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March 1/00 10:31 am - Wedge Report, CCA Employment, Olympic Qualifiers, T.O. Bike Show

Posted by Editor on 03/1/00

The Real Story...

Peter Wedge has sent in the real story on Another Dam Race in Arizona.

Just got back from the races in Arizona, and found the 7Up coverage a little one sided...I have had four cups of coffee now, so ...

Here is what I saw, but keep in mind I didn't see any official results...

The crit on Wednesday was won by the 7up team, but I wouldn't say that they dominated. They had 10 guys on the line, Shaklee had 5. Every two laps a rider was pulled. In the last 20 laps or so, there was 6 7up guys and 3 of us left, with 4 riders left, it was me, 3 of "them". I got rid of one of them (Sheehan, I think) and was left with Monahan and Speaks. In the next sprint, Monahan freaked out and tried to muscle me in to the hay bails, could it be that this big pro road team was getting scared of a mountain biker?? I think so. I weighed the option of squeaking through, and thought it would benefit my collarbone to not thread the needle, I've got more important things coming up. So these two 'pros' spent the next two laps congratulating each other for a job well done, it was kinda sad really. I had a good laugh, got my check and went home.

The next day, there was a road race, about 120km, just a little warm up for the weekend. (Oddly enough, this race was omitted in 7Up's report∑) It was a windy course, out and back twice with small rolling hills. Again, ten 7up guys, and five of us (Lieswbyn, Pierce, Bostick, Venezuela and myself. The race split into two groups just after the halfway mark, with all of Shaklee and most of 7up. Bostick was having gear problems and decided that he would not be able to sprint at the end, so he went on a little flyer to make the other teams work. In his 11 cog, he hovered at around 30-40seconds while 7up tried to chase (Personally, I couldn't tell if they were blocking or chasing, whatever it was, we were sitting pretty.) The 7up team flailed up front and we just sat back and watched. Kent stayed off, two guys rode away for second and third (we gambled that the ten 7up guys would chase, but they didn't). The I took off with Dirk Friel, you know, the guy who's daddy writes hate literature about cyclo-cross? I sat on his ass and smoked him in the sprint for 4th. Lieswyn got 6th, Pierce was 8th, and I think maybe one 7up guy might have made it in the top 10. Other Canadians in the race were Randell, Guilliano, Mazur (7th) and I saw a couple of Bow Republik guys.

As far as the Parker Stage Race goes, the hill climb was on Friday. Mercury was more than dominant, I think they had 4 guys in the top 5. Saturn had one guy in the top twenty, as did we, I was 16th. Beauchamp was 27th, don't know what the other canucks did. Navigators also had 2 or 3 guys up there.

The crit on Saturday was a crazy and windy course. Mercury had complete control, containing everything and setting it up for Gord. There wasn't really much anybody could do, even the mighty 7up. We got off for a couple of primes, but one of the Pinada brothers apparently never took physics in high school, clipping his pedal in the corner (can you say cat 5?) and screwed up our lead out∑

The road race was equally boring with the ten Mercury guys controlling. Flat course with no real difficulty made for a long day. 160km later, the sprint started winding up, but with a kilometer to go, there were ambulances all over the place and the cops were calling the race off. Of course, there is a moron in every crowd and some guy started to sprint anyway, which got more guys riled up while the paramedics were scraping people off the road. Todd Littlehales was the apparent winner of the non race, but we didn't stick around long enough to find out what the officials decided to do.

So that is what happened, but you never heard it from us.

Employment at the CCA

The deadline is almost past for this (today, March 1st, is the last day get your applications in), but if you want to work at the highest levels of cycling administration in Canada, the Canadian Cycling Association is accepting applications for the National Team Coordinator.

The National Team Coordinator is responsible for administering activities and programs, which are necessary to the implementation of areas, related to the coordination of the National Team Program and the administrative support of the Athlete Development programs. The National Team Coordinator ensures the administrative support of the High Performance Committee and the Director of National Racing Programs.

The tasks related to this position include Project Management, Administration and Communication with all parties involved in the National Team programs.

Qualifications required:

  • Experience in office administration
  • Computer literacy (MS Office)
  • Strong communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Bilingualism mandatory
  • Capability to work in a non supervised environment
  • Able to work under pressure and demonstrated ability to meet deadlines
  • Experience with travel planning

Salary: Commensurate with experience $26,000 - $32,000

The CCA complies with Sport Canada equity and bilinguism policies.

Resumes should be forwarded to the CCA.

Canadian Cycling Association
1600 James Naismith Drive
Gloucester, Ontario K1B 5N4

Fax: 613-748-5692

E-mail: (attachments should be in MS Word 97)

Olympic Qualification

The Canadian Olympic Committee (COA) released on February 15th, 2000 an updated list of which athletes have met the qualification criteria for selection to the Sydney Olympic team. The following is a list of the cyclists who had made the COA qualifications. However, it should be noted that their are also UCI criteria to be met (some of which haven't been met by Canadians in certain disciplines), so having an athlete qualify in a particular event does not mean that Canada will be represented in that sport.

Mountain Bike
McGrath, Seamus Milgrove, ON
Redden, Chissy Campbellville, ON
Sydor, Alison Victoria, BC

Bessette, Lyne Knowlton, ON INDIVIDUAL ROAD RACE
Gariépy, Annie Bromont, QC INDIVIDUAL ROAD RACE
Hughes, Clara Winnipeg, MB INDIVIDUAL TIME TRIAL
Jackson, Linda Nepean, ON INDIVIDUAL ROAD RACE
Sydor, Alison Victoria, BC INDIVIDUAL ROAD RACE
Walton, Brian Vancouver, BC INDIVIDUAL ROAD RACE
Wohlberg, Eric Levack, ON INDIVIDUAL ROAD RACE


Baron, Doug Calgary, AB SPRINT
Dubnicoff, Tanya Winnipeg, MB 500M TIME TRIAL
Dubnicoff, Tanya Winnipeg, MB SPRINT
Fisher, Jim Calgary, AB 1KM TIME TRIAL
Muenzer, Lori Ann 500M TIME TRIAL
Poitras, Mandy Langley, BC POINTS RACE
Walton, Brian Vancouver, BC POINTS RACE

Toronto Bike Show Competition

Huge jumps, big air and lots of fun. The Toronto International Bicycle Show is hosting the 2nd Annual BSX Indoor Competitions sponsored by Outdoor Life Network and Mod Robes. Course designer Dave Cichan has designed a killer course for Canada's top riders to shred.

See Canada's best riders including Airick Cseff and Wade Simmons attack the aggressive 350 metre track with a 12 ft drop in, 7ft high double jumps and plenty of "air time." Dirt jumping contests that will amaze! $10,000 in prize money! Marvel at the amazing monster trucks and the fire breathing Truckasauras (next weekend).

Events run Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the National Trade Centre, Exhibition Place with the finals in all competitions taking place on Sunday from 1:00 - 4:00pm. Registrations are limited however there are still some spots available for special pro riders. Contact Chico Racing at 905-852-0381 for more information or go to for a schedule of events.


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