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August 31/11 9:02 am - MTB World Championships: Junior Women UPDATES

Posted by Editoress on 08/31/11

A Beautiful day in the Swiss Alps, sun shining and temperature in the low 20s.

Will we see two Swiss world titles on opening day?  Jolanda Neff (Switzerland) is as very strong choice for Jr women. Lauren Rosser could be a dark horse medallist - unlike many who are worried about all the technical riding, she loves it and is very fast through it. 

Not as much climbing as some past years, so that will be in her favour as well.


The junior women will do a start loop and 3 full laps of the 4.75 km course.


Lap 1

Jolanda Neff (Switzerland) leads out on to the first lap with a gap of 2 seconds on another Swiss rider Linda Indergand .  Julia Innerhofer (Italy) 3rd at 20 sec.  Frederique Trudel (Canada) sitting 11th at 1:08

Haley Smith (Canada) 23rd, Lauren Rosser (Canada) 26th, Andreane Lanthier-Nadeau (Canada)  30th


Grace Alexander (USA) has flatted


Lap 2

Linda Indergand (Switzerland) now leading with Jolanda Neff (Switzerland) 2nd at 42 sec back.  Johanna Techt (Germany) 3rd at 1:04


Frederique Trudel top Canadian 18th at 3:49 back. Andreane Lanthier-Nadeau 22nd at 4:04, Haley Smith 23rd at 4:19 and Lauren Rosser 28th at 5:06


Lap 3 Last lap


Heading out onto the final lap, Indergand (Switzerland) leading Neff (Switzerland) with a gap of 1:42. Innerhofer (Italy)  3rd at 2:06, Lena Putz (Germany) 4th at 2:08. Techt (Germany) 5th at 2:14

Trudel 14th at 6:01,  Lanthier-Nadeau 17th at 6:16, Smith 24th at 7:36, Rosser 27th at 8:33






1  Linda Indergand (Switzerland)    0:57:30
2  Lena Putz (Germany)    at 2:19
3   Julia Innerhofer (Italy)    2:44


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