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August 29/11 10:36 am - Interior Grasslands Club News

Posted by Editoress on 08/29/11

The Interior Grasslands Club is a revived 7yr old club based in Kamloops British Columbia. It counts approx 60+ members and offers assorted races running every Thursday (evenings) from April to October, weather permiting. Many of the members are older and the club is short on juniors, so young riders very welcome.







Results from the Assault on Mt Lolo. held on August 25th in Kamloops BC

Exact distance 14 km.

On re-measuring the course, I made the start ~ 60 metres difference and the top of the climb a little further, probably making a difference of no more than 1 min, This will be the bench-mark for all future climbs of Lolo ,14 km.

13 athletes came out to do battle, in 30 degree temp, with a slight tail wind up until the Coal creek turn off, then a slight head wind.

Martin Bojesen & Ian Fillinger went right from the gun with an attack that separated the field, followed by Greg Johnson & Devon Moonie. Then a group of 4 led by Russell McCue, Greg Murray, Ray Lampard, Walter Zaug,

Then Terry Kaay & Allan Bogetti. Then Peter Voss, Klaus Voss, & Chris Jones.

Ian sat on Martins wheel for approx 3 km then attacked hard and rode away to a substantial lead, Devon left Greg only to be caught again, and blew up in the final km, due to lack of food, But still had a very respectable climb.

Russell did a lot of work in the foursome keeping the pace high.

Ian on a mission hit the Coal creek turn at 18+ min on the clock at approx 8 km mark. With a 2 min lead over Martin followed by Gregg Johnson just 50 sec back,

 After 14 km
Ian Fillinger 32:49
Martin Bojesen 35:07
Gregg Johnson 35:58
Russell McCue 37:15
Gregg Murray 37:26
Ray lampard 37:36
Walter Zaug 39:48 [ great ride 60 + yrs
Terry Kaay 40:08
Devon Moonie 40:51 [ Junior ]
Allan Bogetti 42:12 [ 60 yrs + ]
Peter Voss 43:48 [60 yrs + ]
Klaus Voss 52:44
Chris Jones 52:52 [ 60 yrs + ]

Just a note, Olaf Stana's time of 29:15  still stands even with the course distance being changed by a few metres. Our final Assault is on September 29th and possibly a cooler temp will make a difference. My hat goes off to all the riders over 60 yrs. Just to complete Lolo is an accomplishment in itself,

John Tilley


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