  Sauser on the front, with Schurter on his wheel



3:12 pm

José Hermida (Multivan Merida Biking Team) is about to make contact with the chase group.



Lap 4

Heading out it is Kulhavy, with the 3 chasers (Fontana, Schurter and Vogel) at 48 sec

Sauser and Marotte at 53 sec

Stander, Hermida, Fumic at 1:05

Wells 14th

Kabush is 16th at 2:01 back


3:24 pm

Sauser at the front of the chase group on the climb.  Shurter on his wheel folowed by Fontana and Marotte.  Stander seems to be strugling and has come off the back of the bunch a bit


3:27 pm

Chase group now 4 as Marotte has been dropped and they are almost a minute back


Todd Wells is leading a charge of riders and is sitting ~ 10th


3:30 pm

Kabush has just stopped to have a wheel changed in the Tech Zone.


Schurter is attacking from the chase group.


3:33 pm

Lap 5

Kulhavy comes through to start the 5th lap. Schurter 2nd at 58 sec, Stander 3rd at 59 sec, Fontana 4th at s.t., Sauser 5th  at 1:02, Marotte 6th at 1:13, Hermida a7th t .t., Fumic at 8th 1:14

Wells 11th, at 2:16 back

Kabush 19th at 3:23


3:38 pm

Stander leading the 4 chasers up the climb


Hermida, Flumic and Marotte seem to be closing the gap?


Derek Zandstra is not having a good day and is fading badly on the climb



Last lap  3:49


Kulhavy heads out for the final lap with a gap of 57 seconds on the 4 chasers

Hermida 6th at 1:27, Marotte 7th at 1:30.  Fumic has flatted and gotten a VERY slow change in the pits


Kabush 17th, Zandstra 35th, Hadley 46th,


3:52 pm

Sauser has attacked the chase group and Schurter has responded.  Stander and Fontana have been dropped


3:54 pm

Stander has now dropped Fontana



Schurter and Sauser will battle it out for 2nd and 3rd


Stander alone going for 4th, has his teammate in sight, but it is just too much of a gap.


4:02 pm

Schurter has dropped Sauser and is going it alone in 2nd






1 Jaroslav Kulhavy (Specialized Racing), 1:35:34

2 Nino Schurter (Scott - Swisspower MTB - Racing) at 0:29

3 Christoph Sauser (Specialized Racing), 0:30

4 Burry Stander (Specialized Racing), 0:48

5 Maxime Marotte (BH - Suntour - Peisey Vallandry),







Course Map




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