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July 16/11 16:31 pm - MTB XC Nationals: Elite and U23 Men's UPDATES

Posted by Editoress on 07/16/11

The Elite men and U23 men will be on course at the same time, with 30 seconds between their starts


The 6.8 kilometre circuit features two climbs per lap and additional technical sections than the 2010 course. Races begin with a 1.5 kilometre start loop with the Elite men doing five full laps and the Under-23 men four.  1 lap is 6.8 kilometres


28- U23 men and 35 - Elites start


Lap 1


Elite men: Max Plaxton (Specialized Factory Team) got the holeshot and took the lead through the entire start loop


U23 men: Jared Stafford (Team Ontario/Norco Factory Team) leads the bunch as they head out onto lap 1 (of 4)


4:45 pm ET


Elite men: 1/2 way through the 1st lap,Derek Zandstra (3 Rox Racing) leading with Geoff Kabush (Team Maxxis-Rocky Mountain) and Max Plaxton (Specialized Factory Team).  At 15 seconds are Cameron Jette (3 Rox Racing) and Matt Hadley (Xprezo-Borsao).  At another 10 seconds is a big grpoup beong led by Andrew Watson (Norco Factory Team)


U23 men:  Evan Mcneely (Team Ontario/EMD Serono/Specialized) and Leandre Bouchard (Équipe du Québec) together in the lead with Mitch Bailey (Team Ontario/Trek Canada) at 10 sec.  with Evan Guthrie (Team Cycling BC/Rocky Mountain Factory) at 15 sec.


4:53 pm

Lap 2


Elite men:  Now a group of 5 at the front.  Plaxton leading with Kabush, Zandstra, Neal Kindree ( and Hadley.   Peter Glassford (Trek Canada), Cameron Jette (3 Rox Racing), Cory Wallace (KONA), Adam Morka (Team Ontario/Trek Canada), Stefan Widmer (West Point Cycles) all together at 35 sec.


Note:  Last year Derk Zandstra spent most of the race at the front towing Plaxton and Kabush.  This year he spent a bit of time at the front early on lap 1, but then backed off and made Plaxton go to the front.


Lots of pinch flats at the bottom of eyedropper.  Riders carrying too much speed and hitting the bottom too hard


4:57 pm ET

U23 men:  Now 3 at front:  Bailey, Bouchard and McNeely, with Guthrie bridging up

Antoine Caron (Équipe du Québec/CVM Subway) in his first race back after breaking his collarbone in Europe is sitting 7th



5:06 pm ET

Elite Men:  1/2 way through lap 2:  Plaxton has attacked and has 18 seconds on Kabush.  30 sec on Zandstra and 50 sec on Kindree


U23 Men:   1/2 way through lap 2:  Bouchard away alone w. 10 sec gap on Bailey, and McNeely.  Guthrie has faded, now 30 sec back.


5:11 pm ET

Lap 3

Elite men:  Plaxton has extended his lead and has 24 seconds over Kabush as they head out for the 3rd lap.  Zandstra 3rd at 53 sec, Kindree 4th at 1:25, Morka 5th at 2:02, Hadley 6th at 2:03, Glassford 7th at 2:22,  Wallace 8th at 2:28, Watson 9th at s.t.


U23 men:  Baily and Bouchard now leading with McNeely at 5 sec.  Guthrie 4th at 38 sec, Jeremy Martin (Équipe du Québec/Rocky Mountain Factory) 5th at 44 sec and Caron 6th at 1:18


5:27 pm ET

Elite men:  1/2 way through the 3rd lap-   Plaxton leading with Kabush at 20 sec. Zandstra 3rd but now at 1:20 back.  Kindree 4th at 1:50. Morka and Hadley at 2:20


5:33 pm ET

U23 men:  1/2 way through the 3rd lap-  Bouchard  away with 12 sec on Baily.  McNeely has cracked, he is now over 1 min back


Lap 4

Elite men:  Plaxton with Kabush at 26 sec.  Zandstra now at1:46. Kindree at  2:30. Morka at 3:06. Hadley at 3:07. Watson at 3:26, Glassford at 3:31, Widmer at 3:35 and Wallace 10th at 4:10


U23 men:  Starting their last lap:  Bouchard with Baily at 4 sec and moving up.  Guthrie, McNeely and Martin together at 1:09



5:43 pm ET


Elite men:  1/2 way through lap 4 and Plaxton has extended his lead - it is now 48 seconds over Kabush

Zandstra still 3rd, but has Kindree closing in.  Morka has attacked and dropped Hadley.


5:53 pm ET

U23 men:  on final 1/2 lap and Bouchard has a 23 sec gap on Baily


5:49 pm ET

Lap 5

Plaxton has just started the last lap.  Kabush 2nd at 1:08 and looks tired

Plaxton has done 2 sub 19 min laps


Zandstra 3rd at 3:08, Kindree 4th at 4:01, 5/6 Hadley and Morka together at 4:52,  Glassford at 7th at 5:41. Widmer and Watson 7th/8th at 5:57



6:03 pm ET

Elite Men:  with 1/2 lap to go, no change to top 4 positions





U23 men

1 Leandre Bouchard (Équipe du Québec), 1:23:43

2 Mitch Bailey (Team Ontario/Trek Canada) at 0:37

3 Jeremy Martin (Équipe du Québec/Rocky Mountain Factory), 1:41

4 Evan Guthrie (Team Cycling BC/Rocky Mountain Factory), 2:08

5 Evan Mcneely (Team Ontario/EMD Serono/Specialized), 2:59

6 Antoine Caron (Équipe du Québec/CVM Subway), 3:06



Elite Men - 35.5 km           
1  Max Plaxton (Specialized Factory Team)    1:38:28
2   Geoff Kabush (Team Maxxis-Rocky Mountain)   at 1:41




Course Profile (map below)





Course Map  (Large version)



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