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July 18/11 9:12 am - The Tom Jehlicka Memorial Criterium: report and results

Posted by Editoress on 07/18/11

The Beginner race was top heavy with 3 Cobourg Cycling Club members taking the podium. Tim Doris, Kevin Jenkins, Chris Herten (CFB Trenton Helicoptor pilot) all were in their first road bicycle race.

In the final race, visiting Ontario from Tucson, Arizona; Dave Swanson rode away in the end from his 3 other breakaway companions. Brandon Spencer of Mirek Mazur's Kallisto-Wheels of Bloor came second and on the low step of the podium was The Z:Team's Brent Aquino. The rest of the top ten are as follows: 4th place - Eddy Maset, Z:Team; Nathaniel Ward out of South Carolina was 5th; Casey Roth of Ride With Rendall 6th; Stan Blazek - Kurzawinski was 7th; Mark Walters Kallisto-Wheels of Bloor was 8th; Rob D'Amico of the Z:Team was 9th and Cuylar Conly of Fresh Air Experience out of the Ottawa Bicycle Club was 10.

The Sport race had the Peterbourough Cycling Club's Brian Simpson edge out Saen Boileau of the Midweek Club for the win. Master D racer Bruce Comacho rounded out the podium in the middle event.

The course again has proven to be winner. This year we had one flat while the St John's Ambulance workers had a light day thanks to the skill and focus of the groups.

Photos to come

I hope everybody had a weekend because I am delighted with the racing that took place today.
Courtesy Greg Cushing

1 Tim Doris (Cobourg CC)
2 Kevin Jenkins (Cobourg CC)
3 Chris Herten (Cobourg CC)
4 Emile Cabardos (Cobourg CC)
5 Jeff Clark (Cobourg CC)
6 Pete Hennessey (Cobourg CC)
7 Dennis Poort (Cobourg CC)
8 Jamie Barnes (Cobourg CC)
9 Alex Corry (Newmarket Eagles)
10 Conal Derdall (Ind)
11 Pat Boone (Ind)
12 Michael Boone (Ind)
13 Bayley Simpson (Peterborough CC)
14 Steven Boone (Ind)
1 Brian Simpson (Peterborough CC)
2 Sean Boileau (Midweek)
3 Bruce Camacho (Dornellas)
4 Clint Thompson (Madonna Wheelers)
5 Chad Ruby (Ind)
6 Krista Ruby (Jet Fuel)
7 Martin Davis (Kurzawinski)
8 Woody Marrouch (Wheels of Bloor)
9 Greg Elmhirst (Peterborough CC)
10 Jeff Dicks (Midweek)
11 Karim Marrouch (Wheels of Bloor)
12 Mark Thompson (Madonna Wheelers)
13 David Moore (Darkhorse Flyers)
14 Tanya Macneil (Peterborough CC)
15 Luke Corry (Newmarket Eagles)
16 Mauro Rizzardo (Rideallday.Ca)
17 Kim Truitt (Cobourg CC)
18 Philip Spearman (Peterborough CC)
19 Catherine Harnden (Peterborough CC)
20 Lisa Carr (Wheels of Bloor)
21 Casey Humphrey (Peterborough CC)
22 David Blundel (Peterborough CC)
23 Michael Lonefield (Midweek)
24 Andrew Paradowski (Phoenix Velo)
25 Roberlick Olliver (Midweek)
26 Phil Vermette (Euro – Sports)
27 Robert Haufler (Midweek)
dnf Ron Ferreira (Dornellas)
1 David Swanson (White Mtn Road Club)
2 Brandon Spencer (Kallisto - Wheels of Bloor)
3 Brent Aquino (Z-Team)
4 Ed Maset (Z-Team)
5 Nathaniel Ward (Embrocation)
6 Casey Roth (Ride With Rendall)
7 Stanislav Blazek (Kurzawinski)
8 Mark Walters (Wheels of Bloor)
9 Robert D'Amico (Z-Team)
10 Cuylar Conly (Fresh Air Experience/OBC)
11 Greg Archi (CHCH)
12 Justin Rogers (Canhear Uganda)
13 Michael Ybanec (Ind)
14 Derek Harnden (Fresh Air Experience/OBC)
15 Glen Rendall (Ride With Rendall)
16 Van Beek (North Cote)
17 Marc Booth (Kurzawinski)
18 Jim Tsilemos (Ride With Rendall)
19 Gerard Yeates (Canhear Uganda)
20 Camilo Mondaca (Darkhorse Flyers)
21 Marco Salvatti (Kurzawinski)
22 Bruno Grossi (Z-Team)
23 David Enns (Cyclepath Oakville)
24 Sean Boileau (Midweek)
25 Jonathan Wilby (Lapdogs)
26 Trevor Doyle (Kurzawinski)
27 Scott Wood (Peterborough CC)
28 David Fry (Shut Up Legs)
29 Steve Smith (Coach Chria.Ca)
30 Mike Steed (Canhear Uganda)
31 Justin Winster (Canhear Uganda)
32 Chloe Black (Trisports Cycling/Eclipse Racing)
33 Bob Tomsic (Canhear Uganda)
34 Don Zuck (Z-Team)
35 Marc Polsinelli (Z-Team)
DNF Ben Andrew (Fresh Air Experience/OBC)
DNF Lucas Bent (Fresh Air Experience/OBC)
DNF Philippe Bergeron (Fresh Air Experience/OBC)
DNF Jeff Dicks (Midweek)
DNF Brian Ederdt (Ind)
DNF Robert Haufler (Midweek)
DNF Doug Hinan (Peterborough CC)
DNF Mauro Rizzardo (Ride All Day)
DNF Kyle Rupay (Jet Fuel)
DNF Anthony Simpson (Gears)
PULLED Jamie Banks (Ind)
PULLED Andy D'angelo (Kurzawinski)
PULLED Roderick Olliver (Midweek)
PULLED Andrew Paradowski (Phoenix Velo)
PULLED Harrison Wood (Ind)


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