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October 21/11 10:08 am - Langkawi International MTB Challenge: Stage 4

Posted by Editoress on 10/21/11

Platt and Meyer conquer Gunung Raya

Team Bulls’ Karl Platt of Germany and Switzerland’s Vivienne Meyer of Colnago Farbe Sudtirol conquered Langkawi’s highest peak today to take Stage 4 of the Langkawi International Mountainbike Challenge (LIMBC) 2011.

Men’s elite race leader Platt took home the polka dot jersey as King of the Hill despite crossing the line on top of Gunung Raya, 838 metres above sea level, second to Australia’s Don McConnell.

McConnell’s victory was nullified as he had earlier been disqualified by the UCI panel of commissaires headed by Max Mager. The Australian cyclist did not start the Cross Country Marathon (XCM-Stage 1), making him ineligible to compete in the remaining stages. He was however unaware of the disqualification which had been relayed over the communique.

Platt who won Stage 2 at Kampung Tok Senik Resort, was credited with a time of 1 hour 03.57.103mins. Second was South Africa’s Stage 1 winner Burry Stander of Specialized in 1:03.58.099 and Italy’s Johnny Cattaneo of Full Dynamix 1:04.00.44.
“All along I wanted to keep pace with the leaders. It was a good ride up the mountain, I’m happy to have won the jersey. Tomorrow, with a short distance criterium, I am optimistic of landing the overall title,” said Platt.

While Platt kept the yellow jersey for a third successive day, Colnago Farbe Sudtirol rider Nathalie Schneitter of Switzerland too maintained her spot on top of the women’s elite general classification after finishing second behind her compatriot and team mate, Vivienne Meyer, at Gunung Raya.

Both Meyer and Schneitter were bunched together with some of the men’s elite riders en route to the top before Meyer upped the tempo to carve a comfortable lead in the last three kilometres.

“I’m happy that our team has managed a 1-2 finish for the third time and the fourth consecutive day a stage title has gone to our rider,” said Colnago trainer, Edmund Telser.

The Stage 4 race saw the presence of two British professional road cyclists Chris Froome and Adam Blythe at the flag off at Stadium Langkawi. Froome and Blythe clocked 1:04.08.438 and 1:24.31.299 respectively but were not placed on the race classification.

The top local rider in men’s elite was Ahmad Fauzan Lutfi while Masziyaton Mohd Radzi remains the top local women’s elite rider.
LIMBC 2011 draws to a close tomorrow with a cross country criterium at Stadium Langkawi, with a lap distance of 1.94km per lap within 45 minutes each category.

Women, 27.8 km
1 Vivienne Meyer (Sui) Colnago Farbe Sudtirol 1:14:36
2 Nathalie Schneitter (Sui) Colnago Farbe Sudtirol at 0:23
3 Naomi Hansen (Aus) Noosa Bike Shop 0:26
4 Masziyaton Binti Mohd Radzi (Mas) Kedah 1:21
5 Michela Benzoni (Ita) Lissone MTB - Federazione Ciclistica Italiana (FCI) 2:15
6 Lisa Jacobs (Aus) Ride Happy 2:38
7 Jodie Willet (Aus) IND 3:40
8 Ikumi Tajika (Jpn) Japanese Cycling Federation 3:55
9 Eszter Dosa (Hun) Hungarian Mountain Bike Federation 5:42
10 Helen Julia Beswick (Mas) GIANT 6:41
11 Katherine O'shea (Aus) IND 11:21
12 Alessia Ghezzo (Ita) FCI Pro Team Viner Jollywear 12:16
13 Yolande Speedy (RSA) MTN Qhubeka 13:18
14 Erin Greene (NZl) R and R sports 18:04
15 Vanina Vergoz (Fra) City Bike Depot 19:58
16 Jenny Fay (Irl) IND 19:59
17 Juss Junaidah (Mas) IND 21:58
18 Musliha Bt Salim (Mas) Arus Racing Team 32:06
19 Jacklyn Diana Andrew (Mas) IND 40:28
20 Sua Jo Nie (Mas) SGNightMTB 47:44
21 Domingas Catavina Guterres (Tls) Timor Leste 52:20
22 Laura Liong (Sin) IND 1:04:35
23 Aida Hanim Binti Mohamad Ali (Mas) IND 1:04:49
DNF Ena Aminah (Mas) Kayuhbeb
DNS Rebecca Henderson (Aus) Anytime Fitness
DNS Zahraa Bt. Anuawar (Mas) Terengganu Team
Elite Men, 27.8 km
1 Karl Platt (Ger) Team Bulls 1:03:57
2 Burry Stander (RSA) Specialized at s.t.
3 Johnny Cattaneo (Ita) Full-Dynamix 0:02
4 Jason Sager (USA) Team Jamis 0:02
5 Szilard Buruczki (Hun) Hungarian Cycling Federation 0:03
6 Lachlan Norris (Aus) Giant Global Factory Off Road Team 0:04
7 Nino Surban Quebido (Phi) Philippines Cycling Federation 0:14
8 Thomas Dietsch (Fra) Team Bulls 0:17
9 Bartosz Banach (Pol) Mroz-Activejet 0:17
10 Mohd Fauzan Ahmad Lutfi (Mas) Amaniz Cycling Team 0:18
11 Seiya Hirano (Jpn) Bridgestone Anchor 0:53
12 Kyle Ward (Aus) Ind 1:01
13 Daniel Gathof (Ger) Craft - Rocky Mountain 2:11
14 Wolciech Halejak (Pol) Mroz-Activejet 3:10
15 Russell Finsterwald (USA) Subaru Trek 3:32
16 Paul Cordes (RSA) MTN Qhubeka 3:57
17 Andrew Mock (Aus) Team Wombat 3:58
18 Thomas Turner (USA) Team Jamis 3:58
19 Alvin Abanil Benosa (Phi) YAKAP PINOY 3:59
20 Kris Sneddon (Can) Team Kona 4:32
21 Kohei Yamamoto (Jpn) Bridgestone Anchor 4:40
22 Andrew Fellows (Aus) Ind 5:19
23 March Mcquinn Flores Aleonar (Phi) Yakap Pinoy 5:20
24 Erich Felbabel (Fra) CHIRU 5:28
25 Blake Harlan (USA) Team Jamis 5:30
26 Mohd Fhafiz B. Rozli (Mas) Giant SBS 6:08
27 Muhamad Ayub Bin Mohd Radzi (Mas) GK2 SBS Giant 6:08
28 Eusebio Z. Quinones (Phi) Yakap Pinoy 6:39
29 Wan Mohammed Najmee B Wan Mohammed (Mas) Team KT 6:54
30 Mohd Nor Rizuan Bin Zainal (Mas) Navry Cycling Team 7:01
31 Muhammad Raihaan Bin Abd Aziz (Bru) Brunei Cycling Federation 7:03
32 Mohammad Nurhaimin Bin Awang (Bru) Brunei Cycling Federation 7:35
33 Keiichi Tsujiura (Jpn) Bridgestone Anchor 7:54
34 Jacinto De Jesus Da Costa (Tls) Timor Leste 8:19
35 Mohd Shahrul Nizam Bin Che Samsudin (Mas) Navry Cycling Team 9:35
36 Suhardi Bin Hassan (Mas) Team KT 9:46
37 Cory Wallace (Can) Team Kona 9:47
38 Orlando Da Costa (Tls) Timor Leste 10:22
39 Muhammad Nurjamri Bin Johari (Bru) Brunei Cycling Federation 10:27
40 Morgan Pilley (Aus) Team New Limits 10:29
41 Anthony Sinyard (USA) Specialized 10:55
42 Hasan Kerim (Mas) Team KT 11:30
43 Antonio Almeida Pereira Matins (Tls) Timor Leste 11:57
44 Azizul Azli Shaari (Mas) Giant 12:01
45 Mohd Zamri Saleh (Mas) Arus Racing Team 12:03
46 Mohd Razif Mohd Salleh (Mas) S2H 12:16
47 Matthew Zagorski (Aus) Team Mount Beauty 12:34
48 T.P. Wasantha Harischandra (Sri) Sri Lanka Federation 13:47
49 Kazuhiro Yamamoto (Jpn) Japan Cycling Federation 13:49
50 Ben Henderson (Aus) Anythime Fitness MTB Team 14:00
51 Craig Johns (NZl) NRG2 Perform 14:08
52 Corey Bray (USA) Super CaZual 14:29
53 Goh Yong Choon (Mas) Giant 14:30
54 Yew Meng, Lim (Mas) Letua Cycling Club 16:17
55 Muhammad Hazwan Bin Azmen (Mas) Orbea Malaysia 16:56
56 Chris Jenkins (Aus) Dirt Devils 17:16
57 I.A Gayan Sanjeewa (Sri) Sri Lanka Federation 17:45
58 Tan Weng Seah (Mas) Team KT 17:57
59 Mohamad Faris Abdul Razak (Mas) Ind 19:03
60 Mohamad Aim Bin Mohamad Fauzi (Mas) Persatuan Berbasikal Pahang 19:04
61 Lim Sheng Hui, Alex (Mas) Ind 19:32
62 Lim Chin Hong (Mas) Team KT 19:33
63 Zamzi B Mohamad (Mas) Arus Racing Team 20:20
64 P.J.M Jayasinghe Silva (Sri) Sri Lanka Federation 20:34
65 Mohd Arif Bin Che Awang (Mas) Team KT 21:39
66 Frederick R. Feliciano (Phi) YAKAP PINOY 21:54
67 Muhammad Emir Shafiq Bin Zainal Abidin (Mas) KAMC UITM Pahang 22:00
68 Saiful Khohar Bin Abdul Halim (Mas) CHIRU 22:53
69 Mohamad Khaniz Bin Omar (Sin) Entro MB Team 23:00
70 Amirul Ariff Bin Zakaria (Mas) One Stop Cycle Raci 23:04
71 Mohd Shafari Bin Abd Malik (Mas) Giant 23:22
72 Muhammad Izad Bin Idrus (Mas) MSWP 23:57
73 Mohd Rossaimi Bin Sulaiman (Mas) Ind 27:05
74 Lim Sian Cien (Mas) JMB Cycle 28:02
75 Mark Sandon (Aus) Brunswick Cycling Club 28:46
76 Mohamad Syafiq Bin Abidin (Mas) Langkawi 29:18
77 Mohd Khir Bin Isyak (Mas) Ind 31:41
78 Kong Chi Ming, Jacky (Hkg) Ind 33:56
79 S.C. Amal Suranga (Sri) Sri Lanka Federation 34:01
80 Nasir Bin Abdullah (Mas) Ind 36:22
81 Muhammad Omar Adibb Bin Rosli (Mas) Amaniz Cycling Team 37:19
82 Saijod Lau Tze (Mas) One Stop Cycle Racing 38:10
83 Ridzuan B Abd Rahim (Mas) DTNA 41:45
84 Lau Siu Man (Hkg) Ind 42:12
85 Muhamad Saifullah Bin Jamal Alias (Mas) Persatuan Berbasikal Pahang 42:22
86 Izwan Md Sumairi (Mas) MD Klang 42:31
87 Noor Hafizi Bin Uzairi (Mas) Ind 43:09
88 Louis Ferreira (RSA) Squirt 44:44
89 Nor Izwan Bin Ibrahim (Mas) KAMC UITM Pahang 45:33
90 Mohd Pakhrurazi Bin Abdul Razid (Mas) KAMC UITM Pahang 51:07
91 Kamaroazuan Abd Rohim (Mas) Ind 52:23
92 Muhammad Firdaus Bin Masuri (Mas) KAMC UITM Pahang 1:00:26
93 Shahairul Izam Bin Hayon (Mas) KayuhBeb 1:01:31
DNF Mohd Khaidzir Bin Mohd Taha (Mas) Ind
DNF Ahmad Tarmizi Bin Abdul Rahman (Mas) DTNA
DNF Amiruddin Bin Jaafar (Mas) Ind
DNF Mohd. Khairul Azizi Bin Abdullah (Mas) Torengganu Team
DNS Khairul Amin B Ahmad Ridzuan (Mas) 99 Bikers
DNS Shaiful Adli Bin Mohamad Zin (Mas) Ind
DNS Rodney Farrell (Aus) Central West Offroad Bicycling Club


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