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October 11/11 9:11 am - Durham Cyclocross Classic: Full results and Photos

Posted by Editoress on 10/11/11

Full results from Sunday's 11th annual Durham Cyclocross Classic at Heber Down Conservation Area in Whitby, Ontario.  The riders were treated to what some say is unsuitable cyclocross weather - sunshine and mid 20's temperatures.


Photos by Jon Safka,

Women and Master 1 Men

Elite Men


The course was made up of a mix of grass, asphalt, wood chip, sand and gravel and was well received by the paricipants.  Racers called it "the most unique and fun course in Ontario".

The track ran out of a steep valley into an abandoned trailer park, followed by a sand descent back into the valley with 2 natural and 2 man-made barriers.

Special thanks goes out to the event sponsors;

Bicycles Plus, Oshawa
Mill St. Brewery
CRCS Contracting
Outdoor Gear Canada
Cycles Lambert

and the volunteers who helped out on Thanksgiving weekend.

Much appreciated;
Dan Salter, The Durham Cyclocross Classic 2011
"We are looking forward to hosting the event again next year".


Elite Women
1 Laura Bietola (3Rox Racing) 57:46
2 Mandy Dreyer (Lapierre Canada)
3 Julie Marceau (Lapdogs Cycling Club)
4 Christiane Knobbe (Lapdogs Cycling Club)
5 Anne Guzman (Juvaderm-Specialized)
Elite Men
1 Jared Stafford (Ride With Rendall) 1:01:37
2 Mark Batty (Independent)
3 Zachary Hughes (Norco Factory Team)
4 Mitchell Bailey (Trek Canada Mtb)
5 Benjamin Perry (Team CHCH)
6 Nathan Chown (Team CF)
7 Erik Box (Nativo Devinci)
8 Anton Varabei (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's Racing)
9 Marco Li (Garneau Club Chaussures-Ogilvy Renault)
10 Preston Wagler (3 Rox Racing)
11 Andrew De Cal (Liberty Bicycles)
12 Kevin Massicotte (Independent)
13 Peter Morse (Jet Fuel Coffee/La Bicicletta)
14 Peter Mancini (
15 Bretton Matthews (Total Sports- The Bike Shop)
16 Matthew Farquharson (HBCC)
17 Ed Veal (Jet Fuel Coffee/La Bicicletta)
18 Chris Barson ( Zone)
19 Jason Massicotte (Independent)
20 Corey Hakkers (Two Wheel Express)
21 Jeff Moote (
DNF Simon Wagler (Two Wheel Express)
DNF Scott Fitzgerald (Lapdogs Cycling Club)
Junior Men
1 Connor Rapus (Independent) 59:46
2 Morgan Macphee (Soigneur Race Services)
Master Women
1 Michelle Cordy (HB Cycling Club) 1:00:02
2 Rachael Mirvish (Wild Bettys)
3 Jany Mitges (Independent)
4 Leslie Chown (Team Cf)
5 Nathalie Mousseau (Reynold Cycle)
6 Sandra Deegan (Team Novofit)
7 Laura Shearer (Independent)
U17 Men/Women
1 Adam Jamieson (Team Hardwood Cycling And Ski) 37:45
2 Connor Nevin (Independent)
3 Stefan Milosevic (Chain Reaction/Molson 67)
4 Siobhan Kelly (
5 Farleigh Creswicke (Independent)
U15 Men/Women
1 Caleb Shaver (Reactivated Racing)
2 Skye Follas (
3 Roland Stimpfig (
4 Charlotte Creswicke (Independent)
5 Joseph Bacci (
6 Carter Davidson (
Master 1 Men
1 Andrew Croutch (The Hub Race Team) 1:05:33
2 Jon Barnes (Trek Canada Mtb)
3 Tristan Smit (Evolution Cycles)
4 Steve Heck (Team IFG)
5 Ed Makarchuk (Sound Solutions)
6 Mark Pagell (Independent)
7 Graham Tutti (Red Truck Beer)
8 Curtis Donnahee (
9 Brian Kelly (
10 Jason Mottaz (Team Silent Sports)
11 Lorne Anderson (Lapdogs)
Master 2 Men
1 Kris Westwood (The Cyclery) 54:29
2 Jamie Sprules (Chain Reaction/Molson 67)
3 John Provart (Chain Reaction/Molson 67)
4 Michael Cranwell (Lapdogs Cycling Club)
5 Gabe Faraone (ZM Cycle And Fitness)
6 Garnett Abbey (
7 Stephane Deshaies (Quebec Metro)
8 Antonio Goncalves (Team London)
9 Giles Marshall (Chain Reaction/Molson 67)
10 Bob Tomsic (Canhear Uganda)
11 Thomas Mackay (Independent)
12 Hugh Hill (
13 Edmond Mellina (Lapdogs Cycling Club)
14 Shawn Conlon (
15 Scott Doel (Gears Bike Shop Club)
16 Ron Spencer (Velocity Cycle)
17 Scott Enns (Lapdogs Cycling Club)
18 Don Macphail (Cycles London Racing Team)
19 Fulvio Cubello (
20 Elgar Vaivars (Independent)
21 Myke Seppa (Sudbury Cycling Club)
22 Micahel Mandel ( Cc P/B Real Deal Racing)
23 Robet Haufler (Midweek Cycling Club)
24 Camilo Mondaca (Kurzawinski Coach)
DNF Derek D'angelo (Sudbury Cycling Club)
DNF Peter Kofman (Chain Reaction/Molson 67)
Master 3 Men
1 Christopher Strahm (Cycles London Racing Team) 40:02
2 Kevin Tearle (Team Chch)
3 Steve Smith (Norco Evolution)
4 Robert Massicotte (
5 Mike Greenberg (Independent)
6 Chris White (Independent)
7 Trevor Rickwood (Sudbury Cc)
8 Aarron Jackson (Gears & Grinds Kingston)
9 Stephen Chester (Darkhorse Flyers)
10 Martin Mueller (Independent)
11 Sam Cohen (Canadian Cycling Magazine)
12 Jamie Elcombe (Peterorough CC)
13 Paul Deswart (Independent)
14 Jason Dear (Independent)
15 Stephen Gregory (Independent)
16 Lee Shooter (Cobourg Cycling Club)
17 Guy Leclair (Independent)
18 Marc Risdale (Hamilton Cycling Club)
19 Gary Fogelman (Team IFG)
20 Sean Wheldrake (Independent)
21 Jonathan Detruk (Independent)
22 Scott Wishart (Waterloo Cycling Club)
23 Daniel Stubbe (Independent)
24 Elmore Brenton (Newmarket Eagles Cycling Club)
25 John Bietola (Impala Bicycles)
26 Dan Marshall (
27 Don Perry (Newmarket Eagles Cycling Club)
28 Anthony Whetham (Impala Bicycles)
29 Warren Blatt (Independent)
30 Stephen Hart (Independent)
DNF Michael Fy (Gears & Grinds Kingston)
DNF Jan Kocemba (Impala Bicycles)
Beginner Men
1 Colin Busby (Chain Reaction/Molson 67) 12:57
2 Bret Waghorne (The Hub Race Team)
3 Robin Watt (Independent)
4 Mike Patte (The Hub Race Team)
5 Gregory Archi (Team CHCH)
6 Ryan Rutherford (Impala Bicycles)
7 Nathan Poulton (Independent)
8 Niles Vaivars (Independent)
9 Tony Ambs (
10 Francesco D'elia (Independent)
11 Patrick Dennis (Norco Evolution)
12 Michael Clark (Independent)
13 Jeff Dicks (Midweek Cycling Club)
14 Jody Brown (Independent)
15 Justin Crane (Independent)
16 Derek Yarlett (Independent)
17 Stuart Duncan (Lapdogs Cycling Club)
DNF Nik Nakoni (Independent)
DNF Taylor Near (Trek Store Toronto)


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