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February 27/00 9:12 am - Paris-Ancaster Registration, Australia, U.S.Results

Posted by Editor on 02/27/00


Online registration for the Paris-Ancaster Enduro (April 9th) is now open. Go Here. You can register for either the Enduro or the shorter Tour of Ancaster, reserve a spot on the bus back to Paris after the ride, or order extra t-shirts. Online registration is open until April 8th at Noon (Eastern). Registrants up until April 5th will receive a t-shirt.

Canberra to Cooma 120kms

National coach Jacques Landry is in Australia to manage the Canadian women's team that will be competing in the Tour de Snowy and the Australian World Cup. He will be sending in reports on the racing.

This road race that took place Saturday morning and is part of a two day GC race was a warm up for top Australian women and some European and N. Americans before the gruelling 6 day Tour of Snowy.

Yesterday I had the chance to follow the race in James Vincent's car (Australian women's team coach).

After a 10 kms neutral start, the race took the pack up a 3kms drag to the first Queen of the mountain sprint that was won by Tracy Gaudry (Timex) with a good leadout from teamates. In the descent all came together as some Dutch riders were chasing back on.

The pack was rolling along when an attack at around 40kms launched 4 women off the front. In the group were two Aussies, a Dutch and a Canadian riding for Timex, Odessa Gunn. This break would quickly get a 1min 30 lead as all important teams were represented. Only one important rider was missing....

As the terrain was getting more rolling Tracy Gaudry broke free of the pack and within minutes was in the break. Behind, all seemed to shut down.

Now with five in the front, it became apparent that this break would stick and gain ground with Timex assuming a lot of the tempo and work.

With about 20 to go, the pack was around 5 minutes down as was now officially racing for 6th. With approx. ten to go (I wasn't there to see but...) Tracy took off solo to win the stage. Behind, it was going to be a three way sprint having dropped one Aussie.

In the end, Odessa Gunn finished 3rd after preparing the way for Tracy's win.

Another Dam Race, Arizona

Unfortunately, the organizers have fallen down on their ability to get results up to us (and are proving to be impossible to contact). Therefore, we are limited to the results that John Alsedek with Team 7 Up / Colorado Cyclist has sent (nothing wrong with these results, but no Canadians). We will keep working on it...

After taking their first victory of the season Wednesday, the 7 UP/Colorado Cyclist squad went into the three-day Another Dam Race with high spirits. Those spirits were not quelled in today's (Friday, February 25th) 11-mile hillclimb; even though the Mercury team, fresh off a victory in the two-week Tour of Langkawi, took four of the first six spots, the 7 UP/Colorado Cyclist team was unquestionably the best of the rest. Led by the fifth place of David Zabriskie, 25 seconds behind stage winner Steve Zampieri (Mercury), the team placed three riders in the first fifteen overall, outperforming the likes of Division 2 team Navigators and Saturn, neither of whom had more than one man among the leaders. Combined with Doug Ziewacz's 12th (at 1:38) and Clark Sheehan's 14th (at 1:52), Zabriskie's ride was good enough to put 7 UP/Colorado Cyclist solidly in second on team general classification.

The stage itself was hardly a chess match on wheels; according to team director Jeff Corbett, "It wasn't tactical at all- just guys trying to ride each other off of their wheels." It was a stage that evidently suited the Mercury team; it remains to be seen if the same can be said of tomorrow's one-hour timed criterium, where 7 UP/Colorado Cyclist sprint kings Kevin Monahan and the Pineda brothers will get their chance to shine....

Stage One Kingsman Hill Climb
1) Steve Zampieri (Mercury)
2) Floyd Landis(Mercury) at 0:10
3) Brendan Vesty (Navigators) 0:18
4) Scott Moninger (Mercury) s.t.
5) David Zabriskie (7 UP/Colorado Cyclist) 0:25
6) Chris Horner (Mercury) s.t.
7) Phil Zajicek (U.S. National) 1:09
8) Greg Randolph (GT) s.t.
9) Justin Spinelli (Mercury U-23) s.t.
10) Damon Kluck (?) s.t.
11) Trent Klasna (Saturn) 1:38
12) Doug Ziewacz (7 UP/Colorado Cyclist) s.t.
13) Chris Pic (?) s.t.
14) Clark Sheehan (7 UP/Colorado Cyclist) 1:52


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