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August 31/11 18:32 pm - Alberta Provincial XC Championships: report and results

Posted by Editoress on 08/31/11

Alberta Provincial XC in Hinton, Alberta on August 27th

The Athabasca Lookout Nordic Centre located near Hinton, Alberta was once again the host venue for the Alberta Provincial XC Championships. This was the third consecutive year that Hinton has played host to the championships, and unlike past years, the weather was nearly perfect for the weekend of racing.



The start


The unique course at the Hinton Nordic Centre features a short lap and a long lap. The long lap includes the 10+ minute downhill dubbed “Adrenalin”. This rough fast decent is punishing on the body and when you add in the lung busting climbs, this course is seriously tough on all athletes.

In the Elite men’s race, two time defending provincial champion Cory Wallace (Kona) was challenged by 2010 Winter Olympian & 2011 Alberta Provincial Road Champion Gordon Jewett (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club) and relative new comer Graham Torrie (Bike Bros Cycling Club/TCR). After the fast paced start with a case of beer on the line for the first rider to complete the prologue, these three contenders wasted no time in cranking up the pace up the opening steep climb of the loop and separated themselves from the pack. Wallace was eventually able to sneak away and he was able to maintain his gap as Jewett and Graham tried to work together to bring him back. In the final it was Wallace taking his third consecutive provincial title, 1:33 ahead of Jewett and 2:45 ahead of Torrie. Cody Canning (Trek Red Truck) turned in his skinny tires for his fat MTB but he could not maintain the pace of the front three and had to settle for 4th place by narrowly outsprinting Gabor Csonka (Cyclemiesters).

The Elite women’s field was unfortunately small, as it was a battle between Kate Aardal (Hardcore Cycling Club) and Shantel Koenig (Redbike). In the end it was Aardal taking the win and the provincial jersey for 2011.

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Elite Men
1 Cory Wallace (Kona) 2:00:09
2 Gordon Jewett (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club) 2:01:42
3 Graham Torrie (Bike Bros Cycling Club/TCR) 2:02:54
4 Cody Canning (Trek Red Truck) 2:11:30
5 Gabor Csonka (Cyclemeisters) 2:11:31
6 Peter Knight (Hardcore Cycling Club) 2:18:00
7 Mike Blennerhassett (Hardcore Cycling Club) 2:20:19
8 Mike Sarnecki (Intact Racing) 2:21:46
9 John Clark (Hardcore Cycling Club) 2:26:57
10 Andre Sutton (Hardcore Cycling Club) 2:31:39
DNF Matthew Krahn (Redbike)
Elite Women
1 Kate Aardal (Hardcore Cycling Club) 1:41:31
2 Shantel Koenig (Redbike) 1:58:21
Master 40+ Expert Men
1 Leighton Poidevin (Bicycle Café) 1:34:53
2 Mark Rumsey (Hardcore Cycling Club) 1:41:53
3 Tracy Shearer (Juventus) 2:11:30
Master 40+ Novice Women
1 Nancy Pollard (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club) 1:02:16
2 Julie Duval (Hinton Mountain Bike Club) 1:13:40
Master 40+ Novice Men
1 Ferenc Jacso (Speed Theory Cycling) 1:07:14
2 Brad Dixon (Independent) 1:11:29
3 Robert Herceg (CMC/Bow Cycle) 1:11:54
4 Stewart Inglis (pedalhead) 1:14:39
5 Roger Steele (Independent) 1:26:10
6 Michael Kohlenberg (United Cycle Racing) 1:31:04
7 Stewart Hutchings (United Cycle Racing) 1:35:52
8 Michael Kohler (HMBA) 1:50:31
9 Allan Spahr (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club) 2:01:20
Master 40+ Sport Men
1 Pat Dodge (Independent) 1:46:54
2 Trevor Wallace (BOMB) 1:48:49
3 Tim Dunn (BOMB) 1:51:46
4 Gary Dearing (Independent) 2:05:09
5 Francis Plum (Independent) 2:21:29
Master Expert Women
1 Gyorfi Boglarka (CMC/Bow Cycle)
Master Expert Men
1 Tom Amberiadis (Onyerleft) 1:35:21
2 Brian Loewen (Mud, Sweat & Gears) 1:41:39
3 Mike Stoner-Walker (pedalhead) 1:44:30
4 Neil Reid (ERTC/Revolution Cycle) 1:46:17
5 James Jensen (Mud, Sweat & Gears) 1:48:22
6 Chris Hubick (United Cycle Racing) 1:56:03
Master Novice Women
1 Leanne Erickson (United Cycle Racing) 1:12:04
2 Michelle Amberiadis (Onyerleft) 1:19:34
Master Novice Men
1 Tyler Stadnek (GP Wheelers) 1:12:12
2 Richard Schwabe (River Valley Cycle) 1:12:40
3 Billy Huet (pedalhead) 1:21:14
4 Garry Schaffel (HMBA) 1:32:16
DNF Paul Holzman (Independent)
Master Sport Women
1 Denise Hill (Spin Sisters) 1:18:43
2 Anne Stoner-Walker (pedalhead) 1:24:17
Master Sport Men
1 Mark Jung (Redbike) 1:50:05
2 Justin Schiltroth (Mud, Sweat & Gears) 1:50:17
3 Jason REID (Independent) 1:51:22
4 Amit Dutta (Bike Bros) 1:53:34
5 Derek Chipping (Independent) 2:03:27
DNF Gord Brenner (River Valley Cycle Racing)
Senior Expert Men
1 adam armstrong (River Valley Cycle) 1:43:16
2 Evan Wishloff (Slime Racing) 1:50:25
3 Colter Young (ERTC/redbike) 2:11:47
Senior Novice Women
1 Evelyn Cranston (Independent)
Senior Novice Men
1 Jeff Towstego (River Valley Cycle) 1:23:22
2 Mike Langford (Independent) 1:28:53
3 Caleb Huget (United Cycle Racing) 1:39:16
DNF Stacey Houston (United Cycle Racing)
Senior Sport Men
1 Sam Amberiadis (Onyerleft) 1:42:50
2 Cory Dickinson (United Cycle Racing) 1:46:50
3 Tanner Broadbent (ERTC/Revolution Cycle) 1:51:27
Single Speed Male
1 Cesar Martin (Terrascape) 1:43:09
U13 Expert Male
1 Mark Tomas (Muskeg Flyers/Edson) 1:05:25
U13 Novice Women
1 Eva Poidevin (Cafe Racers) 43:58
U13 Sport Women
1 Robin Pollard (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club) 1:03:22
U15 Sport Women
1 Liah Harvie (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club) 55:52
U15 Sport Male
1 Evan Burtnik (Juventus) 55:35
2 Mason Burtnik (Juventus) 1:11:26
U17 Expert Male
1 Mark Lukas (Independent) 1:57:25
U17 Sport Women
1 Sara Poidevin (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club) 1:23:50
U17 Sport Male
1 Sean Germaine (Juventus) 1:26:22


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