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July 27/11 11:34 am - Mardis Lachine report and results

Posted by Editoress on 07/27/11

7th Mardis Lachine July 26th, Lachine, Quebec

Miguel Agreda Rojas (Garneau) won Tuesday evening’s seventh stage of Mardis Cyclistes Saputo pro-elite men’s races in Lachine, stopping the clock at 1:0:44 on the 50km course for an average speed of 49.3 km/h. Jordan Brochu (Rocky Mountain-Desjardins) finished second while his team mate, Jean-Michel Lachance, completed the podium.

“I attacked in the second-to-last straight stretch. After seeing that I had created a hole, I closed my eyes and gave it everything I had. I am surprised to have won, but I am also very happy,” explained Rojas, a 34-year-old Peruvian living in Quebec since 2001. He launched himself from a breakaway group that included two other Garneau riders and four Rocky Mountain riders.
Despite two Rocky Mountain riders on the podium, there was disappointment that the victory was not theirs. “There was a misunderstanding,” explained Brochu. “I was the only one to jump onto Rojas’ wheel when he attacked and I had just finished a relay. With four guys in the break, we should have done better.” But Brochu’s second place finish was nonetheless impressive considering that he injured his scaphoid (wrist) on May 22 and has barely raced since then.

Another Rocky Mountain rider, Pierrick Naud, announced that he is leaving in the next few days for Europe to join the Canadian U23 team there to race in Belgium, France, and in Holland. “I am hoping to make the selection for the World Championships,” he said. The 2011 UCI World Road Championships take place from September 19-25 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Naud is presently ranked seventh in cumulative points but will no longer be a contender to win the 10 stage series. Other key riders who will be in Europe for the rest of the Mardis season include third-ranked Martin Gilbert (Spidertech p/b C10) and fourth ranked David Veilleux (Europcar).

Jean-François Laroche (Fantino Mondello) still leads the series with 547 points, but is now facing a new challenger in Mathieu Roy (Gaspésien) who finished fifth in this evening’s race and catapulted himself to second place in the cumulative standings with 437 points.

There was much buzz during the  evening because the 2011 winner of the prestigious Tour de France, Australian Cadel Evans (BMC) previously raced at the Mardis Cyclistes in about 2001. He is rumoured to have finished fifth in one stage race then.

Lachine Mayor Claude Dauphin fired the starter’s pistol for the 67 cyclists competing in the men’s race. The crowds were thin on the evening. Even the illustrious founder of the Mardis Cyclistes, Tino Rossi, was absent. The weather was cool and the pavement was dry despite a downpour in the late afternoon.

Women’s and Junior Races
Véronique Drapeau-Zgoralski (Juvederm-Specialized) won the women’s Mozzarellissima race this evening. Elisabeth Albert (Rocky Mountain) finished second, followed by Audrey Labrie ( in third. Drapeau-Zgoralski also leads the GC with 347 points, but is followed closely by Albert with 331.

Among the junior men, Olivier Brisebois (Cycles Bernard Hynault) easily won over Shawn Turcotte (Prud’Homme IGA). Turcotte nonetheless continues to lead in cumulative points for the Lait’s Go Cup.

Keltie Campbell (Cuisses d’or) won this evening’s stage race while Melyssa Fortin (VC Longueuil) finished second but keeps her yellow leader’s jersey. It was the same scenario among the minime boys where Antoine Côté (Vélo club Longueuil) won this evening over Édouard Laparé-Morin (Espoirs Laval) although Laparé-Morin continues to lead the series.

Every summer for 10 weeks, stage races (called “criteriums”) are presented on Tuesday evenings. Younger cyclists and the women start at 5:30 and 6:00 pm, while the senior men’s race with cyclists blast off at 7 pm for 31 laps around LaSalle Park in the Montreal suburb of Lachine. The series sees its grand finale on August 16. It is free to watch these races.


1 Veronique Drapeau- Zgoralski (Juvederm-Specialized) 61 pts
2 Elisabeth Albert (Rocky Mountain-Desjardins) 55
3 Audrey Labrie ( 40
4 Tennessee Mayer (Espoirs Quilicot propulsée par Specialized) 29
5 Audrey Bernard (Spidertech propulsée par Powerwatts) 17
6 Elsie Toressan (Indépendant-RP) 7
7 Catherine Ouellette (Vélo Club Longueuil- André-cycle) 6
Rosalie Cardin- Houde (Espoirs de Laval) 5
Josiane Lessard (Vélo Club Longueuil- André-cycle) 5
Camille Bedard (cc Lac St-Louis) 5
Justine Dallaire (Spidertech propulsée par Powerwatts) 5
Laurie Dumas (Spidertech propulsée par Powerwatts) 5
Katherine Lafreniere (Vélo Club Longueuil- André-cycle) 5
1 Miguel Agreda Rojas (Garneau-Club Chaussures- Norton Rose) 117 pts
2 Jordan Brochu (Indépendant-RP) 103
3 Jean- Michel Lachance (Rocky Mountain-Desjardins) 103
4 Mathieu Roy (Gaspésien /Passion Vélo) 83
5 Philippe Nadon (Rocky Mountain-Desjardins) 78
6 Benjamin Martel (Team Spirit GTH Cannondale) 70
7 Rémi Pelletier- Roy (Garneau-Club Chaussures- Norton Rose) 58
8 Hugues Lapointe (Nativo Devinci) 57
9 Raphael Masse- Viau (Rocky Mountain-Desjardins) 44
10 Antoine Duchesne (Garneau-Club Chaussures- Norton Rose) 34
11 Dominic Chalifoux (Trek-Bontrager) 26
12 Martin Gilbert (SpiderTech powered by C10) 23
13 Michel Henri (Iris) 20
14 David Veilleux (Europcar) 16
15 Pierrick Naud (Rocky Mountain-Desjardins) 15
16 Jean-François Laroche (Fantino Mondello) 15
17 Charles Andre Bilodeau (Fantino Mondello Cycles Re) 14
18 abriel Michaud (Espoirs de Laval) 13
19 Maxime Vives (Powerwatts- FITTIME) 11
20 Francois Chabot (Gaspésien /Passion Vélo) 10
21 Hugo Houle (SpiderTech powered by C10) 9
22 Dominic Cantin (Indépendant-RP) 9
23 Thierry Laliberte (XPREZO- BORSAO) 8
24 Pierre- Etienne Boivin (Amical Cycliste Thann) 7
25 Ryan MacDomald (Rocky Mountain-Desjardins) 7
Charly Vives (SpiderTech powered by C10) 5
William Goodfellow (Lotto-Bodysol pole contine) 5
Antoine Matteau (Gaspésien /Passion Vélo) 5
Yannick Bedard (Gaspésien /Passion Vélo) 5
William Blackburn (Gaspésien /Passion Vélo) 5
Pierre- Olivier Boily (Fantino Mondello Cycles Re) 5
Laurent Dallaire (Rocky Mountain-Desjardins) 5
Justin- Frederick Hall (Garneau-Club Chaussures- Norton Rose) 5
Sebastien Lacroix (Rockland MD présenté par Médique) 5
Philippe Leduc (Jean-Coutu/CIBC Wood Gundy) 5
Vincent Levesque (Fantino Mondello Cycles Re) 5
Erik Lyman (Team Spirit GTH Cannondale) 5
Kianoush Missaghi (Team Spirit GTH Cannondale) 5
Jean- Francois Racine (Garneau-Club Chaussures- Norton Rose) 5
Robert Ralph (Rockland MD présenté par Médique) 5
Jonathan Villemaire- Krajden (La Cordée) 5
Frederic Ouellet Lacroix (Team Spiriti) 5
Christophe McGarity (Gaspésien /Passion Vélo) 5
Jean Philippe Houle-Paradis (Fantino Mondello Cycles Re) 5
Charles Gervais LaPierre (Jean-Coutu/CIBC Wood Gun) 5
1 Veronique Drapeau- Zgoralski (Juvederm-Specialized) 347 pts
2 Elisabeth Albert (Rocky Mountain-Desjardins) 331
3 Audrey Labrie ( 299
4 Torresan Elsie (Indepen dant) 139
5 Valerie Crete (Juvederm-Specialized) 87
6 Virginie Gauthier (Atrium - CC2R) 58
7 Tennessee Mayer (Espoirs Quilicot propulsée par Specialized) 55
8 Rosalie Cardin- Houde (Espoirs de Laval) 45
9 Caroline Brunet (Garneau-Club Chaussures-) 35
10 Audrey Sarrazin (Dynamiks de Contrecoeur) 33
11 Anne- Marie B. Morin (Atrium - CC2R) 31
12 Frederique Lord (Atrium - CC2R) 30
13 Amelie Bruneau (Espoirs Quilicot propulsée par Specialized) 27
14 Catherine Ouellette (Vélo Club Longueuil- André-cycle) 26
15 Josiane Lessard (Vélo Club Longueuil- André-cycle) 25
16 Justine Dallaire 25
17 Laurence Paquette ( 22
18 Kyla Rollinson (Juvederm-Specialized) 20
19 Camille Bedard (cc Lac St-Louis) 20
20 Mélissa Houde (La Cabosse d'Or chocolateri) 18
Men (top 50)
1 Jean Francois Laroche (Fantino Mondello Cycles Regis) 531 pts
2 Mathieu Roy (Gaspesien) 437
3 Martin Gilbert (SpiderTech powered by C10) 437
4 David Veilleux (Europcar) 391
5 Dominic Chalifoux (Trek-Bontrager) 368
6 Jean- Michel Lachance (Amical Cycliste Bisontine) 359
7 Pierrick Naud (Rocky Mountain-Desjardins Valeurs Mobili) 307
8 Benjamin Martel (Team Spirit GTH Cannondale) 297
9 Erik Lyman (Team Spirit GTH Cannondale) 229
10 Pierre- Etienne Boivin (Amical Cycliste Thann) 219
11 Rémi Pelletier- Roy (Garneau-Club Chaussures-Norton Rose) 197
12 Jean- Samuel Deshaies (Rocky Mountain-Desjardins Valeurs Mobili) 168
13 Miguel Agreda Rojas (Garneau-Club Chaussures-Norton Rose) 162
14 Raphael Masse- Viau (Rocky Mountain-Desjardins Valeurs Mobili) 157
15 Hugues Lapointe (Nativo Devinci) 155
16 Antoine Duchesne (Garneau-Club Chaussures-Norton Rose) 149
17 Simon- Pierre Gauthier (Espoirs Quilicot propulsée par Specialized) 147
18 Dion Smith (Pure Black Racing) 132
19 Philippe Nadon (Rocky Mountain-Desjardins Valeurs Mobili) 115
20 Arnaud Papillon (Garneau-Club Chaussures-Norton Rose) 111
21 William Blackburn (Gaspésien /Passion Vélo) 107
22 Hugo Houle (SpiderTech powered by C10) 103
23 Jordan Brochu (Indépendant-RP) 103
24 Felix Cote Bouvette (Prud' Homme- IGA) 102
25 Guillaume Boivin (SpiderTech powered by C10) 98
26 Michel Henri (Iris) 88
27 Thierry Laliberte (XPREZO- BORSAO) 86
28 James Oram (Pure Black Racing) 79
29 Sam Witnitz (Garneau- Club Chaussures-Norton) 65
30 Francois Chabot (Gaspésien /Passion Vélo) 56
31 Andreas Muller (Berliner TSC) 55
32 Keven Lacombe (SpiderTech powered by C10) 52
33 Simon Lambert Lemay (SpiderTech powered by C10) 51
34 Laurent Dallaire (Rocky Mountain-Desjardins Valeurs Mobili) 49
35 Antoine Matteau (Gaspésien /Passion Vélo) 49
36 Pierre- Olivier Boily (Fantino Mondello Cycles Regis) 48
37 Maxime Vives (Powerwatts- FITTIME) 44
38 Ugo Lapierre (Jean Coutu) 43
39 Francois Doyon (Quilicot- Rackultra) 43
40 Dominic Cantin (Indépendant-RP) 41
41 Eric Lemaire (Indépendant-RP) 40
42 Vincent Levesque (Fantino Rossi) 38
43 Olivier Delaney (Espoirs Quilicot propulsée par Specialized) 36
44 Philippe Leduc (Jean Coutu) 35
45 Frederic Ouelllet Lacroix (Team Spirit GTH Cannondale) 35
46 David Dulude (Gaspésien /Passion Vélo) 35
47 Mathieu Fortier (Quilicot- Rackultra) 35
48 Yorick Caron (Guru Cineume) 35
49 Martin Ste- Marie (Velo a Rabais) 35
50 Sebastien Lacroix (Rockland MD présenté par Médique) 34


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