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October 29/11 12:46 pm - Cycling (in the) News

Posted by Editoress on 10/29/11

“I ride my bicycle to ride my bicycle."-- Zen proverb

Giant bike ride could pull thousands to the Valley
The possibility of hosting a huge cycling event in the Comox Valley is being considered by a group of local businesspeople and bike enthusiasts.

They have been enthused by the positive impact on tourism elsewhere of 'Gran Fondos' - massive cycling events in which thousands of riders of all abilities take part, many travelling to the chosen area from far away.
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Tourism+Cyclists=an ideal partnership
With recent challenges to Ontario's tourism industry, individual businesses are looking for new opportunities and the competitive edge needed to reach out to a new market. Cycle tourism fits the bill
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Increase in fatalities prompts Ottawa to revamp road safety programs
City staff are looking to revamp Ottawa’s road safety program after seeing mixed results in the current campaign that was launched eight years ago.

The new plan, dubbed the “Safer Roads Ottawa Program,” is to use “more impactful messaging practices,” along with physical changes to make some roads safer.
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Bike-to-work week coming to Metro Vancouver
The New Westminster chapter of the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition is reminding local residents that Bike to Work Week runs from Oct. 31 to Nov. 6.
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Confusion a common thread over Calgary’s first bike box
Calgary planners are already looking at painting more bike boxes on city roads, but it seems much confusion remains over use of the intersection safety device.
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Forget the Ferrari, middle-aged men take group therapy for a spin
Interest in cycling is at a high and nowhere is participation in the sport more intense than among men in their 40s and 50s, or Middle-Aged Men in Lycra as they are sometimes jokingly - or slightingly - called.
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Victoria Pendleton: Inside the mind of a maverick
Our photographer Tom Jenkins spent three days following the British cyclist at the European Track Championships in Apeldoorn, Holland. Here, we bring you a selection of his best images to coincide with the first part of Donald McRae's exclusive behind-the-scenes interview with the reigning Olympic sprint champion
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Victoria Pendleton reveals her doubts, dreams and disappointments
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Exotic Quebec: The Big Trip
The thing about climbing a mountain: There’s no agreed-upon definition of what a mountain is. One cartographer’s Everest is another’s knoll. So when my buddy Sarah and I hunkered over a map of northeastern Quebec to plot a 10-day bike trip, we had no idea how hard the trek would be.
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Jury Applies No Penalty to Speeding Driver For Killing Cyclist
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Bike mechanic pedals his workshop to clients' homes
For many people, commuting by bicycle is a fun, economical and healthy way of getting around. When their bike breaks down, they throw it in their car, drive it to the shop, then drive for several days until it's fixed. Some bicycle commuters, however, don't own cars. These people can't drive their bike to the shop, and have no independent means of transportation as long as their two-wheeler is gone. It is for people like these - and others - that Wyse Cycles exists. As far as its owner Ben Wyse knows, it's America's only self-propelled mobile bicycle repair service.
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BMW dealer opens bike store
Many car showrooms feature bikes on top of cars. Stephen James of Enfield has gone the whole hog, opening a bike shop.
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Cycletta: 'The bike industry has become more inclusive for women'
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Cycle helmet saved my life, says crash victim
A cyclist says his life was saved by his helmet after a crash at a mini roundabout in Cambridge that knocked him off his bike.

Chris Sendall’s helmet was wrecked in the collision between his bike and a car at the roundabout between Mere Way and Arbury Road in Arbury – but he escaped with concussion and bruising.
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A tour group cycles from Saigon to Bangkok
In March, my partner and I cycled from Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) to Bangkok - a memorable two-week holiday that took us through three distinct countries in hot and humid South-East Asia. The trip was both more, and less, daunting than it sounds.
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Cycling family rides through Quebec
Cycling is a way of life for the Pulchinski family of East Gwillimbury.
What started as local adventure along the Nokiidaa Trail transformed into a 315-kilometre ride through northern Quebec this past summer.
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A stylish squad
PureBlack Racing burst on to the cycling scene at last year's Tour of Southland and went on to a successful debut season in the United States. Nathan Burdon talks with team director Carl Williams.
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Bicycle Culture
Cycle: Five Easy Halloween Get-Ups for a Cyclist
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British Cyclings London 2012 Olympic And Paralympic Games Homepage
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