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July 28/11 17:59 pm - Keven Lacombe Recovers

Posted by Editoress on 07/28/11

Martin Guindon of the Abitibi Express published an interview with Keven Lacombe about his recovery.

Translated from the original french text

Keven Lacombe is slowly recovering from his injuries

The professional cyclist Keven Lacombe (SpiderTech powered by C10) is slowly recovering from his injuries after a crash at the Canadian Championships Criterium, June 26th.  Convalescence of four to six weeks, however, could cost him his participation in the Grand Prix Quebec and Montreal (September 9 and 11), which was his big goal this season.

"Right now, it is certain that my presence in the Pro Tour races will be compromised. The team plans several races in Europe throughout the month of August in preparation for the Pro Tour. I had to take part in these races. All this is to re-evaluated every week. I do not (yet) know when I can resume training. When I get the green light from doctors, I can assess what will be the next targets, "he said, July 12th, the day of his 26th birthday.

The interview had to be made by email. The Amos native could not conduct the interview verbally, because of he suffered four fractures to the jaw and chin. "The two most important are intra-articular fractures of the mandibular condyles at the level where the jaw is structured, he says. According to the surgeons, this specific type of fracture is rare and complex. I also have an open fracture on the chin and one in the maxilla. The surgery set my jaw with plates and screws and fixing my teeth together to stop my jaw moving. The surgery was a success "

Such a surgery requires a long convalescence, since it is an unstable fracture - immobilization is even more important.

"Right now, I can open my mouth, says Keven Lacombe. It's hard to feed me and impossible to train. During the first two weeks, I was extremely ill. Despite medication, it was difficult to lie down. Now, I begin to sleep and am in control of the pain. One week after surgery, there was one small complication. I had an abscess near the surgical site. I received the appropriate treatment and now everything is under control. "

The cyclist recovers from his surgery in his howmetown of Amos, where he received his treatments and is monitored by his doctors, and Montreal, where he finds comfort from his wife.

When asked what caused his crash, Keven Lacombe found it hard to put a finger on. "I do not know exactly what happened", he admits. "I was in the corner and the last thing I remember was that I was down and it hurt. Either my pedal hit the ground or my wheel slipped. At the time, I knew it was not a normal crash. There was a lot of blood and it hurt really bad. "

Ironically, he had not intended to be  entered in the criterium. "Indeed, it was a last minute change", he concedes. "The majority of our team riders took part. I did not want to participate for fear of falling (risk is higher in this type of race) and (felt it would) interfere unnecessarily with the rest of my calendar. But if my teammates are racing, I have to do it also to play my role as a teammate. "

He was treated in hospital emergency Mount Sinai in Toronto, the night of the accident, then moved to the hospital in Amos where he had his surgery and now receives continuing care. Keven Lacombe is very grateful to the location of the facility and its nursing staff.

"Certainly, I thank all hospital staff who welcomed me to Amos shortly after the accident. We are fortunate to have such good health services to Amos. I was extremely well cared for. Ghyslain Dr. Cormier and Dr. Francis Croteau did a great job. I also received lots of support and words of encouragement from many people. It's appreciated and it's good for morale, "he says.


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