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February 20/00 1:47 am - Micallef sets fastest time in TT

Posted by on 02/20/00

Sunday morning provided near perfect conditions for time trialing as the results attested with the majority of riders improving on their times from the previous time trials.

The big surprise on the day came from Jason Micallef, only a member for two weeks he has certainly acclimatised to racing with the Club. He recorded the fastest time of the day over the demanding 18km course of 27:10. Micallef attributed his strong ride to the training he has been doing with Frank Soto. Soto had the third fastest time of the day a 27:46.

Second place went to Hans Batteard in 27:27. Batteard has shown unbelievable consistency over the three race series, his other two times were 27:23 and 27:32.

There have been several stand out improvers over the series. Rebecca Borgo heads the list with an improvement in he time of 2:18, she was closely followed by Adam Hotchkis who had an improvement of 1:59 and Rob Calladine with 1:54.

Other notable improvers were Tom Harrison with 1:11, Phil Jones and Darren Baxter with 1:10, Dave Morris 0:58, Tim Devlin and Joe Perreira 0:54 and Peter Kelly 0:43.

Next weeks race is a 37.5km scratch race, group 3 will be providing the marshals.

The State junior team for the Australian track titles was announced yesterday with Jaclyn Kejda and Rebecca Borgo both being included.

Next weekend is the State Masters track titles, but due to a cracked rib courtesy of a spectacular fall last week Mick Kejda will be unable to ride. Kejda has been in fine form lately and was looking for a big performance. He has swapped his push bike for a derny with good results recording a first and third over the last three weeks.


1Jason Micaleff0:12:000:39:100:27:10
2Hans Batteard0:01:000:28:270:27:27
3Frank Soto0:14:000:41:460:27:46
4Tony Pulo0:13:300:41:460:28:16
5Marcus Arnold0:13:000:41:540:28:54
6Rob Calladine0:11:000:40:040:29:04
7Tim Devlin0:10:000:39:150:29:15
8Seth Collins0:14:300:43:460:29:16
9Dylan Forbes0:10:300:40:310:30:01
10Dave Morris0:07:300:37:340:30:04
11Lionel Covington0:08:300:38:380:30:08
12Graham Creed0:11:300:41:430:30:13
13Scott Dent0:12:300:42:540:30:24
14Phil Cuifo0:08:000:38:340:30:34
15Joe Perreira0:07:000:37:380:30:38
16Peter Kelly0:09:000:39:470:30:47
17Adam Hotchkis0:05:000:36:120:31:12
18Phil Jones0:06:000:37:280:31:28
19Paul Dubois0:03:300:35:010:31:31
20Anthony Deboer0:09:300:41:040:31:34
21Eddy Gregoratto0:05:300:37:280:31:58
22Darren Baxter0:04:000:36:450:32:45
23Steve Ruskin0:02:000:35:350:33:35
24Tom Harrison0:03:000:36:370:33:37
25Jason Johnson0:04:300:38:330:34:03
26Rebecca Borgo0:02:300:36:450:34:15
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Lisa Muller OttPunct


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