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July 16/11 10:50 am - MTB XC Nationals: Junior and U17 updates

Posted by Editoress on 07/16/11

A beautiful sunny day in Canmore.  It is a cool 15 C with a breeze from the south


The Juniors and U17 riders are up first

Junior and U17 men will do a start loop and 3 full laps

The Junior and U17 women will do a start loop and 2 full laps


Junior men: They  have completed their start loop and it is Thomas Néron (QC) Équipe du Québec/CVM Subway leading with 3 other quebec riders right behind


U17 men:  a crash on the start loop has seen a couple riders drop out.  Samuel Beaudoin (AB) Team Alberta is leading out onto the first full lap.


Junior Women: Haley Smith (ON) Angry Johnny's is leading with Frédérique Trudel (Qc) Team Quebec and Lauren Rosser (BC) Team BC on her wheel.


U 17 Women:  Marine Lewis (QC) Kona Bio-Max leading Marie-Pierre Nadon (ON) Team Ontario/Hardwood Trek, and they are already catching some of the Junior Women


Late in Lap 1


Junior Men:  Marc-Antoine Nadon (ON) 3 Rox Racing has opened a large gap on the rest of the field.


U17 Men:  Marc-André Fortier (QC) Sarto Gagné is leading and has moved up and passed most of the Junior men's field


There has just been a bear sighting warning issued


Junior Women:  Trudel has the lead with a gap of  40 seconds on Smith and  Rosser is at 1 min. 


U17 Women: Nadon and Lewis were together until the technical drop, "eyedropper", where Nadon took the A-line and Lewis the B-Line giving Nadon the advantage and she now has a small gap


Women have just started their last lap


Lap 2

Junior Men: Marc-Antoine Nadon (ON) 3 Rox Racing has 40 sec on Thomas Néron (QC) Équipe du Québec/CVM Subway with Daniel Varga (ON) Team Ontario/OGC/Opus 3rd, Alexandre Vialle (QC) Équipe du Québec/CVM Val David 4th


Junior Women:  Trudel with a large gap on Smith.  Rosser has had a mechanical which took a long time in the pits.  She is now well back


U17 men:  307 is well well ahead of the rest of the field.


U17 women: Marie-Pierre Nadon (ON) Team Ontario/Hardwood Trek leading and has caught all but the top 4 JR women


Junior women have 1/2 lap to go.  Trudel has a lead of 1:30 over Smith.  Trudel has been catching the U17 and Junior Men




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