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August 11/11 23:50 pm - Track Nationals: Day 4 report and results

Posted by Editoress on 08/11/11

Whitten, Mackinnon On Top Form At Canadian Track Championships In Bromont

Omnium event showcases best all-around athletes on the track

Cameron MacKinnon, from Calgary living in Dieppe, NB and training at the Atlantic Cycling Centre, spent two years out of competitive cycling prior to making his comeback in 2010. Now, he’s the Canadian Champion in the Omnium, a six-race event that features both endurance and speed events.

MacKinnon profited from an excellent opportunity, with the absence of 2010 World Cup Champion Zach Bell of Watson Lake, Yukon, training in North Vancouver, BC. MacKinnon jumped on the chance, winning four races to take the coveted Canadian title, his 13th career Canadian title.

“I am really happy, especially coming off a road season and limited time on the track. It’s a little bit disappointing not to have Zach Bell competing here, but I’ll take it, said MacKinnon. “Last year I came to Canadian championships without any road races at all, so this is my first season with road racing since my junior years. It definitely helped with the intensity and the volume of racing with six events.”

“Now I get to go home, and train hard. There are plenty of young guys coming up like [Jacob] Schwingboth, [Jean-Michel] Lachance, and [Rémi] Pelletier-Roy. There are so many young guys so the future looks bright. It’s hard to say what’s going to happen on the World Cup season. I will be talking to Richard Wooles, the head coach of the team, and take it from there,” added MacKinnon.

Riding for Team H&R Block, Cameron spent most of his time this summer doing road races, including the 2011 IMMUNITY-FX Canadian Road Championships. Earlier this summer, he took the first place at the Giro de Burnaby in BC.

Prior to his two-year departure from the sport in 2008, MacKinnon was one of Canada’s top sprinters, competing around the world and excelling. He won 12 Canadian titles in track cycling, combined in Elite and Junior categories, and now adding the lucky 13th to his resumé.

MacKinnon is no stranger to international racing as he participated at Commonwealth Games, Pan-American Championships, where he won Gold (in the Kilo) in 2006, World Junior Championships, as well as World Championships.

Now, at 27 years of age, he’s slowly but surely on his way back up in the sport. MacKinnon rides in the Team Pursuit and in the Scratch for Canada at international events. This past season, he wore the Maple Leaf on his back at the World Cup stops in Beijing, China, and Cali, Colombia.

In addition to his Omnium title, MacKinnon won the titles for the Individual Pursuit and the Kilo.

In the women’s race, it’s without any surprise that World Champion Tara Whitten of Edmonton, AB came out on top, winning all six races to score the lowest possible points in the gruelling event.

“I am pretty happy to win. But I am also pretty happy with my training. It shows I am at a good level right now. I am excited about the season to come. It’s less than a year to the Olympic Games now, so the main objective will be to prepare for the Olympic games. I am in an excellent spot for qualifications, so I don’t have to worry quite as much with regards to the World Cups,” said Tara Whitten.

“The focus has been on some road racing and building endurance. I had a good training base this summer, but at the same time I believe in never getting to far away from the top speed. I have been trying to be on the track every ten days or so and maintain the sharpness,” continued Whitten. “I am really hoping that at some point when I retiring I can do some things to improve the participation level and depth of track cycling in Canada, and especially on the women’s side.”

Laura Brown of Vancouver , BC took the second place of the Omnium in a close race with teammate Stephanie Roorda.

In her first race in the Elite category, Jasmine Glaesser, who raced with a German licence but will receive her Canadian citizenship in the weeks to come, impressed many, almost beating Tara Whitten in the Scratch race. The young Canadian cycling protégé, hailing from British Columbia, has a bright future in front of her. The young 19 year old racer flew in on Tuesday night on the red-eye from Vancouver to race at the Canadian Championships on Wednesday- she wrote her Citizenship exam Tuesday.

In the sprint events, both Monique Sullivan and Travis Smith of Calgary, Alberta, successfully defended their titles. Smith won both heats in the gold medal ride against Joseph Veloce of Ontario, while Sullivan defeated Gillian Carleton of British Columbia.

Tomorrow will feature another full day of racing with the start of the Masters and Para-cycling races.

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Women's Omnium
1 Monique Sullivan (Team PCL)* 36.496
2 Gillian Carlton (Cycling BC)* 37.503
3 Tara Whitten (Velocity Cycling Club) 37.725
4 Karine Côté (independant)* 38.183
5 Laura Brown (Cycling BC) 38.386
6 Lisa Perlmutter (Invta-FCV)* 38.693
7 Florence Laplante Lamarche (Team Ontario) 38.823
8 Stephanie Roorda (Cycling BC) 39.533
9 Candice Vermeulen (Invita-FCV)* 40.190
10 Jasmin Glaesser (Cycling BC)* 40.486
11 Julia Bradley (Stevens Racing p/b the Cyclery) 40.854
12 Véronique Drapeau-Zgoralski (Juvederm-Specialized) 40.977
13 Krista Ruby (Team Ontario) 41.264
14 Stephanie Bester ( 42.100
15 Jennifer Gilbert (Alliance Environment) 43.250
16 Sarah Rasmussen (Kallisto/Wheels of Bloor) 43.549
17 Rachel Canning (Cycling BC) 43.555
18 Sarah Mckenzie-Picot ( 44.090
19 Emily Mckenzie-Picot (Coach 46.317
*Not part of Omnium
Final Standings
1 Tara Whitten (Velocity Cycling Club) 6 pts
2 Laura Brown (Cycling BC) 14
3 Stephanie Roorda (Cycling BC) 16
4 Julia Bradley (Stevens Racing p/b the Cyclery) 25
5 Véronique Drapeau-Zgoralski (Juvederm-Specialized) 37
6 Stephanie Bester ( 40
7 Krista Ruby (Team Ontario) 40
8 Rachel Canning (Cycling BC) 46
9 Sarah Rasmussen (Kallisto/Wheels of Bloor) 48
10 Jennifer Gilbert (Alliance Environment) 59
11 Emily Mckenzie-Picot (Coach 68
12 Sarah Mckenzie-Picot ( 81
Men's Omnium
1 Cameron Mackinnon (Team H&R Block) 1:07.265
2 Jacob Schwingboth (Cycling BC) 1:08.666
3 Jean-Michel Lachance (Rocky Mountain -Desjardins) 1:09.059
4 Jamie Shankland (Cycling BC)* 1:09.540
5 Ben Chaddock (Team Exergy) 1:09.797
6 Ryan Aitcheson (Team Ontario) 1:10.755
7 Rémi Pelletier-Roy (Garneau-Club Chaussures) 1:11.044
8 Jean-Richard Cormier (Garneau-Club Chaussures) 1:11.933
9 Erik Mulder (Cycling BC) 1:11.989
10 Brian Trafford (Team Ontario) 1:14.173
11 Mike Mccorkell (Epic Wheel Time) 1:14.270
DNS Luc Dionne (Jean Coutu / CIBC Wood Gundy)
*Not part of Omnium
Final Standings
1 Cameron Mackinnon (Team H&R Block) 13 pts
2 Jacob Schwingboth (Cycling BC) 22
3 Jean-Michel Lachance (Rocky Mountain -Desjardins) 22
4 Ben Chaddock (Team Exergy) 25
5 Erik Mulder (Cycling BC) 34
6 Ryan Aitcheson (Team Ontario) 35
7 Rémi Pelletier-Roy (Garneau-Club Chaussures) 37
8 Brian Trafford (Team Ontario) 48
9 Jean-Richard Cormier (Garneau-Club Chaussures) 58
10 Mike Mccorkell (Epic Wheel Time) 67
DNF Luc Dionne (Jean Coutu / CIBC Wood Gundy)
Junior Men Keirin
Final 1-6
1 Joakim Albert (QC) Équipe du Québec
2 Kristofer Ovsenek (ON) Invita-FCV
3 Jesse Marans (CA) Cycling BC
4 Lambert Gatineau (QC) Équipe du Québec
5 Adrian George (ON) Team Ontario
6 Emile Jean (QC) Équipe du Québec
Final 7-12
7 Vincent De Haitre (ON) Ottawa Bicycle Club
8 Ty Andrews (AB) Team Alberta
9 Eric Johnstone (AB) Team Alberta
10 Justin Mallet (NB) Atlantic Cycling Centre
11 Kevin Stafford (AB) Team Alberta
DNS Alexandre Bourgeois (QC) Équipe du Québec
Junior Men's Kilo
1 Joakim Albert (QC) Équipe du Québec 1:08.754
2 Vincent De Haitre (ON) Ottawa Bicycle Club 1:11.822
3 Eric Johnstone (AB) Team Alberta 1:11.919
4 Emile Jean (QC) Équipe du Québec 1:12.050
5 Ty Andrews (AB) Team Alberta 1:12.292
6 Kevin Stafford (AB) Team Alberta 1:12.497
7 Lambert Gatineau (QC) Équipe du Québec 1:13.404
8 Kristofer Ovsenek (ON) Invita-FCV 1:13.734
9 Marc Antoine Noel (QC) Equipe du Québec 1:14.575
10 Justin Mallet (NB) Atlantic Cycling Centre 1:14.578
11 Alexandre Pinard (QC) Équipe du Québec 1:14.708
12 Adrian George (ON) Team Ontario 1:15.391
13 Aidan Caves (BC) Cycling BC 1:15.518
14 Alexandre Bourgeois (QC) Équipe du Québec 1:17.063
15 Marc Evers (NB) Atlantic Cycling Centre 1:17.829
16 Garrett Tingley (NB) Atlantic Cycling Centre 1:18.691
DNS Daniel Mckenzie-Picot (ON)
Men's Sprint
Qualifying results unavailable
Quarter Finals
Heat 1 Race 1 Race 2 Decider
1 Joe Veloce (Team Ontario) 11.647 12.230
2 Jamie Shankland (Team BC)
Heat 2
1 Travis Smith (MCG/Atomic) 11.890 12.230
2 Jaime Russell
Heat 3
1 Scott Mulder (Cycling BC) 11.379   11.517
2 Thomas Hums   11.200
Heat 4
1 Stéphane Cossette (Équipe du Québec) 11.928 11.600
2 Hugo Barrette (Équipe du Québec)
Semi Finals
Heat 1 Race 1 Race 2 Decider
1 Joe Veloce (Team Ontario) 11.260   11.401
2 Stéphane Cossette (Équipe du Québec)   11.46
Heat 2
1 Travis Smith (MCG/Atomic) 11.460 11.890
2 Scott Mulder (Cycling BC)
Ride for Gold and Silver
1 Travis Smith (MCG/Atomic) 11.350 11.020
2 Joe Veloce (Team Ontario)
Ride For Bronze
3 Scott Mulder (Cycling BC) 11.690 11.350
4 Stéphane Cossette (Équipe du Québec)
Final 5-8
5 Hugo Barrette (Équipe du Québec) 12.220
6 Jamie Shankland (Team BC)
7 Jaime Russell
8 Thomas Hums
Women Sprint
1 Monique Sullivan (Team PCL) 12.040
2 Gillian Carleton (Cycling BC) 12.080
3 Florence Laplante Lamarche (Team Ontario) 12.550
4 Karine Côté (Indépendant) 12.640
5 Lisa Perlmutter (Invita-FCV) 12.650
6 Candice Vermeulen (Invita-FCV) 12.880
7 Krista Ruby (Team Ontario) 13.320
8 Véronique Drapeau-Zgoralski (Juvederm-Specialized) 13.340
Quarter Finals
Heat 1 Race 1 Race 2
1 Monique Sullivan (Team PCL)
2 Véronique Drapeau-Zgoralski (Juvederm-Specialized) 15.005 13.330
Heat 2
1 Gillian Carleton (Cycling BC) 12.723 13.370
2 Krista Ruby (Team Ontario)
Heat 3
1 Florence Laplante Lamarche (Team Ontario) 13.205 13.499
2 Candice Vermeulen (Invita-FCV)
Heat 4
1 Lisa Perlmutter (Invita-FCV) 13.123 13.060
2 Karine Côté (Indépendant)
Semi Finals
Heat 1 Race 1 Race 2
1 Monique Sullivan (Team PCL) 13.280 13.240
2 Lisa Perlmutter (Invita-FCV)
Heat 2
1 Gillian Carleton (Cycling BC) 14.120 13.610
2 Florence Laplante Lamarche (Team Ontario)
Ride for Gold and Silver Race 1 Race 2
1 Monique Sullivan (Team PCL) 12.310 12.270
2 Gillian Carleton (Cycling BC)
Ride For Bronze
3 Florence Laplante Lamarche (Team Ontario) 13.030 13.702
4 Lisa Perlmutter (Invita-FCV)
Final 5-8
5 Karine Côté (Indépendant) 13.371
6 Véronique Drapeau-Zgoralski (Juvederm-Specialized)
7 Candice Vermeulen (Invita-FCV)
8 Krista Ruby (Team Ontario)
Women's Team Pursuit
1 Team BC (Roorda/Brown/Carlton) 3:50.519
2 Team Ontario (Bester/Rasmussen/Ruby) 4:07.554


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