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August 31/11 11:02 am - MTB World Championships: Team Relay UPDATES

Posted by Editoress on 08/31/11

Team relay is underway.  Scroll down to view teams and riders with their order of racing.  Team Canada is Max Plaxton/Evan Mcneely/Catharine Pendrel/Alexandre Vialle and they will ride in that order


The reason so many top riders doing Team Relay?  UCI nation ranking points on the line for Olympic qualification...  Plus, a chance to do a 'hot lap' on the circuit.  Tracy Moseley is doing the Relay for GBr.

Entries overall:  Switzerland most athletes at 58, followed by US at 51 then Canada and Germany at 48.  However, these numbers are already out of whack - Canada actually has 45 here, with riders such as Smith and Gatto missing.

The entrance to the venue is a narrow road (single lane in spots) up the valley from Champery.  The valley where the event takes place is also quite small, 



Lap 1  end


Germany leading after the first of 4 Laps

Czech Republic 2nd at 5 sec, Netherlands 3rd at 11 sec, Poland 4th at 13 sec, Canada 5th (after a great ride by Max Plaxton) at 22 sec, Switzerland 6th at 29 sec, Italy 7th at 48 sec, Sweden 8th at 50 sec


Team USA has crashed and is over 6 min back


Lap 2 (end)  11:27 am

McNeely hands off the Pendrel and Team Canada is up to 2nd


Netherlands leading with Canada 2nd at 40 sec, Germany 3rd at 43 sec, Switzerland 4th at 53 sec


Lap 3 (end) 11:40 am


Netherlands hold onto the lead with Canada in 2nd at 1:02.  Pendrel hands off to Alexandre Vialle

France now 3rd at 1:27 (Maxime Marotte taking the final lap), Germany 4th at 1:35, Switzerland 5th at 1:50  Nino Schurter takes the final lap




France takes the win, with Switzerland 2nd, Italy 3rd, Czech Republic 4th, Germany 5th, NEtherlands 6th, Canada 7th



1a Thomas Litscher (MU)
1b Lars Forster (MJ)
1c Nathalie Schneitter (WE)
1d Nino Schurter (ME)
2a Manuel Fumic (ME)
2b Christian Pfäffle (MJ)
2c Sabine Spitz (WE)
2d Marcel Fleschhut (MU)
Czech Republic
3a Jaroslav Kulhavy (ME)
3b Radim Kovar (MJ)
3c Katerina Nash (WE)
3d Ondrej Cink (MU)
4a Fabien Canal (MU)
4b Victor Koretzky (MJ)
4c Julie Bresset (WU)
4d Maxime Marotte (ME)
5a Gerhard Kerschbaumer (MU)
5b Lorenzo Samparisi (MJ)
5c Eva Lechner (WE)
5d Marco Aurelio Fontana (ME)
Russian Federation
6a Timofei Ivanov (MU)
6b Mark Kuyan (MJ)
6c Vera Andreeva (WE)
6d Anton Sintsov (ME)
7a Rudi Van Houts (ME)
7b Henk Jaap Moorlag (MU)
7c Thijs Zuurbier (MJ)
7d Anne Terpstra (WU)
8a Max Plaxton (ME)
8b Evan Mcneely (MU)
8c Catharine Pendrel (WE)
8d Alexandre Vialle (MJ)
United States
9a Stephen Ettinger (MU)
9b Howard Grotts (MJ)
9c Georgia Gould (WE)
9d Todd Wells (ME)
10a Cristofer Bosque Ruano (MU)
10b Pablo Rodriguez Guede (MJ)
10c Rocio Gamonal Ferrera (WE)
10d José Antonio Hermida Ramos (ME)
South Africa
11a Mariske Strauss (WU)
11b Luke Roberts (MJ)
11c Rourke Croeser (MU)
11d Burry Stander (ME)
12a Chris Jongewaard (ME)
12b Jack Haig (MJ)
12c Rebecca Henderson (WU)
12d Paul Van Der Ploeg (MU)
13a Kohei Yamamoto (ME)
13b Toki Sawada (MJ)
13c Rie Katayama (WE)
13d Takuji Noda (MU)
14a Michal Lami (ME)
14b Jozef Bebcak (MJ)
14c Janka Stevkova (WE)
14d Frantisek Lami (MJ)
15a Shlomi Haimy (MU)
15b Rotem Ishai (ME)
15c Guy Niv (MJ)
15d Noga Korem (WU)
16a Marek Konwa (MU)
16b Kornel Osicki (MU)
16c Bartlomiej Wawak (MJ)
16d Maja Wloszczowska (WE)
Great Britain
17a Kenta Gallagher (MU)
17b Grant Ferguson (MJ)
17c Tracy Moseley (WE)
17d Liam Killeen (ME)
18a Emil Lindgren (ME)
18b Alexandra Engen (WE)
18c Emil Linde (MJ)
18d Olof Jonsson (MU)
19a Zsolt Juhasz (MU)
19b Peter Fenyvesi (MJ)
19c Barbara Benko (WU)
19d Andras Parti (ME)
20a Sergji Rysenko (ME)
20b Artem Shevtsov (MJ)
20c Nataliya Krompets (WE)
20d Dmytro Titarenko (MU)
21a Rubens Valeriano (ME)
21b William Alexi (MJ)
21c Roberta Kelly Stopa (WE)
21d Henrique Avancini (MU)
22a Dani Simcic (ME)
22b Robi Sujevic (MJ)
22c Andrea Kirsic (WE)
22d Filip Turk (MU)


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