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September 29/11 9:57 am - Tobago International Cycling Classic: Stage 1 results and report

Posted by Editoress on 09/29/11

Results from the first stage of the Tobago International Cycling Classic


Wednesday was a great start to the first stage of the Tobago International cycling classic 2011. The race started fast with points being giving on the first lap of the ten laps event around the classic Carnbee course that has been the only course since the start of the event twenty-five years ago.

There was four sets of points which saw Euris Vidale top sprinter and the green jersey winner with 28 points, second when to Raphael Meran (both riding for Team Foundation) with 27 points and Riccardo Zoidl of team Austria in third with 25 points. Emile Abraham of team Vita Malt had to settle for fourth with 24 points.

In the race for the Yellow Jersey (race leader), from the start riders were off the front bidding to be the first rider to hold the race leader’s jersey going into the second stage but it was Riccardo Zoidl, who was 2nd in the Austrian national Road Race in 2011, made his move at the top of the final climb to steal the Victory from a fast finishing Euris Vidale 2nd and Emile Abraham 3rd to take the yellow Jersey on day one.



Stage 1 (September 28th): Coral Gardens
/Shirvan/Carnbee Circuit Race, 120km
1 Riccardo Zoidl (Aut) RC Gourmetfein Wels 2:34:22 25 pts
2 Euris Vidale (Dom) Team Foundation   23
3 Emile Abraham (Tri) Team Vita Malt Cycling   21
4 Werner Riebenbauer (Aut) RC Gourmetfein Wels   19
5 Mathias Wiele (Ger) Team Janatec   17
6 David Bartl (Ger) BQ Cycling Team   15
7 Nils Penton (Swe) Team 1%   14
8 Raphael Meran (Dom) Team Foundation   13
9 Yosmani Pol (USA) Team Coco   12
10 Frank Scherzinger (Ger) BQ Cycling Team   11
11 Geron Williams (Guy) Team Coco   10
12 Adam Carr (USA) Team Rio Grande   9
13 Lang Reynolds (USA) Team Passo Prime Beef   8
14 Jean-Michel Lachance (Can) Team 1%   7
15 Trevor Connor (Can) Team Rio Grande   6
16 Darren Matthews (Bar) Team Vita Malt Cycling   5
17 Andy Scarano (USA) Team Foundation   4
18 Georg Tazreiter (Aut) RC Gourmetfein Wels   3
19 Michael Jesinski (USA) Team Foundation   2
20 Serghei Tvetcov (USA) Team Vita Malt Cycling   1
21 Adam Alexander (Tri) Team Foundation
22 Joshua Alexander (Tri) Rafmon/Mecalfab Heatwave
23 Lukas Altenkamp (Ger) BQ Cycling Team
24 Shimano Bailey (Svg) OECS
25 Ramirez Bernal (Col) Team Passo Prime Beef
26 Linford Blackwood (Jam) Team Trek
27 Denis Bojarkin (Ger) BQ Cycling Team
28 Jymes Bridges (Ant) OECS
29 Sebastian Cancio (Arg) Team Vita Malt Cycling
30 Christian Christoph (Ger) Team Janatec
31 Phillip Clarke (Bar) Rafmon/Mecalfab Heatwave
32 Guy Costa (Tri) Rafmon/Mecalfab Heatwave
33 David Cueli (USA) Team Coco
34 Nick Daems (Bel) Team 1%
35 Atze Dijkhuis (Ned) Team Passo Prime Beef
36 Felix Doring (Ger) BQ Cycling Team
37 Dirk Feist (Ger) Team Janatec
38 Andreas Feistel (Ger) Team Janatec
39 Diego Garavito (Col) Team Vita Malt Cycling
40 Andreas Graf (Aut) RC Gourmetfein Wels
41 Walter Grant-Stuart (Guy) Team Coco
42 Chris Gruber (Can) Team 1%
43 David Guttenplan (USA) Team Vita Malt Cycling
44 Alex Hagman (USA) Team Vita Malt Cycling
45 Chris Hillier (Can) Team Rio Grande
46 Benjamin Joerges (Ger) BQ Cycling Team
47 Dylan Jones (USA) Team Rio Grande
48 Curtis Juteram (USA) Team Trek
49 Patrick Konrad (Aut) RC Gourmetfein Wels
50 Louis Lacroix (Can) Team 1%
51 Michael Larsen (Den) Team Passo Prime Beef
52 Constantin Liebenow (Ger) Team Janatec
53 Maikel Matos (USA) Team Coco
54 Warren McKay (Guy) Team Trek
55 Jose Navarro (Cub) Team Coco
56 Matthew O'Hagan (Can) Team Rio Grande
57 Dominic Ollivierre (Svg) OECS
58 Timo Ottens (Ned) Team Passo Prime Beef
59 John Phillips (USA) Team Rio Grande
60 Albert Quammie (Svg) OECS
61 Stefan Rabitsch (Aut) RC Gourmetfein Wels
62 Manuel Reich (Ger) Team Janatec
63 Henner Rodel (Ger) Team Passo Prime Beef
64 Marloe Rodman (Jam) Rafmon/Mecalfab Heatwave
65 Jose Rodriguez (Dom) Team Coco
66 Mathieu Roy (Can) Team 1%
67 Etienne Samson (Can) Team 1%
68 Gevan Samuel (Tri) Team Trek
69 Rob Scheffler (USA) Team 1%
70 Spencer Smitherman (Can) Team Rio Grande
71 Nichlas Sorenson (Den) Team Passo Prime Beef
72 Chris Spence (GBr) Team Vita Malt Cycling
73 Benjamin Staudes (Ger) BQ Cycling Team
74 James Stout (GBr) Team Passo Prime Beef
75 Jonathan Teeter (USA) Team Passo Prime Beef
76 Hans - Jorg Thallhammer (Aut) RC Gourmetfein Wels
77 Sydney Walters (Gre) OECS
78 Marlon Williams (Guy) Rafmon/Mecalfab Heatwave
79 Rowan Wilson (Tri) Team Trek
80 Quinten Winkle (Ned) Team Foundation


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