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September 3/97 0:08 am - A Quiet Day...

Posted by Editor on 09/3/97

The Response A short while ago Perter McCaffrey started a debate when he annouced his intention to hold a 15 km individual time trial challenge, to set new Canadian records. He also bemoaned the fact that the CCA and UCI had dropped recognition of these records. There were some, shall we say, heated responses to his original statement. Here is Mr McCaffrey‚s response. The points re: the UCI's rationale in abolishing all road records may be valid - at world class level. However, the vast majority of competitive cyclists remain at local, regional or provincial level. Many of them, as well as thousands of triathletes, regularly compete in time trials where the essential contest is with ones-self, and "personal best" often becomes more important than who won the event (hats off to the association for instituting and supporting this excellent programme). Because of this, similar courses with little or no elevation change do become important. Most of those who enter time trials are not particularly interested in using these events to develop bike handling, etc. - they are interested in going as fast as they can! "Fastest time ever" may be regarded by many as a euphemism for a record performance but it certainly doesn't have the same impact. The public, the media and the sponsors understand the term "record" very well and will react to it with more interest, more coverage and more support than if the former, weaker term is used. It is my contention that national records at the standard distances should be reinstituted as soon as possible and that provincial records also be established at hese distances, as well as place-to-place records. Of course it would be essential for the various provincial bodies to ensure that a mechanism is in place to verify the lengtn of each time trial cousre. This could well be undertaken by the commissaires' college in each province. If you agree with the foregoing, take a few minutes to write, fax or email your provincial association and the CCA, asking them to reconsider their decision to follow the UCI's edict. I sincerely hope that record numbers of you will do this! Peter can be reached at: Not much news tonight - the Tour de Avenir begins on Friday, the World Cup Final (Cross-country) on Saturday and Sunday, and the mountain bike World‚s the week after. We are off to Anaheim tomorrow for the Interbike trade show, so posting will not be until late. Make sure that you keep your eyes open for the Interbike link - it goes up tomorrow, with daily news and photos.


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