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August 15/11 13:19 pm - Western Canada Games: Cycling report and results

Posted by Editoress on 08/15/11

Results from the cycling events at the Western Canada Games held in Kamloops BC on Thursday August 11th (ITT), Friday August 12th (Road Races) and Sunday August 14th (XC)



Cycling BC reports from the 3 events.  Full results below

Thursday ITT
Cyclist Nigel Ellsay (Courtenay) won Team BC's first Gold medal of week two, winning the time trial in 25.49.3. Though claiming it was a tough course, Ellsay said he felt good about his race.

"I wasn't too nervous," smiled Ellsay. "It was a pretty hard course with hard climbs for the first five kilometres. After the turnaround we had a two kilometre climb that was really tough. But I was pretty confident throughout the race."



Men's podium


Ellsay takes part in the 100km road race tomorrow (Friday) alongside teammate Adam de Vos (Victoria) who won the Bronze medal in the time trial in 27.04.5.

There are a lot of good riders from every province so the competition was close", says, Victoria Spence, a local to Kamloops who's first sport is speed skating.  "These games are a good stepping stone into the sport of cycling for me."

We had 3 top ten finishes on the Women's side, 4th Victoria Spence, 6th Amanda Wakeling, 7th Gillian Ellsay.  With Christina Moser and Kristin Drygas coming in 17th and 18th respectively. 

Adam De Vos finished 3rd excited about bronze medal win.  "I'm happy with my results because the course was very difficult to pace, which is usually a weak spot for me" says De Vos, "and I didn't have the expectation of a podium."  Nigel Ellsay had a great ride today, finishing a whole minute faster than the runner up.  "Makes me feel proud to win on this course, with the stiff competition [here at the games] in beautiful British Columbia".  BC also finished 7th, 9th, and 11th, by Jordan Duncan, Quinn Moberg and Trevor Pearson, respecitvely. 

Head coach Jeff Ain was impressed by the teams preparedness and felt that it was a big part of the team's success today.  "Although there were a few mechanical changes made this morning, the athletes were good about getting their equipment ready ahead of time." 

We were also extremely lucky to have the Team BC fan club of parents and siblings out here in Kamloops to cheer us on. "I am looking forward to the road race tomorrow.  Go BC!", adds Victoria Spence. 

Friday Road Race

Cycling men dominated the 100km road race with Nigel Ellsay (Courtenay) and  Adam de Vos (Victoria) winning a Gold and Silver medal respectively.





"After watching the time trial yesterday I expected a good effort out of the boys," said head coach Jeff Ain (Burnaby). "I'm pleased with the effort of the boys but the girls side has impressed me as well. They are a much younger core showing quick progression considering their lack of experience."

Victoria Spence (Kamloops) came in a respectable 4th in the women's 80km road race and was also 4th in the time trial yesterday.

"We pretty much attacked the group the whole day," said Ellsay.

"Our team plan was taking the race and making it hard for the rest of the riders all day," concurred de Vos. "We were constantly making a break."

"Quinn Moberg (Garibaldi Highlands) will definitely be our best mountain biker," added Ain. "He surprised us all with a 4th place finish today."

Following the Games de Vos heads to the Junior World Championships in Coppenhagen to compete in both the road and tirme trial. Cycling trains tomorrow on the mountain bike course with competition Sunday.

A few words from our youngest rider, Gillian Ellsay, 14 - The experience at the games has been really good so far.  The events are really well organized, the foods good and the volunteers have been great.  There is a really wide range in the competition.  I think the hard course, with the heat and the distance got to most of us today.  I felt good during the race, but the heat made the hills much harder.  I would like to thank all the sponsors at Cycling BC for making the WCSG a possibility for all of our BC Riders. 

Rest Day (Saturday)
Day 3 of the 2011 Western Canada games was a much needed rest day for the 10 BC riders.  We pre-rode the mountain bike course in the afternoon with the four other provinces taking part in the games.

"The course is very fast and flowy and the lap times will be quick. I think it suits my abilities really well since I've had some of my best results on similar courses. I'm looking forward to giving it my best tomorrow! Thanks to all the sponsors for making this possible for myself and the whole team."
Quinn Moberg

Sunday XC

Cycling BC finishes the Games with one last race at Valleyview Arena. Having pre-rode the course just yesterday the team felt prepared and ready to take on the challenge.


women podium

Women's XC podium


We went into the race with high hopes for our teams mountain bikers, and we weren't disappointed.  Quinn Moberg rode really well and came in 2nd just behind Alberta's Felix Wieberg.  Amanda Wakeling, who is only a junior, came in third behind two U23 athletes.  "I'm super excited about getting back on the mountain bike after the last two days of road racing", says Wakeling "I'm also happy to finish off my season with a decent race."

With an amazing 3 days of racing, Cycling BC has racked up 2 Golds, 2 Silvers and 2 Bronzes.  In addition, 2 more medals were earned in the General Classification where points are added up from all three race results.  BC was awarded a Silver on the Men's side, which went to Quinn Moberg and a Bronze, to Tori Spence.

The opportunity to participate in multi-sport Games is such a great experience for these developing athletes and wouldn't be possible without all our generous sponsors.  Thank-you!




Time Trial
Women, 14 km Time Diff
1 Caeli Barron (Team Alberta) 0:22:02.8 0
2 Karlee Gendron (Team Manitoba) 0:22:16.2 0:13.4
3 Kinley Gibson (Team Alberta) 0:22:16.6 0:13.8
4 Victoria Spence (Team BC) 0:23:04.4 1:01.6
5 Anna Schappert (Team Manitoba) 0:23:22.4 1:19.6
6 Amanda Wakeling (Team BC) 0:23:28.2 1:25.4
7 Gillian Ellsay (Team BC) 0:23:39.3 1:36.5
8 Lindsay Aspen (Team Saskatchewan) 0:23:46.8 1:44.0
9 Jenna Leonhardt (Team Manitoba) 0:23:48.2 1:45.4
10 Erin Middleton (Team Alberta) 0:23:59.7 1:56.9
11 Hana Boersma (Team Manitoba) 0:24:05.7 2:02.9
12 Hannah Cooley (Team Saskatchewan) 0:24:19.7 2:16.9
13 Sara Witzke (Team Alberta) 0:24:29.9 2:27.1
14 Marina Aspen (Team Saskatchewan) 0:24:30.4 2:27.6
15 Alexandra Bairos-Novak (Team Manitoba) 0:24:49.5 2:46.7
16 Natasha Weninger (Team Saskatchewan) 0:25:28.6 3:25.8
17 Christiana Moser (Team BC) 0:25:30.1 3:27.3
18 Kristin Drygas (Team BC) 0:25:32.4 3:29.6
19 Olivia Findlay (Team Yukon) 0:27:04.5 5:01.7
20 Kaylynn Purdy (Team Alberta) 0:27:56.0 5:53.2
DNF Heather Weniger (Team Saskatchewan)
Men, 18 km Time Diff
1 Nigel Ellsay (Team BC) 0:25:49.3 0
2 Felix Wilberg (Team Alberta) 0:26:59.9 1:10.6
3 Adam de Vos (Team BC) 0:27:04.5 1:15.2
4 Christopher Prendergast (Team Manitoba) 0:27:20.0 1:30.7
5 Samuel Beaudoin (Team Alberta) 0:27:29.9 1:40.6
6 Jess Neufeld (Team Manitoba) 0:27:30.4 1:41.1
7 Jordan Duncan (Team BC) 0:28:11.0 2:21.7
8 Josh Kropf (Team Saskatchewan) 0:28:14.8 2:25.5
9 Quinn Moberg (Team BC) 0:28:32.8 2:43.5
10 Samuel Ratzke (Team Alberta) 0:28:36.1 2:46.8
11 Trevor Pearson (Team BC) 0:28:48.6 2:59.3
12 Willem Boersma (Team Manitoba) 0:29:45.8 3:56.5
13 Lucas Morin (Team Saskatchewan) 0:29:52.3 4:03.0
14 Scott MacKenzie (Team Alberta) 0:29:58.3 4:09.0
15 Isaac Niles (Team Alberta) 0:30:02.4 4:13.1
16 Luke Turanich (Team Saskatchewan) 0:30:43.2 4:53.9
17 Ari Robinson (Team Manitoba) 0:31:06.9 5:17.6
18 Jalen Kropf (Team Saskatchewan) 0:31:16.1 5:26.8
19 Hewson Elliott (Team Manitoba) 0:31:51.2 6:01.9
20 Dylan Smith (Team Saskatchewan) 0:32:35.8 6:46.5
21 Spencer Skerget (Team Yukon) 0:33:00.1 7:10.8
22 Shea Hoffman (Team Yukon) 0:34:40.5 8:51.2
23 William Thomson (Team Yukon) 0:34:40.9 8:51.6
Road Race
Women, 80 km
1 Anna Schappert (Team Manitoba) 2:37:28
2 Caeli Barron (Team Alberta)
3 Kinley Gibson (Team Alberta)
4 Victoria Spence (Team BC) all s.t.
5 Lindsay Aspen (Team Saskatchewan) 7:32
6 Gillian Ellsay (Team BC) 8:10
7 Jenna Leonhardt (Team Manitoba) 8:11
8 Marina Aspen (Team Saskatchewan) 10:20
9 Hannah Cooley (Team Saskatchewan) 14:18
10 Hana Boersma (Team Manitoba) 16:01
11 Christiana Moser (Team BC) 17:00
12 Sara Witzke (Team Alberta) 19:13
13 Alexandra Bairos-Novak (Team Manitoba) 19:18
14 Natasha Weninger (Team Saskatchewan) 19:41
15 Amanda Wakeling (Team BC) 22:59
16 Erin Middleton (Team Alberta) 28:14
17 Kaylynn Purdy (Team Alberta) 39:30
18 Olivia Findlay (Team Yukon) 45:09
Kristin Drygas (Team BC)
Men, 100 km
1 Nigel Ellsay (Team BC) 2:48:13
2 Adam de Vos (Team BC) at 2:35
3 Christopher Prendergast (Team Manitoba) 3:58
4 Quinn Moberg (Team BC) 3:59
5 Felix Wilberg (Team Alberta) 3:59
6 Jordan Duncan (Team BC) 6:32
7 Samuel Beaudoin (Team Alberta) 6:33
8 Jess Neufeld (Team Manitoba) 6:38
9 Trevor Pearson (Team BC) 16:09
10 Willem Boersma (Team Manitoba) 16:37
11 Isaac Niles (Team Alberta) 16:44
12 Josh Kropf (Team Saskatchewan) 16:56
13 Scott MacKenzie (Team Alberta) 16:57
14 Dylan Smith (Team Saskatchewan) 16:58
15 Ari Robinson (Team Manitoba) 16:58
16 Luke Turanich (Team Saskatchewan) 17:10
17 Lucas Morin (Team Saskatchewan) 17:12
18 Samuel Ratzke (Team Alberta) 18:01
19 Hewson Elliott (Team Manitoba) 29:16
20 William Thomson (Team Yukon) 30:51
21 Spencer Skerget (Team Yukon) 30:51
22 Shea Hoffman (Team Yukon) 37:26
23 Jalen Kropf (Team Saskatchewan) 38:43
Mountain Bike XC
Women, 5 laps
1 Anna Schappert (Team Manitoba) 1:09:20
2 Caeli Barron (Team Alberta) at s.t.
3 Amanda Wakeling (Team BC) 3:21
4 Hannah Cooley (Team Saskatchewan) 5:35
5 Victoria Spence (Team BC) 7:25
6 Hana Boersma (Team Manitoba) 10:52
7 Jenna Leonhardt (Team Manitoba) 10:57
8 Sara Witzke (Team Alberta) 11:45
9 Natasha Weninger (Team Saskatchewan) 13:48
10 Kristin Drygas (Team BC) 15:20
11 Erin Middleton (Team Alberta) 18:45
12 Gillian Ellsay (Team BC) 21:00
13 Lindsay Aspen (Team Saskatchewan) 23:26
14 Alexandra Bairos-Novak (Team Manitoba) 25:03
15 Marina Aspen (Team Saskatchewan) 32:43
16 Olivia Findlay (Team Yukon) 39:36
17 Christiana Moser (Team BC) 52:25
Kinley Gibson (Team Alberta) DNS
Kaylynn Purdy (Team Alberta) DNS
Men, 6 laps
1 Felix Wilberg (Team Alberta) 1:08:05
2 Quinn Moberg (Team BC) at 4:39
3 Samuel Beaudoin (Team Alberta) 7:03
4 Christopher Prendergast (Team Manitoba) 8:27
5 Isaac Niles (Team Alberta) 9:36
6 Willem Boersma (Team Manitoba) 9:46
7 Jordan Duncan (Team BC) 9:47
8 Trevor Pearson (Team BC) 12:48
9 Dylan Smith (Team Saskatchewan) 13:19
10 Spencer Skerget (Team Yukon) 14:26
11 Lucas Morin (Team Saskatchewan) 14:30
12 Samuel Ratzke (Team Alberta) 15:13
13 Ari Robinson (Team Manitoba) 15:27
14 Josh Kropf (Team Saskatchewan) 15:55
15 Jess Neufeld (Team Manitoba) 18:47
16 Nigel Ellsay (Team BC) 18:58
17 William Thomson (Team Yukon) 19:38
18 Hewson Elliott (Team Manitoba) 20:08
19 Luke Turanich (Team Saskatchewan) 21:13
20 Scott MacKenzie (Team Alberta) 24:08
21 Shea Hoffman (Team Yukon) 28:52
22 Adam de Vos (Team BC) 30:49
23 Jalen Kropf (Team Saskatchewan) 40:40


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